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US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman Unfairly Attacked–Again

Once again, U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has spoken simple words of truth, and once again he’s under attack from the Palestinian Authority and the Jewish left.

Why is the World Silent When it Comes to Syrian Refugees?

Palestinians, African migrants and even Dreamers have everyone’s sympathy. Meanwhile, one of the great humanitarian crises of the century is unfolding in Syria, and the world just yawns.

Living in Peace or Resting in Peace?

Genuine progress in the Arab-Israeli conflict will not come about by the amount of land Israel cedes, but by the degree Israel’s neighbors embrace education for peace with Israel

Why Netanyahu kicks the Palestinian Can Down the Road

It's not that Netanyahu lacks a backbone that compels him to postpone substantive action relating to the Palestinians, it’s the very serious assessment that the Jewish State will be in a better situation in the future.

Iranian Drone, Israeli Counter-strike: Probing Defenses is New Normal

If Iran isn’t daunted by Israel’s pushback on Saturday, Israel will have to push back more. If Iran makes that “about” the strategic situation in Syria, the U.S. will have to push back more too.

Mahmoud Abbas’s Speech: Who Was the Real Audience?

Abbas’s blatantly skewed account of the nature of Zionism and the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict should bring Israel’s policymakers and opinion shapers to enunciate anew the story they tell their own people and the world at large.

Will Arabs and Muslims Never Accept Israel as the Jewish State?

Kedar concludes that 'Arabs and Muslims are incapable of accepting Israel as the Jewish State,' but can 'learn to live with it.'

The 2018 Winter Olympics: Divided We Stand

While liberals see the Olympics as an opportunity for negotiation, conservatives see Pyongyang’s agreement to attend as a tactic to gain benefits and not a genuine expression of warming relations.

Israel Wary of Hezbollah’s Increasing Influence on US-allied Lebanese Forces

According to Israeli military assessments, the LAF is increasingly coming under the sway of the Iranian-backed terror organization Hezbollah, which dominates Lebanon politically and militarily.

The OU, Open Orthodoxy, And Communal Decision-Making

No organization (i.e.the OU) can excommunicate anyone. It does not, however, mean that our communities lack organizing principles. Those principles operate based on individual choice. People effectively expel synagogues not compliant with mainstream halacha.

Why is Ireland Europe’s Most anti-Israel Country ?

The Irish and Jewish people share a common history of suffering cruel persecution and achieving national redemption against immeasurable odds. But today, modern Ireland is one of Europe’s fiercest critics of Israel.

Damned if you Do . . . and Trump and Netanyahu are Certainly Doing

The campaign against Trump and Netanyahu signifies a cultural disorder in the West that borders on the pathological.

Trump Admin Thwarts Irish Effort to Boycott Israel, Criminalize Trade

The Irish boycott bill was supported and pushed along by activists associated with the BDS movement, which has been dubbed a virulently anti-Semitic global campaign to economically isolate the Jewish state.

Are African Migrants the Final Straw for Liberal Jews?

Israel’s plan to deport illegal infiltrators hit a nerve in America where Jews sacralized the immigrant experience. The analogies to Jewish refugees and the Holocaust are resonating with American Jews.

Time Enough At Last

A loving recollection of her father and how his passing has inspired the author to get more out of whatever time she has in life.

Recalling The Real King Hussein

Hussein is widely viewed through the fog of history as something of a principled moderate who yearned to be a peacemaker with journalists whitewashing or ignoring its many inconvenient chapters and plentiful examples of ugly rhetoric against Israel and Jews.

Remembering Three Rachels

The authorized establishment of the town of “Rachelim” came in memoriam to Rachel Imeinu and to two martyred 'Rachels,' Rachel Drouk and Rachel Weiss who were murdered for the sin of "DWJ'-driving while Jewish.

Why the Fate of Z Street Should Concern EVERYONE

The Z Street case must be viewed in the context of what came to be known as the IRS scandal. During the first term of the Obama administration, the IRS began subjecting conservative groups that applied for nonprofit status as education organizations to the sort of special scrutiny not applied to liberal groups.

Who Needs An Honest Broker in the Middle East Anyway?

If being neutral is the equivalent of being anti-Israel, it could be that being openly pro-Israel--like Trump-- could be the only way to be that "honest broker" for peace

Holocaust Education: The Last Chance for Humanity

For the sake of the tens of millions of victims of the Holocaust, Jews and non-Jews alike, we must fight for Holocaust education, as the fate of our world, not to mention our humanity, may very well depend up on it.

The Polish Holocaust Law is Poland’s Problem, Not Israel’s

The bill, to be signed into law by Poland's President, will make Poland a mockery in Europe and place it closer to the provinces of Putin and Erdogan and create a completely unnecessary crisis with Israel.

Qatar’s Jewish Mud-Slingers

The notion that Jewish critics of Qatar are the ones who have turned it into an enemy is outrageous.

Trump’s Not So Subtle Message to the Failed Palestinian Leadership: “You’re Fired!”

Palestinian Arabs need to face the consequences of losing a war. Well, what about facing the consequences of losing an election, or of not even having one. Here too, an artificial situation is being propped up by the EU and others in the West.

What are the Palestinians’ Responsibilities for Peace?

As Abbas begins the 14th year of his 4-year term he has hardly been the model of accountability, abusing his position to secure fortunes for his family. He tolerates no dissent, marginalizing and arresting critics. If a democratic and accountable state is necessary for peace with Israel, Abbas has failed to deliver either.

Who Owns the Holocaust?

This dispute is about who sets the parameters for our understanding of what the Holocaust was and what it represented – and it is a problem that extends far beyond Poland's borders.

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