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The Disappearing Jews

There are 5.5 million Jews in America today and experts believe that in 20 years, that number will be 2.5 million – a loss of 3,000,000 Jews! The first thing we need to do is figure out a way to cure this epidemic

Abbas at the UN Again: Who Cares?

What difference does it make whether Abbas gives a “moderate” speech at the UN next week? His obstructionism is constant and guaranteed

Where Does Israel Fit in a Jewish Future Without Faith?

the idea that a growing demographic in which Jewish traditions, law and faith is absent can sustain support for Israel is laughable.

An Appreciation Of Life: Preparing For Rosh Hashanah

My near-death experience taught me the hard way that every moment we live on this earth must never be taken for granted. Life is a gift from God and it is up to us to make the most of each day.

Goodbye To The Mystery

A gap year in Israel no longer means a gap in real time communication with your child learning in Israel

Of Homemade Soup And Jewish History

Soup can be much more than Jewish penicillin- 0r it can be an introduction that leads to a shidduch or Jewish political activism. Who knew?

The Fundamental Mitzvah

In view of the current world upheavals – North Korea, storms of epic proportions, etc. – it would be well to strengthen our observance of Ahavas Yisrael and mitzvos between man and man. The Torah guarantees longevity in this world for observing such mitzvos.

ZOA Opposes Tillerson Decision to “Return” Jewish Artifacts to Iraq

The ZOA urges Tillerson and the State Department to immediately reverse their immoral decision, and to return these Iraqi Jewish artifacts to their rightful Jewish owners: Iraqi Jewish families

HURRICANE RELIEF: Welcome Young People from Texas and Florida to Study in Israel

An interesting win-win idea for the displaced Jews of the area of Houston and Florida devastated by the hurricanes.

Teshuvah, Bitachon, And Learning From Hard Knocks

Wherever God places us is for the best, that if we trust in Him and only Him, our lives will have joy, contentment, meaning, and purpose. Our family hopes to finally move to Eretz Yisrael after Sukkos, and I am confident that this year helped prepare me for some yet-to-be-accomplished worthy things.

The Political Renaissance of the Right

The time when the Israeli Right lagged behind the Israeli Left and sufficed with defensive responses and with stating what not to do, is over.

The Palestinians’ “Jewish Problem”

What we are actually witnessing is the never-ending search for excuses on the part of the Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, not to engage in peace talks with Israel.

Center For Jewish History CEO Leads Organization That Calls For Sanctions Against Israeli Government...

The viewpoints David Myers espouses are radical and extreme and unfitting for any Jewish leader, regardless of their academic expertise.

ZOA’s Klein Does Not Accept Invitation to Meet with Qatar’s Pro-Hamas Emir

ZOA can’t allow the imprimatur of ZOA to be involved with the potential of legitimizing in any way Qatar’s disgraceful activities. ZOA would be interested in meeting with them if they first take explicit steps to change their monstrous behavior.

Europe’s New Lie: Comparing Asylum Shelters to Nazi Concentration Camps

Despite Muslims historically having been the most aggressive colonizers, Europe's élites have come to idealize them due to a mix of demographic decline, misconception of Islam, self-hate for the Western culture and a fatal, romanticized attraction for the decolonized Third World people.
9/11 aerial attack on World Trade Center

16 Years Later: Lessons Put into Practice?

Sept. 11 should be more than just a few moments of silence to remember the tragedy that befell the USA. We should also seriously consider today's global threats.

Retroactive Legalization of Israeli Settlements is Tikkun Olam

The bill is intended to deal with a very human problem — ordinary citizens who, unintentionally and due to no fault of their own, may be infringing on the property rights of another and are facing the prospect that in order to make things right, will, either voluntarily or by force, be evicted from their house, the house demolished, and years of sweat and toil will be erased in a blink of an eye.

Center for Jewish History CEO Calls Anti-Israel Activist The Future Of American Jewry –...

The Center for Jewish History must not allow Mr. Myers radical support for extremist organizations to re-define Jewish history, regardless of how strong a historian he is.

Conan O’Brien Said that Israeli Doctors Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize–He’s Right

Conan met a number of Syrians being treated at the hospital, their faces obscured for their own safety. He was amazed at the commitment of Israel and its physicians to patients from an "enemy state"

Mengele, Charlottesville and the Lessons of History

While Charlottesville has refocused us on neo-Nazis, the growing forces of the anti-Semitic left may be a far more potent contemporary threat

The Prisoner Exchange Imbroglio

Paying any price is unsustainable, reduces Israel’s deterrent power and endangers national security. Israel, as a state under siege, cannot allow itself to be subjected to such extortion by terrorists.

Is the Western Wall Judaism’s Holiest Site?

When did the Kotel become the holiest Jewish site? Historical evidence suggests that the Temple Mount was actually Judaism's "holy of holies," and that the Kotel's venerated position is a relatively late development with a more prosaic and even non-Jewish origin. Should these facts change the tenor of the debate about the Western Wall's future status?

Dan Shapiro, Advocate For The Palestinians

Reading Shapiro’s admission, one must laugh at his self-description as “an advocate for Israel.” He is, according to his own words, an advocate for the Palestinians – and has been for the past 29 years.

Rendering Women Invisible Is Not Good For Any Of Us

Eishet Chayil mi Y'mtza? "A Woman of Valor, Who can Find HER" when positive images of inspiring Jewish woman (and other female leaders) are forbidden in the haredi media world

FDR’s ‘Rattlesnake’ Rule and the North Korean Threat

The US has endured 25 years of US diplomatic failure, by letting Kim Jong-un's bizarre regime "have America by the throat," subjecting us and our allies to perpetual nuclear extortion. This is not an acceptable state of affairs.

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