All Grown Up – Parshat Vayigash

    Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz


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      On one hand, We see a Joseph who envision a ‘New Mideast’, a Joseph who shows leadership, statemanship and propell Egypt into greatness & uncontested Mideast Regional Power.

      On the other hand, We see a Jacob that is told to return to his homeland, the Land of Israel,
      after becoming a mega tycoon in a foreign land, and enriching in the process Laban his father in law,
      Even Laban feared for the life of Jacob his son in law who married two of Laban daughters,
      Jacob services were no longer required after Laban saw the growing discontent of his people against Jacob thanks to whom Laban became richer & thus more influencing & powerfull.

      When Jacob crossed the Jordan River on his way back to his homeland, Jacob remembered he forgot something, Jacob re-cross back alone the Jordan River to retrieve back the oil container he forgot, the oil container Jacob used to pour oil on the – Moriah – Rock when Jacob was on his way out to a foreign land,
      A oil container that centuries later was used by the Hashmonean Maccabees to light the new wooden 7 branch Menorah Temple after the Maccabees victory over King Antiochus.

      And while retrieving the oil container, Jacob “Wrestle” w/ [an angel of] God, to argue & fight his case for his birthright & sovereignty right over the Land of Israel,

      However, after that night in which Jacob shows his commanding power & prevail,
      Jacob during the years ahead, shows no leadership, no statemanship, doesn’t even develop the land (in case of days w/ no rain), Jacob shows no vision to propel the land into a State & Mideast Regional Power.

      And Yet, Jacob had sons w/ the qualities & skills required for such task, Jacob’s sons lacked the vision that Jacob didn’t inspired them with; Yet, a sovereignty that Jacob fought for during that ‘wrestling’ night up to dawn. A sovereignty that Jacob failed to translate into a Statehood vision let alone a Mideast State Regional Power.

      In the end, Jacob forget the purpose of the order he was told to return to Israel when Jacob was in that foreign land; Jacob forget about Sovereign Statehood Independent in Freedom & Liberty, Jacob instead remembers the days & years during which Jacob worked hard to become a mega tycoon in a foreign land,

      And Jacob descent into Egypt,

      In which Years later, one of his descendant ask Moses, who’s that God? what’s his name?
      a question showing a total loss of identity characterised by a complete mental dhimmitude and physical hardship slavery.

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