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Nouveau Sheesh: Obamas Preen for Hollande

12 Adar I 5774 – February 11, 2014
Could the Obamas be any more “let ‘em eat cake”?

The Obama Administration’s Attack on the US Financial System

5 Adar I 5774 – February 5, 2014
The Obama administration wants to take over the short-term financial services industry.

J.E. Dyer Videos: Iran and the Reagan Strategy

8 Tevet 5774 – December 10, 2013
The topics are “The Reagan Strategy,” and the “Iran Time Bomb.”

NIMBYs, Hostages, and the European Wind Wars

15 Kislev 5774 – November 18, 2013
Nobody wants a wind turbine in his back yard.

Russian Navy’s First Port Visit to Egypt in 21 Years

10 Kislev 5774 – November 13, 2013
Monday, November 11, Russia’s Slava-class missile cruiser Varyag pulled into Alexandria for the Russian navy’s first port visit in Egypt since 1992.

Yet Another Reminder: Iran Still Closing in on Bomb

1 Kislev 5774 – November 3, 2013
Iran could produce enough high-enriched uranium (HEU) for a first nuclear warhead in as little as two weeks.

A House Divided: the GOP Dialogue Continues

25 Heshvan 5774 – October 28, 2013
We are in uncharted territory today. The answers for the GOP going forward may not be found in the events of the past.

Brown Signs Bill to Overpopulate Planet

18 Heshvan 5774 – October 22, 2013
Each and every permutation of artificial “fertility” will wind up in court at some point.

GOP: Polls and the Hinge Points of History

13 Heshvan 5774 – October 17, 2013
There may no longer be a unifying “center” to hold the GOP together.

On the Job but Not Getting Paid?

28 Tishri 5774 – October 2, 2013
As happy as I am to see the EPA and other agencies off the job, I’m concerned about morale among the hard-working law enforcement and essential-services folks.

You Say Thermopylae, I say Alamo

27 Tishri 5774 – September 30, 2013
Was Cruz’s Stand an “Alamo” moment?

Why Ted Cruz Speaks for Me

21 Tishri 5774 – September 25, 2013
He gets that we can’t just sit still, paralyzed by bad press and Democratic talking points.

Obama’s Cuban Missile Crisis

7 Tishri 5774 – September 10, 2013
Obama’s supporters in the media (and no doubt in Hollywood, politics, and the academy) see a light at the end of this tunnel...

Rock, Hard Place, Syria

28 Elul 5773 – September 3, 2013
We're asking U.S. troops to go into Syria without an overwhelming advantage, and without minimizing our risks.

The Perils of Barack

23 Elul 5773 – August 28, 2013
We don’t know what their thinking is on the choice between evils: the evil of intervening or the evil of failing to after defining a red line.

Obama on Syria: Low-Quality ‘Jaw-Jaw’

21 Elul 5773 – August 26, 2013
I’m skeptical that we have any intention of taking action against Syria – even punitive action, with no view to an outcome or end-state.

Liberty 101: The Principle of Establishment

16 Elul 5773 – August 21, 2013
Liberty always – always – has to be deliberately established and hedged about with protections.

Egypt: This Is Big

13 Elul 5773 – August 18, 2013
The Muslim Brotherhood is willing to keep chaos and misery going for as long as necessary to topple the military’s interim government.

Double Standards on Facebook

8 Elul 5773 – August 13, 2013
Ms. Blum worked through the wickets Facebook set up for restoring her account to its good graces, but was unable to determine what, exactly, had violated its standards.

‘Moderate’ Rouhani Misled West, Sneaked in Centrifuges?

6 Elul 5773 – August 11, 2013
The reactor is to be brought online in 2014, according to Iran’s projection.

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