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Speaking In Two Languages With Father Naddaf, Christian Champion Of The IDF

Naddaf describes the current state of global terrorism as a case of history repeating itself through a new cast of characters.

Raoul Wallenberg: A Hero Gone Missing – An Interview with Author Ingrid Carlberg

That’s not the truth. Raoul Wallenberg’s heroic deed was the huge organization he managed to build to help Hungarian Jews.

Fighting Terrorists In The Shadows: An Interview with Middle East Security Expert Samuel Katz

Titled “The Ghost Warriors: Inside Israel’s Undercover War Against Suicide Terrorism” (Berkley Caliber), the book focuses on Yamas, the undercover unit of Israel’s National Police Border Guard.

On The Bookshelf

The Jewish people is a community of readers held together by a text.

Skeletons In The Storage Closet

Rabbi Mordechai Millunchick has been looking for bones in Chicago’s museums since 2008.

The Year Of Mein Kampf: An Interview with Journalist Peter Ross Range

The political atmosphere in Bavaria at this time was sympathetic to the direction Hitler was going, and his was just one of many far-right movements at the time.

Mining The Bible For Ideas: An Interview With Gadfly Intellectual Yoram Hazony

The idea that the world should not have one world government but rather should be divided into nation states is a biblical idea.

How Can Home Repair Empower Needy Families?

Tenufa Bakehila's purpose is two-fold: provide safe and healthy living conditions & empower families

On the Bookshelf

I consumed anything that came my way.

When Bernie Sanders Saved Chanukkah

As mayor of Burlington, Vt., Bernie Sanders publicly inaugurated the Chabad-Lubavitch Public Menorah at Burlington's City Hall.

Taking Direction From Above

This was his true screen test and Azulai passed with flying colors.

Did You See “No Asylum”?

“No Asylum,” which documents the tragic consequences of intolerance and racism, was the next step in Fouce’s fight against prejudice.

Expecting A Soldier, Getting A Diplomat: An Interview With IDF Sergeant Benjamin Anthony

It demonstrated to me that anti-Semitism wasn’t just a notion, it was a reality;

MK Eichler: If I Didn’t Trust God, I’d Have Fled Israel Long Ago

"Do we even want a Haredi state? We're yet to manage the Jewish State, God save us from a Haredi state..."

Sylva Zalmanson: From Soviet Prisoner Of Zion To Accomplished Israeli Artist

"I wish I could go back in time and whisper in my parents' ears, "Don't worry, it will be all right."

“Back”ing A Community

To date, Mr. Kaplan has raised a whopping $32,117 over a period of eight and a quarter years and has given back rubs to 227 participants and supporters.

A Giant In Torah And Education

Rav Copperman played a singular role in my daughter's process of building her own relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

‘If I’m President, We’ll Stand Unapologetically Alongside Israel’: An Interview with Senator Ted Cruz

When Secretary of State John Kerry used the words “apartheid” and “Israel” in the same sentence, Cruz didn’t hesitate to publicly defend the Jewish state.

On The Bookshelf

I was an avid reader and a regular patron of Baltimore's main library.


In honor of my dear mother, who escaped the Holocaust to Palestine, I read it at her funeral today.

‘The Rabbi Without Walls’

"I'm not trying to build another congregation. I'm simply helping people find the niche that's right for them."

‘Jewish Music Should Bring You Closer To Hashem’: An Interview with Legendary Composer Abie...

When you write an English song, though, you’re really thinking of a theme or a message and the song almost becomes secondary.

On The Bookshelf

I would suggest they read about Jewish history.

Book Reveals New Info On FDR And Stephen Wise: An Interview with Historian Rafael...

At one point, Jewish leaders warned Bergson that a particular newspaper ad he was planning was so strongly worded that it might cause pogroms.

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