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Terror Sparks Misguided Rage Against Israel

Anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour took to Facebook Saturday to salute protesters and claim that "Palestine will be free, it's not a question of if, its (sic) when."

Is Turkey Bankrolling the Temple Mount Clashes?

Turkey wants a foothold in Jerusalem as part of Erdogan’s dream of rebuilding the Ottoman empire. He has urged thousands of Muslims to descend on the Jerusalem ascent the Temple Mount in order to “protect it.”

Metal Detectors and Palestinian Lies

The Palestinians decided NOT to enter the Temple Mount unless the metal detectors are removed. The Palestinians and the Waqf lie to the world, claiming Israel is denying Muslims access to their holy sites.

What Status Quo?

Jerusalem is a consensus issue in Israeli politics. The Netanyahu government would enjoy widespread public backing for action to parry Palestinian and Islamic incitement in Jerusalem and to solidify Israel’s rights on Har HaBayit

Temple Mount Peace Through Waqf Submission

What is peace to a Muslim? It is submission. To Allah, to jizya, to the sword, to other Muslims. When others submit, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, there is peace and quiet. After all, if you slaughter people, they no longer make noise or fight back. They're DEAD.

Linda Sarsour and Her Media Allies

"Activists" under the banner of "human rights" use their halo -- some times as a shield, other times as a hammer -- preaching about commitment to high ideals and human values, while appealing to people's baser instincts.

Friends of Close Israeli Ally, Azerbaijan, Threatened

Azerbaijan is Israel's key partner in the South Caucasus and Central Asia region. Bilateral relations between the two countries continue to grow steadily with successes in diverse and important areas and military-strategic cooperation.

The Words They Won’t Say: ‘Arab Murders Israelis’

The NY Times and the Washington Post believe that Israel’s polices are to blame for “provoking” Arab hostility and violence. If you have any doubts, just read their headlines.

Addiction And Jews

Yiddishkeit is indeed the shining key to unlocking the prison holding the addict. The reality is that Judaism is the gateway solution; it helps to transform one’s life by revealing the actual reason why we are here

We’re All In This Together: Comfort, Presence, And Prayer

To free a servant is a difficult transition for both parties. A lifetime of experience and relationship is ending. The shofar is sounded “so that they will realize that this is something standard throughout the land, and that all do so.”

End the Propaganda Myth that Jerusalem is Holy to Muslims

Palestinian Authority (PA) officials deny Judaism’s connection to Jerusalem and uses Jerusalem as a propaganda instrument to incite violence

A Reporter with a Simple Request for the Prime Minister

If you're going to remove the metal detectors from the Temple Mount, maybe remove them from a few other inconvenient locations too...

Huge Increase in PA Terror Funding in 2017

The PA increased spending by 13% for salaries to terrorist prisoners and by 4% for payments to families of terrorist "Martyrs" making their total payout to terrorists $355 million in 2017

Baruch Marzel’s Letter to the Mufti of Jerusalem

Marzel congratulated the Mufti on his principled stance on the metal detectors, and asks that he expand his religious ruling.

What the Labor Party Primary Says about Israel’s Consensus

Since the primary electorate consisted solely of Labor Party members, one would have expected the candidates to veer left both candidates considered several ideas popular among left-wing journalists and activists toxic

How Can We Broker a Deal When We Don’t Understand One of the Parties?

Condemning the murder of the Druse policemen does not inflame his base and helps Abbas with an important minority group in the region. Had those guarding the Temple Mount been Jews, Abbas would almost certainly never have called.

So Now American Zionists Want to Boycott Israel

Boycotting a troubled nation which has become a pariah among the hard-left is not the appropriate response to the Israeli government's recent decisions regarding religion. The answer is not disengagement, but rather greater engagement

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for “Intifada” Against Israel

The Muslim Brotherhood called for an "Islamic Intifada" – a violent uprising – against Israel Friday following the day's deadly Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Mike Pence and Trent Franks Lead Thousands of Christians at CUFI’s Pro-Israel Event

The domestic political importance of CUFI’s zealous members is not lost on anyone in Washington.

Rescuing Hadassah

The debt-ridden medical center is on the road to financial recovery and renewed medical excellence under the leadership of its tough and trailblazing director, Prof. Zeev Rotstein.
Israel Uncensored: Iran Behind Tense Northern Escalation

Syrian Kurdish Dissident: “Iranian Backed Groups are Encircling Israel’s Borders”

Iran will never abandon its desire for a Shia Crescent from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea because it is needed in order to keep their regime alive

An Unhinged Linda Sarsour Lashes Out at the “Zionist Media”

Sarsour is a fraud. She claims to be a civil rights activist but is an anti-Semite. She preaches non-violence but encourages violence against Israelis.

The Left’s Inversion of Anti-Semitism

Targeting people for being Jewish is no longer anti-Semitic, but targeting people for being progressive activists is. Thus instead of being a shield to protect Jews, charges of anti-Semitism have become a shield to protect leftists.

The Present Rests Upon The Past. The Future Upon The Present

A closer and deeper reading will show that what is important is not gender; rather, when it comes to Eretz Israel, the important variable, the fundamental thing, is what makes something “mine.”

BATTLE FOR HEBRON: Israel Pushes Back Against UNESCO Approving New Homes

Due to the UNESCO decision, the Israeli government has nothing to lose anymore and can simply let the multiple home sales in the ancient part of Hebron go through.

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