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Jews and Arabs – A Study in Contrasts

Arabs and Jews have vastly different historical experiences that dramatically affected their respective cultures, values and mindset. To Jews compromise is a virtue; for Arabs, an invitation for further aggression.
Senator McCain on Fox News Sunday.

Media Properly Honor John McCain After His Death

It’s worth noting that without the media’s nasty treatment of McCain in 2008 and then Mitt Romney in 2012, Trump wouldn’t be president.

When Palestinian Blood Isn’t Equal

Palestinian blood in the West Bank and Gaza is worth far more than Palestinian blood elsewhere in the world, because Palestinians killed by IDF fire serve as a bulwark against Israel, whether by the Arab states or by the Western world.

When a Nazi Comparison Fits: The BDS Movement against Israel

The historical significance of the parallel between contemporary calls to boycott Israeli products and the Hitler movement's economic warfare against German Jewish businesses should not be ignored.

Would Palestinian Rejection of Trump Peace Plan give Israel More Leverage?

Trump’s plan includes items the Palestinians would never agree to, says Ronen Yitzhak, head of the Middle East Studies department at Israel’s Western Galilee College.

The Democratic Party versus the Jewish People

Progressive-left Democrats think of Israel as a racist, colonialist, settler-state and have little sympathy for it if they even believe it should exist at all. The moderate Democrats merely believe that the Jewish people must be leashed.

No Support from Supporters

These “strong supporters” have not defined their support; it is an empty statement. While they try to appear altruistic, they are speaking out against the Nation-State Law that protects Israel’s interests and her continued existence. of Israel

Israel, This Is Exactly Who We Are

Ronald Lauder would be smart to learn from Israel’s “Nation-State” law to strengthen Jewish identity among the fading American Diaspora instead of virtue signaling on the pages of the NY Times.

10 Things I Hate About What’s Just Happened

We stand face to face with the idea that the president committed a felony

The US 2018 Midterms and 2020 Presidential Election: Implications for Israel

Israel must prepare for the day when the leftist-socialist-progressive wing gains hegemony, first in the Democratic Party (which now seems almost certain) and then perhaps in the US Congress and the presidency.

Trump and King Solomon

Every illicit pleasure exacts a price.

No, Palestinian “Armed Struggle” Is Not Supported By International Law

The fact the UN gives full-throated support to "armed struggle" but cannot see its way clear to delineate what is, and what is not, terrorism is an indictment of its corruption
Israel Uncensored: Jewish Home Party Rep. - We Like about 80% of Trump's Policies on Israel

The Machiavellian Opponents of the Nation State Law

The protests in Israel against the new law are a red alert. They reflect an emerging tendency among liberal streams in Israeli Jewish society to undermine the long-accepted principle that Israel is the national home of the Jewish people.

After We Fall

The journey to success follows the path of moral courage.

On Israel’s Nation-State Law

Israel is being wrongly condemned for something that not one Muslim state has ever been condemned for: identifying its nationality with its religion -- and in the case of those Muslim states, this is done frequently in a manner that excludes or restricts the rights, or even the very existence, of minorities.

Child Of Palestinian Parents Heads To Congress

Why has Tlaib garnered so much support despite her evident character flaws and poor choice in associates? The answer largely has to do with “diversity for the sake of diversity.”

Lauder Loses Plot

At a time when Israel faces hostility and double standards in many counties (excluding the U.S.), I challenge Lauder’s right to speak on behalf of world Jewry when he publicly vilifies Israel.

The TIPH of the Iceberg: Foreign Occupation of Israel

TIPH: The Temporary International Presence in Hebron. TEMPORARY?! The TIPH mandate was set-up under a left-wing Rabin government in 1994-24 years ago!

An Israeli looks Around the world, and is Happiest at Home

As Israel watches the unraveling of Europe, hears the fears of local Jews, witnesses the insanity of American Democrats demanding open borders, sanctuary cities that protect criminal illegal migrants and endanger their lawful citizens, it seems that the outside world has gone mad.

How to Misread anti-Semitism

One might counter that not everyone who presents Israel as a “racist endeavor” is driven by the same motives—strategic, diplomatic, ideological—that the USSR was when it adopted anti-Semitism in the name of anti-Zionism.

The Message of the Missing Israeli Flags

Israeli flags were much in evidence at the Druze community’s protest against the nation-state law the previous week. Those demonstrators, Druze and Jews alike, considered themselves proud Israelis. By banning Israeli flags, the Arab community’s protest sent the opposite message.

The “Palestinian People” an Historical Invention not a Reality

A number of historians, political scientists and other scholars have debunked the fake notion of this people (Palestinian) that never was. These scholars have not only been Jews and other non-Arabs but include Arabs as well.

The Jewish Threat

No, it seems the greatest threat facing humanity today is when a small bunch of Jews declare Jewish sovereignty in their own Jewish country.

In Islam, Jerusalem is not Mecca

Intriguingly, only when non-Muslims are in control of Jerusalem do Muslims seem to remember the city. History shows, Muslims have never attached real significance to it, never claiming Jerusalem as the capital of any country or empire.

The Cost of Indifference

How progressive innovation gave rise to discord and vigilantism

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