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July 6, 2015 / 19 Tammuz, 5775
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Secretary Kerry, Again

Back in November, Secretary of State Kerry created a stir when he seemed to be blaming Israel for a possible breakdown of the Kerry-brokered negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. During a pause in the talks he said, “The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos. Does Israel want a third intifada?”

A remarkable formulation by any measure. But this past weekend he went even further.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference about what he saw as the dangers inherent in the failure of Israeli-Palestinian talks, Mr. Kerry said: “The risks are high for Israel. People are talking about boycott. That will intensify in the case of failure. Do they want a failure that then begs whatever may come in the form of a response from disappointed Palestinians and the Arab community?”

An uproar quickly ensued, as Israeli officials charged Mr. Kerry with pushing Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians while blaming Israel as the recalcitrant party in the negotiations. A State Department spokeswoman hurriedly tried to calm things down, stating that Mr. Kerry was only attempting to tell his audience what others are saying.

But the idea that his audience – which included leaders and decision-makers from around the world who were gathered to debate global security and foreign policy issues –needed to be advised that Israel is the target of a growing boycott movement is a bit much.

It is increasingly evident that as the American secretary of state sees it, the key to peace is for Israel to pocket any and all of its negotiating positions and accept whatever the Palestinians put on the table. With Mr. Kerry reportedly poised to reveal his “framework” proposals, this becomes all the more troubling.

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22 Responses to “Secretary Kerry, Again”

  1. Kay Katz says:

    And Secretary Kerry’s response to Ali Salim’ s statement?

  2. Jim Little says:

    Looks to me like” Kerry” is the one talking failure.Shalom to Israel.

  3. when will he shut his f*cking stupid flacid natzi gob?

  4. I have not heard any statistics to indicate the BDS is having any impact at all. None of the Western industrialized countries participate. No country has actually come forward as participating in BDS. Only hypocritical Dansk Bank that also finances weaponry for North Korea and Iran. The double standard toward Israel boggles the mind. While there is BDS talk Islamists are persecuting non Muslims through out the Middle East and actual genocide of Christians in Sudan.

  5. I have not heard any statistics to indicate the BDS is having any impact at all. None of the Western industrialized countries participate. No country has actually come forward as participating in BDS. Only hypocritical Dansk Bank that also finances weaponry for North Korea and Iran. The double standard toward Israel boggles the mind. While there is BDS talk Islamists are persecuting non Muslims through out the Middle East and actual genocide of Christians in Sudan.

  6. I voted for Bush in 2004–on instinct. I just don’t like these left wing democrats. I wasn’t a big fan of Bush, but between the two…

  7. If Kerry is so worried about the effects of a boycott on Israel and the peace process, and is willing to put US and NATO troops on the line to defend its people, perhaps he should start by standing up, in the name of the US government, against such acts of economic terrorism.

  8. Screw John Kerry! He is nothing more than a muslim mouthpiece for obama. Stand fast Israel. The American people love you.

  9. Yeah, Kerry blows. When it comes to the US which American president has not manipulated it? The US treats its allies like colonies. To make this about parties, or even their administrations, shows a total misunderstanding of American foreign policy. It’s always about control and cash flow potential. On the civilian side it’s about something even more nefarious and more dangerous to Israel. The US is like heroin to Israel.

  10. Beth Wright says:

    Shove it..Kerry…

  11. Seth Burris says:

    Kerry don’t no his AZZ from a hole in the ground’

  12. Whatever he says, do just the opposite.Untrustworthy and up to no good.

  13. NO. The Risk is High for Those who hurt Israel. GOD protects Israel. They Will Always Prosper!!!

  14. Ronnie Pleet says:

    Again I say piece of !!!

  15. JoAnn Morris says:

    Shut up, Kerry!! Israel does not keep your stupid mouth!!

  16. JoAnn Morris says:

    Oops….does not need your stupid mouth.

  17. Shir Emes says:

    Kerry needs to go home and take a long walk of a short pier…

  18. Palestinians and the Arab community don’t want to talk. They will only accept the total death and destruction of Israel. Haven’t you been listening Kerry?

  19. Stuart Getz says:

    Make the Palestinians stop sending Rockets to Israel, breaking into Jewish homes, blowing up People and places in and of Israel. If not why not YOU go and live in Gaza, that should be fun because they are so nice, you;ll feel safe cause your Mr. Kerry. they can shoot you twice, since you are Two faced!!!!

  20. Janet Berger says:

    The risks are high for ISrael because They are trying to have peace with people that want to destroy them. In every case. .. when there is a period of peace… it is ALWAYS from the palestinians or their territory ISrael is attacked 1st. That is why there is no “risk” to the Palestinians.

  21. Hector Ramos says:

    Kerry is the instigator. His plan is working; Israel does not respond, and so, now he can do as he pleases. I wonder – how this man ever made it as a Senator. All he thinks about is destruction and coercion.

  22. Kerry…two thumbs down!

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