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Turks, Arabs Welcomed the Balfour Declaration

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict evolved in spite of the Balfour Declaration, not because of it.

Why Are Former State Department Officials Who Pressured Israel Speaking At A Zionist Event?

The Balfour Declaration affirmed the Jewish right to the Land of Israel. Yet lead conference speakers, Miller and Ross, have devoted much of their professional lives to undermining and restricting Israel’s rights to Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria.

The Torah Legacy Of Rabbi Nosson Scherman

A compilation of essays that originally appeared as overviews to ArtScroll’s commentaries on the Book of Bereishis, all authored by one of the greatest Torah commentators of our time, Rabbi Nosson Scherman.

Focusing On Jewish Continuity In An Age Of Uncertainty

The author shares a needed dose of reality. "We’ve neglected to pass along a critical component of living as a Jew: Life doesn’t come with guarantees."

A Friend In Need…

With Avraham’s circumcision and their divine covenant--bris--established for all time, there was no longer a relationship of "formailty," between Avraham and HaShem, there was a new intimacy--a friendship.

Yes, That Cartoon of Me Was Anti-Semitic

Not surprisingly, it was only an op-ed writer for the Forward who not only denied that the imagery was anti-Semitic, but actually justified it. Would the Forward publish an op-ed that justified comparable images of women, blacks or gays?

Why Don’t Media Treat Islamist Terror Attacks Like White Supremacist Terror Attacks?

Isn’t radical Islam just as horrifying as white supremacism? And isn’t white supremacism just as statistically non-representative of Confederate flag-owners throughout the South as radical Islam is of observant Muslims across the country?

Palestinian Normalization — With Hamas, Not Israel

Why do many Palestinians prefer peace with Hamas? Because they identify with Hamas's dream of destroying Israel and killing Jews. It may be an unpleasant a truth, but that is the bottom line.

The Beauty Of Jewish Unity

After each Yom Tov, we walk away with a renewed connection to our families that carries us over from festival to festival, from year to year, generation to generation.

An Anti-Semitic Caricature of Me Generates No Criticism from Berkeley Hard Left

For these radicals, it is not about what Israel does; it is about what Israel is: the nation state of the Jewish people. To many on the hard left, Israel is an imperialistic, apartheid, genocidal, and colonialist enterprise that must be destroyed.

Just What Were The Jews Doing in Then-Palestine Before The Balfour Declaration?

The Balfour Declaration was not addressed to a foreign group, giving them permission to enter the land. On the contrary, it was recognition of what Jews -- who have an indigenous connection to the land -- had already accomplished and would continue to develop.

Commemorating the ANZAC Liberation of Beersheba

800 Australian light horsemen attacked Beersheba brandishing bayonets, galloped directly into machine-gun fire, many dismounting and engaging in hand-to-hand combat, surprising the Turks who did not imagine that the Australians would act so brazenly

The Enemy of My Enemy

Due to the international animus against us, it is time for Israel to overcome inhibitions and intensify efforts to actively seek out alliances, with nondemocratic states or even those whose viewpoints on various issues we strongly oppose.

Who Is Trying to Stall the Greater Jerusalem Bill?

Bibi throwing his coalition issues back at Trump may work in the short-term, but Israel’s need to move forward in annexing municipalities in order to properly administer the Jewish population in and around Jerusalem will not go away

Israel Must Recognize An Independent State of Kurdistan

Israel should pro-actively support the legitimate aspirations of the oppressed minorities – the indigenous peoples – of the Middle East and North Africa, like the Kurds and Berbers, and build alliances with them.

Names, Shames, Stereotypes, And Blames

My name. “Harvey” has been getting a bad rap in the media lately, but it doesn’t bother me because I know wiser minds look at the person behind the name rather than the name itself.

An Open Letter to George Washington’s Parish

Perhaps those who believe George Washington makes them feel "unsafe" are ignorant of how his positions on slavery evolved.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

The Orchot Tzaddikim writes that when we do a mitzvah with a smile, it is worth a thousand times more than when we do it without one. So, with an easy and pleasant investment, the reward is immense

Israel’s ‘New Conditions’ Are 20 Years Old — And The PA Already Accepted Them

The only reason Netanyahu is bringing up “new conditions” is because they are in fact "old promises" from agreements two decades old that were never kept by the PA

Beware of the Ultras

For those who identify as observant Jews, as children of Torah, and as students of the sages, it is inexcusably perverse to embrace the tactics of the street in order to defend a lifestyle of spiritual and moral refinement.

Jordan Reportedly Furious Over Palestinian Reconciliation Deal

Add Jordan to the list of those who view the supposed reconciliation with concern and doubts.

The Embassy, the NIF, and the US-Israeli Jewish Divide

Previously, a Jewish organization spouting anti-Israel canards or advocating Israel boycotts would have been as toxic among US Jews as it was among Israelis. Today’s NIF instead has broad support among US Jewry, revealing the great divide between US and Israeli Jews

Israel-Bashing, Biased Historian David Myers Should NOT Head Center for Jewish History

The Center for Jewish History should be led by an honest, carefully accurate historian or other executive – not by hostile-to-Israel propagandist David N. Myers.

East & West Palestine or Hamastan vs. Fatahland

No longer does Israel have to "pick its poison." The Palestinian unity agreement blends the two, and the world (including the US) is pressuring Israel to drink it.

David N. Myers: One Can Be a Racist Even With Black Friends

Myers radicalism is well known, and he is certainly entitled to his opinions but he is trying to save his job, but must not be permitted to.

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