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Fatah only agrees to talks with Israel to destroy Israel and strengthen its own corrupt&violent rule

The Myth of anti-Arab Apartheid Roads‏

The only places where Arab access may be restricted would be what Americans call "gated communities"

What Does Bibi Have Against Hanegbi and Erdan?

Why has Prime Minister Netanyahu given Erdan & Hanegbi insultingly low-level cabinet appointments?

Stormy Seas for Netanyahu’s New Government‏

Will it get better/worse for Bibi or does the wily Bibi know/plan something that will shock us all?

Jewish Morality and the “Two State Solution”

Bibi endorsing the "2 State Solution" endangers Israel, moving the policy Center-Right from far Left

G-d’s Chosen Nation

Jewish survival, an incomprehensible miracle proves of G-d's love and desire for Jews ruling Israel

Avigdor Lieberman’s “Last Hurrah”

Lieberman may claim he's "Right" but if you check his history he's all over the ideological map

“A Turkey can Eat From a Plate and Still be a Turkey” and …

Fishman uses his talents in media, writing on religious & life-style topics & teaching Screenwriting

Just as I was Praying Out-loud to Restore Jewish Worship on The Temple Mount..

It's time for Jewish-Israeli Sovereignty in all of the Land of Israel!!

Bibi’s Newest Government– Can it Last?

Bibi first gets the most difficult potential partners to sign, only then he signs his natural allies

Bibi’s All Time Worst Coalition

You'd think Bibi'd be better at coalition building but he isn't. The incoming government's a new low

How Soon, God Forbid, Is The Next War?

Gazan terrorists use cement that Israel sent to build schools&hospitals for a complex tunnel network

Stirring Trouble Here in Israel

My gut says it's the New Israel Fund behind the violent demonstrations by Ethiopian Jews in Israel

Apartheid, The Truth‏

Today's world and a shocking amount of Jews and Israelis support apartheid against Jews in of Israel

Will There Ever Be a President Hillary Clinton?

Hilary standing by her man through thick, thin, blondes, redheads&brunettes won't get votes in 2016

Is Bibi’s Coalition Anarchy Connected to Recent Terror Attacks?

Is the recent increase in Arab terror attacks related to the fact that there's no new government?

The State of Israel, Celebrating 67 Years, 5775, 2015‏

Celebrating 67 years of democratic independence, surviving wars&threats; so much to be thankful for!

Israeli Soldiers and Terror Victims Memorial Day- People Not Places‏

I've felt that if only we had established these communities sooner, then the victims would not have been killed

Bad Deal by Bibi; We Should have Demanded IDF Bodies for PA Money!

Bibi gives a great speech, especially when talking to foreigners, but on policy, he's very weak.

Holocaust Day, “Medinat Tel Aviv” Media hasn’t a Clue‏

An Israeli TV show about Holocaust Day asserted the Holocaust is/was a European not Jewish tragedy

Israeli Elections, 2015, 5775, Dangerous Instability of “Unity” Government‏

Pressure by Pres. Rivlin for a monstrous "national unity government" has made things worse for Bibi

Anti-American Rant on TAXES!

The US Consulate in Israel should have people helping US citizens on various tax & benefits issues

How Can Israel be Occupying a “Country” that has Never Ever Existed‏

This whole Arab Palestinian myth was concocted to prevent a viable Jewish state.

Obama, The “New Pharaoh” Figure‏

Obama's policies are endangering world peace. This isn't just an "Israel problem."

Bibi’s Coalition-Making Crises‏

The "elephant in the room" is concern a deadlock pressures Bibi to forge a National Unity Government

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