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September 19, 2014 / 24 Elul, 5774
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Jewish Support for Obama Not Mystifying

The Obama campaign presented simplistic talking points to ‘prove’ that he is pro-Israel. They did not have to stand up to analysis. Liberal Jews were looking for a rational excuse to justify their emotional stance, and the talking points provided one.

It’s remarkable that Jewish support for Obama — 78% in 2008 — dropped as much as it did!

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59 Responses to “Jewish Support for Obama Not Mystifying”

  1. Yes, can you imagine, American Jews vote according their beliefs about American issues? Is that surprising to anybody? Anybody?

  2. "if they studied the conflict, they are likely to have been assigned books and articles by the revisionist (read: anti-Zionist) historians. They will certainly have been exposed to numerous lectures and films presented by Palestinian advocates and student groups.".. as a well educated person I would like you to back this up. Ive never gotten anti-zionist texts, or lectures and films presented by Palestinian advocates..in fact I believe weve treated Palestine badly yet still cant understand the vote for Obama…Jews are voting Obama for one reason – their own pockets (Social Security) is more important to them than Israel…

  3. Phil Bogner says:

    Clearly NOT understanding that the plan to fix SS would NOT effect any seniors currently receiving checks (or soon to receive them). And also showing a clear disregard for their beloved grandchildren, who are on a path to PAYING for current Boomers' SS, while probably never going to be able to collect the same themselves.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not good. Obama has little interest in Middle Eastern affairs.

  5. Lisa M Weiss says:

    This article is very biased. We are educated and understand the Middle East history of the jews. We donate millions to israel and its causes. We do not vote on religious beliefs alone. That would be voting against our best interest here in the USA!

  6. Michele Dutkowitz Dichter says:

    Hard to believe that these statements are true. It truly is the media – who and what you are listening to. Jews are the most misguided voting demogrpahic ever. It goes back for generations. I don't get it. Someone actually asked me the other day how I could possibly be a jew and a republican. I feel the same way in reverse.

  7. Fred Nolastnamegiven says:

    I hope you realize that Iran has Isreal in its crosshairs and Obama does not have your back. American Jews are the frog in the pot.

  8. Kathy Gutman says:

    I had a thought today when I was wondering what would make a Jew vote for a Marxist, I believe Liberal Jews are ashamed of being Jewish it is a leftover feeling from the Holocust. They were the target of hate and called horrible names and treated like drek, therefore forming a negative belief about themselves, see themselves as flawed afterall they were slaughtered like animals. Dem's provide them with a false sense of acceptance, they feel liked and have a sense of belonging by (they believe) a popular party.

  9. Kathy Gutman says:

    I had a thought today when I was wondering what would make a Jew vote for a Marxist, I believe Liberal Jews are ashamed of being Jewish it is a leftover feeling from the Holocust. They were the target of hate and called horrible names and treated like drek, therefore forming a negative belief about themselves, see themselves as flawed afterall they were slaughtered like animals. Dem's provide them with a false sense of acceptance, they feel liked and have a sense of belonging by (they believe) a popular party.

  10. Yori Yanover says:

    I think we should all stop guessing why another Jew voted this way or that, because all we're doing there is projection of our own feelings. We are expected to give a fellow Jew the benefit of the doubt and not ascribe to them the worst possible motivations.

  11. David Teague says:

    Thank you for helping me understand why a Jewish person would vote for a Muslim (Obama)…. Your people who are U.S. citizens have voted against you.. Bible Prophecy says that God will save Israel with a mighty display of his power… I want to say Good Luck Israel because you are on your own…. But, you do not need "Luck"…. Because, with God on your side you WILL be victorious!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you, as Israel must stand alone so that G-d Himself will fight for Israel as it is prophesied that He will gather all nations against Israel, so that His people and the whole world will behold His glory" I like Joshua writing in Joshua 1-9 "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified: Do not be discouraged . for the Lord your G-d will be with you wherever you go." shalom

  13. Anonymous says:

    Kathy Gutman I had two Jewish friends One was most humble and was not afraid of telling people he was Jewish, I admired him greatly. the other was also Jewish but denied that he was Jewish, and seemed very much afraid, I found out he had been terribly persecuted in Russia and it brought hurtfull memories to him, so I believe he could be to some extent excused for hiding his true identity, but with a name of Fleishman I asked why hide it?

