Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
The bodies of IDF soldiers Oron Shaul, Hadar Goldin, both murdered in Operation Protective Edge by Arab terrorists from Gaza - were taken and held hostage - by Hamas.

There’s a legendary motto in the IDF that nobody is left behind. But the truth is that we have lost soldiers. Some Israeli soldiers may have been kept alive in enemy prisons, and some had been killed, but their bodies were never returned to us for proper burial. Right now, I’m not talking about those killed and missing in our earliest wars, when we had very little control over things. I’m referring to a couple of relatively recent incidents.

The family of Hadar Goldin, HaYa”D, has been campaigning for a radical change in Israeli policy, which would Gd willing convince the Arab terrorists to return his body and that of back to Israel for a Jewish burial.

The animated video explained the situation of Hamas holding their son’s remains captive while criticizing the Israeli government and their approach to dealing with the terrorist organization…….The Goldin family claims that in order for their son’s body to stop being an asset to Hamas, Israel needs to stop “giving Hamas candies.”(complete article)


I agree with everything the Goldin family is saying. In the meantime the movie is just in Hebrew, but I think that it’s pretty easy to get the general idea just from the pictures.


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There’s also a facebook page in Hebrew, Hadar Sheli, My Hadar.