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A 3rd Knife-wielding Arab Boy is Dead in Terror Attack

The attacker at Huwwara Checkpoint was the 3rd Palestinian Arab 16 yr-old child to be killed today

Weather Channel Founder Says Prince Charles’ Climate Change/Syria War Theory is NUTS

{Originally posted to the author's website, The Lid} If you needed proof that spending the first 67 years of your life waiting for one’s mum to...

American Yeshiva Students Murdered in Israel – 1929

The tragic events of 2015 are not a new phenomenon; the tragedies of 1929 bear a chilling similarity

Shiloh Musings: Syrian Refugees, Not Emma Lazarus’s “Tired and Poor”‏

In Israel we feel much safer than those abroad and have safety concerns when traveling overseas

Our Brother, Yehonatan Pollard

How disgusting it is that certain politicians and media mavens malign our brother, Yehonatan Pollard

Beyond Sadness!

Until the monstrous ideology that inspired Ezra’s killer is publicly NAMED atrocities will recur

The Jew Stands Alone

When Washington mentions a Jewish death in Israel it follows with calls for "restraint on all sides"

New England Patriots to Hold Moment of Silence for Ezra Schwartz

Ezra was a NE fan and his friends draped his NE Jersey on his casket when his body was flown back to America.

Wanted: A Modern Jabotinsky

Israel, too, must take blame because it never implemented “Iron Wall” introducing Arabs to "reality"

Shiloh Musings: Israel’s One-Sided Love Affair with the World‏

French media has been ignoring various solidarity acts in Israel when reporting on world's reaction

Why CNN Failed AGAIN‏

It is no accident that CNN writes as it does - its anti-Israel agenda consistently shines through.

Muslim Despair?‏

Europe is doomed. They drank the Kool Aid-They're not last on the crocodile's menu; They're first

Is It Only Me Who Sees the Hypocrisy?

I just hope France dropped leaflets and called the houses they were bombing before doing so.

Calling a Spade a Spade

The French suffered for trying to see the good in humanity and not for willfully ignoring the bad.

Emes Ve-Emunah: What about the Refugees?

Should US allow in refugees or deny entry to them because a suicide bomber might come in with them?

Shiloh Musings: Soldiers all Over and More‏

The presence of so many soldiers is just a deterrence. Terrorists, like muggers, choose "easy marks"

A Soldier’s Mother: A Piece of Home in a Distant Land‏

For 5 whole minutes today in Europe I spoke Hebrew; light shone into my world-home in a distant land

How Did the Shabak Capture the Terrorist from Friday’s Attack So Quickly?

With so few leads to work with, how did Israel capture this terrorist so quickly? The answer will surprise you...

Not All Terror Victims are Equal‏

While Israel copes with many terror attacks but in no case has the world shown much sympathy.


Shavua Tov. A new week begins. Welcome to the "New World Order."

Shiloh Musings: Temple Mount, Essence of Jewish Rights

One does not need to be a PHD in World History to know that Judaism predates both Christianity and Islam and that Islam is...

What a Terrible Start to The Week and Jewish Month‏

No doubt that many Europeans are terrified of all the Arab refugees/streaming flooding into Europe

A Soldier’s Mother: A Quote that Touches the Heart‏

When ___(any Arab leader) leaves word to be awakened when his soldier is killed, there will be peace

Intifada-Dirty Schmatta-It’s War!

A third intifada? No-It's just more episodes of the same war Arabs have been waging for a century.

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