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Who’s To Blame For A Government Shutdown? Democrats. Here’s Why-

There is literally nothing that Republicans could currently offer, beyond a full-scale cave to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) demands, that would earn his support.

The Trump Peace Plan

Trump has referred to his peace plan as “a good deal,” but unlike in the business world, agreements between peoples are only valid for the moment. Agreements are always temporary, awaiting a strategic shift in which everything is reconsidered.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Why No Peace?

The jihadist aim is to isolate Israel politically so that on the day their planned offensive begins, no one will be there to support Israel and the Jews. The PA, the PLO and the Arab/Muslim states will be unhampered to do what Hitler was unable to do in historic Palestine -- make it Judenrein (free of Jews).

Poems, Prayers, And Promises

A beautiful and inspiring tribute to the Glick family, in memory of Yaffi Glick (Z"l) left this world on Monday, January 1 at age 51.
Israel Uncensored: BDS Leaders Banned from Israel

No Free Pass For Anti-Semitism

Israel proactively preventing individuals and organizations promoting BDS should come as a shock to no one, ESPECIALLY to the groups named.

10 Thoughts On The President And The ‘[Expletive] Countries’

There are few filters between Trump’s mind and mouth--it's his appeal and his weakness. I wish Trump’s tweets and comments were as un-P.C. as they are now but stated in a sophisticated way. I also wish that cheesecake were not fattening

Israel – A Successful Powerhouse in the Collapsing Middle East

Israel’s economy is booming. The failure of the Arabs and BDS movement campaigns to destroy it are as spectacular as the Arab failures to defeat Israel in the battlefield.

Palestinian Dictator Abbas: ‘May God Demolish Trump’s House,’ Israel Isn’t Jewish, I’ll Keep Paying...

Abbas' insanity is on full display in his words. But don’t expect the Leftists, Europe and the UN who see Israel as a Western occupier to pay any attention.

An Indian Embassy in Jerusalem, Please

India should refrain from opposing America's decision on relocating its own embassy wherever it likes. India would have done better to vote against the resolution and support Washington on moving its embassy to Jerusalem

99 Percent of “Palestine Refugees” Are Fake

Denying UNRWA money does not get to the heart of the problem, which lies not in its sponsored activities but in its perpetuating and expanding population of "Palestine refugees" in three unique, even bizarre ways

The Fiction that Destabilizes the Middle East

Several decades of “protecting” Lebanon have only strengthened Hezbollah, and it’s folly to think more of the same will produce different results. Thus, it’s long past time to acknowledge that Lebanon is a fully-owned Iranian subsidiary--and to treat it accordingly

The Quran Says Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews

According to verses in the Quran, God punishes the Jews for their sin of refusing to fight the indigenous people in the land, and God is angry that the Jews refused to convert to Islam. Yet the verses are consistent in their assertion that God gave the Jews the Holy Land.

The Over-Dramatization of Israel’s “Dilemma”

The occupation, like the need for military strength and to absorb casualties, is part of the price Israel has to pay to live here. Maturity means being able to go forward with no solution in sight.

Golda Meir: The Palestinians

41 years ago, Then Prime Minister Golda Meir wrote this wise and absolutely current article published by the New Yorl Times 41 years ago. Some things never change

Germans Tackling Exploding Anti-Semitism?

If not stopped and countered in a timely way, this nest of hate-mongers carries with it the potential to trigger for Germany another really ugly time.

Time to Impose Sanctions on the Palestinian Terror Authority

The PA relies on foreign aid and taxes and customs revenues transferred to it by Israel, for its survival. After cashing the checks, the PA takes its money and doles out enormous sums to terrorists and their families, This moral madness must be brought to an end.

The Palestinian Terror Party: Celebrating Murder

The Palestinians do not even feel the need to condemn terror attacks against Jews, because the international community is no longer demanding that they come out against terrorism.

Is 2017 The Year That European-Style Antisemitism Arrived In The US?

Last year Muslim Antisemitism, with all its vitriolic hatred, has found its way into the US. It is not as if Antisemitism did not already exist. It's just that generally it has not been as out in the open nor expressed as violently as we have seen it elsewhere.

Don’t Diagnose President Trump – Respond to Him

I find it unprofessional, unethical and absurd for any mental health professional to offer a diagnosis or psychiatric prediction regarding President Donald Trump.

“Moderate” Palestinian Factions Praise Father’s Murder as an “Operation”

Calling Rabbi Shevach "a settler" is a subtle, yet effective, way to legitimize and encourage attacks targeting Israelis wherever they reside. The PA even refers to murdered tourists visiting Israel as "settlers,"

Securing a Jewish Future in the West Bank Following Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

The domestic and international outcry at Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital suggests that Israel’s position in the West Bank is far from secure. If Israel wishes to secure a future for Jews in the West Bank, ordinary Palestinians there must also benefit from – and express their support for – coexistence with Jews.

Why I Protested Against the Iranian Regime in Tel Aviv

Encouraging the Iranian people to keep fighting against the Iranian regime is the most important decision I could take at a time when the world remains mostly silent about the atrocities committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The U.S. Must Show Iranians That They Can’t Have It All

To emphasize that the ayatollahs’ regime is incompatible with Iran's economic well-being, America must counteract the effect of the nuclear deal by imposing stiff new sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missiles, support for terror and military aggression – together with Europe if possible, but alone if necessary

Dining With Bahrainis In Jerusalem

A small Chanukah miracle taking place in Israel with t whichhe Bahraini delegation included Sunni and Shiite Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Christians.

Win Or Lose, Iranians Want Regime Change

For the first time in nearly a decade, one dares to believe that the Islamist clerics who have ruled Iran since 1979 will not be in power by the time the 40th anniversary of their revolution rolls around in 2019.

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