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Things Said And Not Said: Variations On A Theme

22 Elul 5764 – September 8, 2004
Goldberg lamented that "the extremist yeshivas that give rise to fundamentalist thuggery are financed in part by Orthodox Jews in America," but didn't identify the yeshivas or their purported American backers.

Race Against Lies

The Western media has still not caught on to the way in which Arabs and Palestinians are systematically using media technology to brainwash people with simplistic and highly biased versions of reality.

Marin County’s Palestinian Propaganda-Fest

15 Elul 5764 – September 1, 2004
According to the description of the film at the MPJC website, it's nothing more than a regurgitation of ISM's standard roster of lies.

Who Looks Like A Liar Now?

Wilson's attacks on the president's case for a Saddam-yellowcake connection was one of the opening salvos in what has become a relentless and ongoing assault by establishment types against Bush's credibility.

A Crusade We Must Win

9 Elul 5764 – August 25, 2004
With the United Nations on Tehran's case, the only reasonable hope for preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons rests with the Israeli Air Force.

When You Can’t Say ‘Muslim’

Was Lacey afraid to describe the perpetrators as Arab Muslims or did his editor delete the word Muslim?

Standing Steadfast With Israel

God is not neutral in the affairs of man. He is on the side of justice.

Madame Gulag’s New Gig

There has always been a hard-line Stalinist communist party or two at the margins of Israeli politics.

Kerry, Kennedy And Isaiah

2 Elul 5764 – August 18, 2004
Kerry had not plagiarized Kennedy; he was actually saying something that was virtually the opposite of what the patron saint of the modern Democratic Party had sought to convey.

Is Israel Winning The War On Suicide Bombers?

The question raised by the statistics is whether the sense of a lull in Palestinian suicide bombers is an optical illusion, or has Israel succeeded in devastating the terror groups so that they can no longer strike out at innocent citizens.

Respect Dissent, Reject Invective Toward Sharon

The media have created a perception that there is overwhelming Israeli support for the unilateral dismantling of settlements and have marginalized critics as extremist rejectionists, but a new Geocartography poll paints a different picture.

Of Jews And Fences

Yes, it was not so very long ago that they watched, unconcerned, as my loved ones and your loved ones were gassed and burned behind those fences.

A Fulfilling Jewish Life, Far From The Madding Crowd

As the reader can see, there's plenty to keep us busy here. But Portland has a long and rich Jewish history.

Political Pulpit-Phobia

25 Av 5764 – August 11, 2004
The critics of the Bush effort were right that nonprofits and religious groups ought not to pretend to non-partisanship on their tax forms while endorsing candidates.

Saving Lives More Important Than Arab Inconvenience

There is a reason that Israel is building the security fence, maintaining check points, setting up road blocks, and striking at weapons factories. The reason is that Israel is at war.

Liberal Smarts – Or Lack Thereof?

How is it possible that during a military conflict catalyzed by the most violent attack against America since Pearl Harbor there could be such unparalleled denigration of a sitting U.S. president among academics?

There You Go Again, Jimmy Carter

18 Av 5764 – August 4, 2004
The adulation of suicide bombers and wild celebrations in Palestinian streets at the deliberate slaughter of innocents, so foreign to western sensibilities, can only be explained by such massive indoctrination.

Still Learning From Florida’s “Jihad U”

In my role as counsel to the American Democracy Project, a federal 527 issue advocacy group, I was charged with testing whether Castor's claim of effective leadership matched the facts.

Flash: Noah To Appear Before Genesis 7:11 Commission

Some critics claim that Noah is appearing before the Commission solely to boost sales of his newly released book, "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head."

The Truth About ‘Palestinian Refugees’

Try to imagine what the world would be like if Israel had granted the "Palestinian refugees" who fled from Israel in 1948-49 the right to return to Israel.

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