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Israel’s Mythical “Isolation”

Only one Western head of government was among the ten African presidents present, when Kenya inaugurated its new president. That leader was none other than Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu
Rejuvenation: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Partition

Critical Lessons of the 1947 Partition Plan

Policy-makers and public opinion-molders, who sacrifice the lessons of the past on the altar of oversimplification and wishful-thinking, are doomed to repeat past mistakes and suffer their dire consequences.

Keeping Our Cool with Saudi Arabia

Considering Saudi Arabia’s concern over Iran’s ascendancy, Israel is presented with a unique opportunity to dictate terms of engagement to the kingdom. Israel should be reticent in its overtures.

70 Years after UN Resolution 181 (‘The Partition Plan’): An Assessment

According to the UN Charter, General Assembly resolutions are simply recommendations and are not legally binding. Only resolutions adopted by the Security Council may be obligatory. Thus, Resolution 181 cannot in any manner be considered to be a basis for a Palestinian claim to statehood.

AMP Convention Sees Opportunities in U.S. Elections

There is a belief that a better organized Palestinian movement can dramatically change American policy in next year's elections. Polling indicates younger liberals are increasingly more supportive of the Palestinian cause than of Israel,

Mennonites and BDS: A Lawsuit Amid a Legacy

The Mennonite Church USA has abandoned its spiritual underpinnings and jumped from its religious exemption into the realm of political and racial bias.

The Important Symbolism, but Probable Futility, of the Taylor Force Act

The Taylor Force Act is an important first step in divesting from nearly a half-century of failed PLO leadership.

Palestinian State: Enhancing or Eroding US National Security?

The Palestinian track record of duplicity and working against Western interests should compel the West to reevaluate its support of the Palestinians.

Daniel Pipes on Trump, Iran, and a Fast-Changing Middle East

40 years after the Islamic Revolution, only a small minority of Iranians enthusiastically support it. This confronts the leadership with a problem: it wants to act aggressively but it understands its own fragility.

The Saudis and Israel

Cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia will likely continue, and deepen, and signs of it will emerge from time to time but don't expect a great leap forward such as the groundbreaking Sadat visit to Jerusalem.

War In Israel’s North Draws Near As Syrian Regime Advances

With the Syria-Iran-Russia axis on the move against both Saudi Arabia and Israel, the IDF has little time for a final decision on whether or not time has come to directly face Syria itself. The time to decide NOW!

Cry Havoc: Iran Builds Land Bridge to Syria

The pretext for Iran, as always (since 2014), is “defeating ISIS.” Iran has exploited this strategic pretext in order to gobble up the territory that will form her land bridge.

Wake up America, Islamic Terrorism Targets YOU!

To defeat Islamic terrorism, Western societies – led by the US - must rid counter-terrorism of the "lone wolf" mentality; acknowledge the inherently non-compromising nature of Islamic terrorism and confront Islamic rogue regimes militarily,

Hamas Pursues Reconciliation – with Hizballah and Iran

While senior Palestinians officials around the world promote the unity deal to Western audiences as an effort to achieve peace, other Palestinian leaders from across the political spectrum explicitly call for Israel's demise.

The Ebbing of Warfare in Syria Will Spell Catastrophe for Europe

Europe, reeling from successive waves of refugees and migrants, desperately needs the end of the Syrian civil war, which for the first time seems in the offing. But the emerging peace will only increase the emigration.

Abbas’ Party Openly Refuses Recognition of Israel AND Demands Hamas Not Recognize Israel

They have never repudiated, revised or modified its Arab supremacist program of denying Jewish peoplehood, destroying Israel and replacing it with an Arab-dominated regime.

Iran: Will Congress Rise to the Challenge?

When examining the impact of the JCPOA on the US national security, Congress should assess the dramatic erosion of the US posture of deterrence, as reflected by the surging geo-strategic posture of Russia

Challenging Capture of Kirkuk Necessary to Counter Iran

There are no coincidences in the Mid-East. And it was certainly no coincidence that Iranian-backed militia advanced on a key U.S. ally just days after the Trump administration announced it was not recertifying the nuclear accord with Iran and designated the IRGC as a terrorist organization in its entirety.

The Syrian Kurds: Israel’s Forgotten Ally

If Jerusalem hopes, together with its ally in Washington, to prevent Tehran from establishing its long-sought land corridor, it is in Israel’s interest to act quickly to support the nascent Kurdish political region in Syria.

Concessions to Palestinians: Choking or Inflaming Terrorism?

The “land-for-peace” attempts have made light of the collaboration of the Palestinian establishment with Nazi Germany, the Soviet Bloc, the Ayatollahs, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea.

Trump Moves to Decertify Iran; Iran SUDDENLY Open to Negotiating Missile Program

By conducting numerous tests of nuclear-capable missiles, Iran has been daring the UN and JCPOA parties to stop them. Now that Trump looks prepared to call Iran’s bluff, the mullahs are suddenly ready to negotiate the missile program.

Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles): Guide for the Perplexed, 2017

The temporary structure of the Sukkah highlights the historical significance of the permanent Jewish State in the Land of Israel Chag Sameach!

Abrogating the Iran Deal: The Way Forward

It is time to take the offensive against Iran and revoke the deal which Iran has repeatedly violated. Amb. Bolton presents his plan...

Fatah Glorifies Har Hadar Terrorist

The 3 Israelis murdered today at Har Hadar by a Palestinian terrorist have not yet been buried and Abbas' is already signing the checks to the terrorist's family: 6,000 shekels paid immediately; 2,600 shekels each month for life

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