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Picture of Black Hebrew Israelites leader, Ben Carter, AKA Ben Ammi Ben Israel

Disclaimer: The following disclaimer is addressed solely to those who as a general rule eschew intellect for emotional outbursts.So pay attention, hypocritical liberals and moral relativists, because I will only say this once! It is always annoying to have to justify oneself to emotionally volatile people who throw the term racist out the way most people change their socks. Read the following article carefully before allowing blind rage to overwhelm you. Don’t skim the article or make false assumptions. Read every word and draw your own conclusion. My total opposition to the fictitious “Black- Hebrew” cult which is the focus of the following article has NOTHING to do with their skin color, and everything to do with their brazen attempt to usurp Jewish identity while labeling authentic Jews as frauds, and their persistent aggression and hostility over the years. It has everything to do with Israel’s grotesque failure to throw these racists out years ago, out of fear of what liberal gentiles in America will say, which resulted in the inevitable process of today, where Israel is granting them amnesty and citizenship. And it has everything to do with the contemporary effort of weakling Israelis to sanitize and sugarcoat their collective image, in light of the recent passing of their false prophet, Ben Ammi Ben Israel. There are obviously many authentic black Jews who were born Jewish or who converted according to Halacha. The Black-Hebrews in Israel and America are NOT Jewish, and the willingness of liberal Jews to accept their nonsense is consistent with their hypocrisy when it comes to tolerating black racism. 

Ben Carter, AKA Ben Ammi Ben Israel, the notorious leader of the Black-Hebrew cult in Israel has died, and judging from the reaction of many Israeli liberals, you would think that he was a great civil rights leader rather than a deranged false prophet whose life’s work was an attempt to usurp the legacy of the Jewish people. Israel’s most foolish minds are celebrating him as some sort of national cultural icon. Funny what happens over time. Once upon a time, this fraud and his cult were viewed by most normal people in Israel as an enduring outrage that was only tolerated because weakling politicians were afraid to address the actions of these black-racists, lest the world accuse us of prejudice.


Today, the liberal Jewish blogs and online rags are celebrating Ben Israel and the Black-Hebrews as a community of peaceful, Sabbath day fasting, non-vaccinating, polygamous, vegan masseuses who only want to share their healthy juices with us and impart their wisdom of organic colonics. So there is no mention of the racist supremacist teachings denigrating us as devils that are hidden within the cryptic teachings of their protected community. Gone from the record are the many violent skirmishes of the 1970’s and early 80’s when they successfully used the turbulence of the times to push their insane agenda.

Even before his death, such revisionist writing of history has become the norm. The following embarrassing excerpt is from the official webpage of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“A phenomenon in a land  full of phenomena is the story of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona, Israel. Labeled over the years as the “Black Hebrews,” community members began arriving in Israel in 1969. Led by Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, they came from the United States via Liberia stating that they are the descendants of the tribe of Judah….”

A more accurate wording would have been:

“A disturbing phenomenon, in a country where government regards insanity as the norm, can be seen in the illegal actions of the Black Hebrew community in Dimona, Israel. These racist interlopers from Chicago espouse a pseudo-historical racist ideology which designates themselves as the true Hebrews and the Jews of Israel as frauds. They have resided in Israel since 1969, when the Liberian government correctly viewed them as a menace and threw them out. Israel became their next destination. During the next forty years, successive governments of Israel have consistently refused to take the logical self-respecting step that Liberia took, and over the years violent confrontations, U.S. political pressure, threats of mass suicide, and other aggressive measures have successfully earned them amnesty and in many cases citizenship. Their love of organic fruit juices, and expressions of exotic dance have earned them a place in a society that is largely unaware of their true racist teachings.”

For a far less glorified account of the Black-Hebrew community than the pandering  of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a window into the more ominous side of this cult, please refer to Yaakov Katz’s 2005 article “Distrust In Dimona” which was featured in The Jerusalem Post. Pay attention to Katz’s documentation of Ben Ammi’s close association with Louis Farrakhan and the former’s attendance at the latter’s 1995 Million Man March hate fest in Washington. Don’t expect to read such critical exposes in today’s edition of the same paper.



  1. It's f'd up how you wait until after his memorial that you decide to bash and talk bad about the community. Jerk you should have said it lang ago instead of bring a punk ass coward to wait until he is gone.