  14. Anonymous says:

    very true but the American public did not have much choice as Romney has never known poverty and how therefore could he equate with the working middle class, or for that matter can any president today know what it is like to see your taxes going to rights which are no right at all and to killing the unborn, and forgetting that the Lord G-d said "Ye condemn the innocent and set the guilty free" interpretation. You kill the innocent child within and re-habilitate hardened criminals who are murderers in the first place.

  15. Anonymous says:

    "G-d often punishes a nation by means of depriving their leaders of wisdom"

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why would American Jews deny their own heritage or sell it out like Esau for a potage of meat? impossible maybe the Rabbi was right that the Jews in America are too comfortable and do not care about their fellow Jews who are need of encouragment and aid. Why am I not Jewish sending money to the poor elderly in Israel, if they dont care a hoot about their own people? it makes me want to cry.

  17. Lisa M Weiss says:

    We are not a Theocracy!!!!!! We are the Unites States of America. People with diverse backgrounds and religious diversity. God has Israel in his hands stop worrying about whats going on in our country.Our president has more wisdom than you! He knows tolerance just like me. A conservative American Jew.You have no right placing judgement on anyway. G-D would not approve your assumption!

  18. Doug Kraft says:

    I am an American Jew.Some members of my family were not lucky enough to come to America. How does a Jew not step up when it comes to Israel? LISTEN UP ,….how do you serve the best interests of our homeland, and continue to elect these liberal frauds to the most powerful positions in our govt? I am one with Hashem and with Israel. I had hoped this election would stir some reflection on the issues that are important to Israel. I need to sign off…..my text is stuck on "microscopic" I can hardly read my screen. May G-d bless you all, and Shabbat shalom.

  19. Denise Sterchi says:

    I want one of those!

  20. Bc Henry says:

    DECLARE the Islam Saga and Terrorism: A Must Read for every Muslim, Christian & Jew.
    • Absolutely brilliant & truly powerful.
    • ISBN-10: 1490321039.
    • ISBN-13: 978-1490321035.
    • Kindle Edition ASIN: B00D54JM6G.

    The increase in terrorism activities, especially among wayward followers of the Islamic faith, is likely to create much disturbance and skepticism with adherents of other faiths, such as Christianity, Judaism, other religious sects, and non-religious persons alike. However, the emphasis on these three Middle Eastern religious groups is pertinent to the long history they share. One could say that the three religions are connected spiritually and geographically and are extensions of each other. Judaism preceded Christianity by 1,000 years, and Christianity preceded Islam by five to six centuries. But they were all started by the same set of folks. Notwithstanding, animosities always exist between these groups and although Jews and Christians have been striving to work together, Muslims seem less likely inclined to participate in this accord. Yet their errant members lead in what may be termed as anti-religious activities and often hurtful and perverse acts. How should we view these occurrences? What relationships should be encouraged and strengthened? Are there possibilities for harmonious relationships among these three prominent groups, and if so when? Thought provoking as these may be, they are fundamental bases for advancing a civilization that must contend with these three religious bodies in addition to the many other faiths that exist. Nevertheless, Muslims at the moment seems to be the news makers and their actions may deserve scrutiny for comprehension in order to effect collaboration, cooperation, and tolerance where appropriate. The perspectives may vary but the contemporary outlook is clear. Something has to be done. Selah!

    <a href="http://www.amazon.com/DECLARE-Islam-Saga-Terrorism-Christian/dp/1490321039/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1370302109&sr=8-1&keywords=the+islam+saga+and+terrorism">DECLARE the Islam Saga and Terrorism: A Must Read for every Muslim, Christian & Jew</a>.

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