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September 26, 2016 / 23 Elul, 5776
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Message to Europe: Too Little, Too Late and Almost Totally Meaningless

It took the Europeans more than thirty years to understand that the Hizb'Allah organization, founded in 1982, is a terror organization. Good Morning, Europe!
Hezbollah's drug smuggling operations, used to finance terror, are exposed on a new IDF interactive website

Hezbollah's drug smuggling operations, used to finance terror, are exposed on a new IDF interactive website
Photo Credit: IDF

It took the Europeans more than thirty years to understand that the Hizb’Allah organization, founded in 1982, is a terror organization. Good Morning, Europe!

It took them a while, but the European Union operates according to its own agenda. And the Europeans, bleeding hearts that they are, said that they can distinguish between the good Hizb’Allah, meaning the political, economic, educational and cultural branch of the organization, and the bad Hizb’Allah, which is the militant, jihadist part of the organization, which has tens of thousands of missiles, which is involved way over its bloody head in the Syrian bloodbath, and which carried out the terror attack in Bulgaria in 2012.

There had to be a terror attack in a European country for the Europeans to understand that Hizb’Allah is a terror organization. The terror attacks that the organization carried out in Israel, the missiles that it launched on the cities of Israel, the Israeli soldiers and citizens that were kidnapped and killed by the organization, the terror attacks that Hizb’Allah carried out in many other countries of the world, the assassination of Lebanese leaders such as Rafiq al-Hariri – none of this was a good enough reason for the hypocritical Europeans to view Hizb’Allah, even just its military branch, as a terror group.

As if there is a difference between the military branch of Hizb’Allah and its other branches, especially the economic branch, whose role is to fund jihad, and turn the entire country of Lebanon into a base for the Shi’ite jihad against Sunnis – the Sunnis of Syria, for example – and against Jews. As if the purpose of Hizb’Allah’s educational institutions is not to train the students’ hearts for jihad, as if Hizb’Allah’s hospitals are not to heal the wounded jihadis, and as if Hizb’Allah’s communication media are not used to glorify, exalt, praise and extol the military branch’s jihad. The Europeans do not see the connection between the various tentacles of the octopus through their rose-colored glasses.

So what will happen? The leaders of Hizb’Allah’s military branch will not be able to come to Europe. Wow!!! But can’t they get passports with false names, since the Lebanese Ministry of Interior is under the control of Hizb’Allah’s civilian, non-terrorist branch? And the representatives of Hizb’Allah’s military wing will not be able to collect tax-free donations in Europe!!! Wow!!! But the good, civilian, helpful Hizb’Allah can continue to collect donations for its schools and hospitals, which are – as every European knows – charitable institutions in every way. And Europe also will certainly assure that the monies donated to these institutions will never reach Hizb’Allah’s military wing.

However, my European friends, I must tell you a secret: your continent is swamped with tens of millions of Muslims, who usually do not do business according to the rules, and therefore they do not need Hizb’Allah’s receipts in order to exempt their donations from tax. They donate to institutions that seem worthy to them, which is usually jihad organizations against anyone who is not Islamic, and they have many ways of transferring monies to Lebanon without you even knowing that European money is greasing the wheels of Hizb’Allah’s jihad against Europe, against its culture and against Europe’s friends in Lebanon, especially the Maronite Christians who are fleeing from Lebanon and by leaving, make it an easy prey – for Hizb’Allah’s civilian, peace-loving wing, of course.

Obviously, the Europeans believe that Hassan Nasrallah will be very upset by their declaration and will immediately take his soldiers out of Syria, stop the slaughter there and cut off relations – military, of course – with Iran. However, the best part of the Europeans’ declaration is the timing: four days after the decision to distinguish between the State of Israel and parts of the Jewish people’s homeland. The holy European balance between Israel and its enemies is perfectly maintained: a decision against Israel and a decision against Hizb’Allah. But despite the European attempt to be balanced, there is yet a small difference between Israel and Hizb’Allah: when Israel becomes angry it speaks out, whereas when Hizb’Allah is angered it carries out terror attacks. And if the Europeans do not believe it, then they should study Hizb’Allah’s history and its modus operandi. And a little more advice to the Europeans: you had better start getting ready to block the terror attacks in Europe, that Hizb’Allah will carry out in revenge for “Europe’s surrender to Israeli dictates” (as was said on the al-Manar channel, which serves, of course, the peace-seeking, civilian wing of Hizb’Allah).

Dr. Mordechai Kedar

About the Author: Dr. Mordechai Kedar (Ph.D. Bar-Ilan U.) Served for 25 years in IDF Military Intelligence specializing in Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups and the Syrian domestic arena. A lecturer in Arabic at Bar-Ilan U., he is also an expert on Israeli Arabs.

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