  2. What is also bad is that it sounds like no black person;and totally used skin color;and said he not being racist;and then made statements to contrary;I love Israel;but if anyone is to believe him;he needs to watch references;I do believe there are fakes;and maybe they were even not real;but it does sound not to good the way he put that article. There really are black Jews though. The original Tribe Of Judah was.

  3. One more point, Donny. Christian Identity goes by another name as well – it's Neo-Nazism. And let's not forget the "Epraimites"- the possibly millions of evangelical Christians who've decided they are "lost tribes" and want to make aliyah.

  4. Whether it be the Palestinians or the black Hebrews there will always be an obstacle to the fantasy and lie of the European Jew o this land. You can't force yourselves on God, where is your 3rd Temple, damn people can't even pray at your supposed Temple,,,,,,, now who's a fraud, all this to God's displeasure, ,,,,,,,, go pray on the Temple Mount you real Jew who Jehovah loves. The very fact you peoples can't approach the Holy of Holies, his sacred ground speaks to your filth. PS quoting and using Kahane's words just sank your boat, this man, this cracker is in hell with "Fake Jew"/Arab yosef ovadia,,,,,,,,,,,, I personally know this.

  5. I have less than no use for the so-called "Black Hebrews." They are a cult, certainly not Jewish. I have nothing against Christianity, in many ways it's a far superior religion to Judaism, at least as far as rectal orifices such as Donny Fuchs practice it.

    Which brings me to Mr. Fuchs: A couple of months ago, that piece of wrote a very nasty piece about the Clintons, specifically Chelsea's baby, saying "she isn't Jewish," and in general disparaging the grandparents, both maternal and paternal. If I were Bill Clinton, punk, I'd kick your ass all the way to Iran. I'm considerably bigger than Bill (since he's lost weight, that is), and I'll kick your ass all the way to China.

  6. It appears that there are a number of these groups, and that only the lunatic fringe fits the caricature presented in this article. With all of the real racism toward Africans in Israel right now, it's more than a little annoying that this is what the Jewish Press would choose to publish.

  7. Michael Brenner, you are such a fraud. Exhibit A of the left-wing jew who hasn't a clue about the real world. What would you know about the Black Hebrews? And what racism do you speak of? Are you referring to the illegal immigrants who enter Israel and then contribute violent crime to society? Another hypocritical cloistered liberal. Shame on you.

  8. You probably think the rioting thugs in Ferguson were civil rights activists. You are a liberal cookie cutter. Is there an original thought in your head, or do you simply live your life according to the tenets of "Rules for Radicals?"

  9. The Creator of all is the God of Israel. He provided to us the Torah through Moshe. All who fail to follow Torah ad the holy scriptures provided to us by our Creator are idol worshippers who will answer on the day of judgment as we shall all answer. Read "The Big Lie" by Michael Cohen. In Yeshua's love.

  10. What's missing is acknowledgement that this group only seeks to live in peace and harmony among the People of Israel of whom they feel a part. They offer much in terms of their art, culture and love. Their youth serve in Tzahal. They love Israel. That is what counts. All the rest is simply lashon hara.

  11. False Gary. Thats the propaganda that leftists are disseminating. They are hostile and racist. They think they are the real Jews. You are either naively misinformed or deliberately spewing untruths. In the late 1970's, they were on their way out of Israel. Political correctness and leftist appeasement is the reason the sanitised image of them is the one that is being disseminated today. You don't know anything about this issue.

  12. Thanks James for showing the true arrogant face of the Dimona cult. You proved my point. "Black-Hebrews" deem true Jews as gentiles. When Liberia bounced you out, you suddenly discovered Israel. You are the true joke.

  13. These people are absurd Trojan horses for our enemies. Just as Arabs claim to be authentic Palestinians as opposed to Jewish usurpers, and just as Jews for Jesus claim they are an authentic continuation of Jewish theology, so these people claim to be Israelites as opposed to Jewish non-Israelites (an oxymoron).

    Ben Whathisname's book is a manifesto of rhetoric and doubletalk to the effect that all the real Israelites forgot who they were and became bus drivers in Chicago, and all the usurpers forgot they were Gentiles and started studying Torah and wearing tefillin.

    On top of that, they are Christians and do not claim otherwise.

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