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The National Security Council’s New Pro-Hamas Israel Advisor

Kris Bauman not only equates Islamic terrorism and Israeli self-defense against terrorism, but at one point he actually equates Jews living in territory claimed by the terrorists with Islamic terrorism

CUNY Embraces/Honors Israel-Hating, Terror-Supporting Sarsour

CUNY would never tolerate a commencement speaker with a history of bigotry toward African Americans, Hispanics or the LGBTQ community yet it is welcoming Sarsour, an anti-Semite

Sarsour’s Anti-Semitism Campaign Minimizes Anti-Semitism

Sarsour famously tweeted, "Nothing is creepier than Zionism." That's not a statement critical of Israel and its policies, she believes the entire concept of a homeland for the Jewish people is flawed, is "creepy."

The Candy Bar that Blew Barghouti’s Cover

Since his appointment as chairman of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, Abu Bakr has demanded that Israeli and international media refrain from reporting anything offensive about the Palestinians

Comey’s Firing and the Price of Blind Partisanship

Getting rid of an FBI director who had lost his credibility was going to generate conspiracy theories no matter what.

Hard on Trump, Easy on Abbas

As former Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times, Peter Baker must know the compete lack of veracity behind Abbas’ claim. Yet he gives him a pass.

FIFA – Kick Terrorism Out of Football

Jibril Rajoub, the highest responsible official in Palestinian Arab football and a FIFA Delegate, has used football to indoctrinate and educate Palestinian children to praise and glorify murderous terrorists.

Don’t Fear the EU

The EU dodged a bullet with Macron’s victory because his adversary, Marine Le Pen, vowed to take France out of the Eurozone which would have been a devastating loss to the EU's after Brexit

Teaching Palestinian Children to Value Terrorism

A new study of Palestinian textbooks finds that Palestinian children are being taught to glorify and value terrorism and violence.That is not the way to prepare children for peace.

Replace the UN

The UN cannot really be reformed. It’s time to create alternative bodies that are mere professional agencies with no grandiose moral pretensions.

France: Emmanuel Macron, Useful Idiot of Islamism

Macron is a "globalist" and an "open promoter of multiculturalism," a "Useful Infidel." He neither supports terrorism or Islamism. It is worse: he does not even see the threat and as such, he does not consider Islamism a threat

Washington Post Reporter Justifies Paying Palestinian Terrorists

William Booth, the Washington Post’s longtime chief correspondent in Israel has discarded all pretense of objectivity and openly advocates for maintaining payments to the families of PA terrorists

The Jewish Left’s Anti-Semitism Problem

Jewish progressives have a serious problem with anti-Semitism: They deny it where it’s obvious (Ellison, Sarsour, Odeh), and fight passionately against it where it doesn’t exist (Trump, Bannon, Gorka)

22 Men Arrested: A Blessing For The Community

Proper investigation also involves knowing how to conduct a professional interview with the person traumatized by abuse.

A Win for Le Pen in the Second Round Would Only Incite Terror

By Yuval Canfi The far right “Front Nationale” party headed by Marine Le Pen promises to wipe out terror. In fact it plays straight to...

Trying To Make Sense Of The Sebastian Gorka Dispute

I have never met Gorka, have never spoken with him, and can’t say I’m hugely familiar with his work. That said, there is very little evidence out there justifying the accusation of anti-Semitism.

How Two New York Rabbis Responded To The 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial

In the 1920s, a new breed of Orthodox Jewish Americans set a two-fold goal: to “rebuke and repudiate the reformers” and “to deal effectively and happily with the great task” of Americanization by forging a distinctly American form of Orthodox Judaism.

The Day Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev went to SOAS campus

The story of Regev's visit to SOAS, is far bigger than a few bigoted student activists. The day itself started with a sickening attempt at balance by the BBC which implied that BDS is a ‘just cause’

The Graying Lady

It is truly sad to see what was once incomparably the greatest newspaper the world has ever known become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the decaying American far left.

Congressman Hunter Endangers Israel, Jordan and US Soldiers

Could Congressman Hunter give guarantees that those drones won't be used by Islamists within Jordan's forces to kill Americans, Israelis, or Jordanians?

ISRAEL’S INDEPENDENCE DAY: It is an Obligation to Liberate the Land of Israel

Yom HaAtzmaut is the most significant world event to take place in nearly 2000 years. On this day, HaShem returned the Children of Israel to the stage of history so that we may lead mankind towards a world of total blessing.

UN: Reaching New Heights (Lows?) of Hypocrisy

On Israeli Independence Day, UNESCO votes on a resolution concerning Israeli sovereignty over ALL Jerusalem, the first time it will vote on Israeli sovereignty of Jerusalem entire-Any guess what the result will be?

Yom Ha’Atzmaut: A Day To Be Proud

To say I fell in love with Israel instantly and aliyah was an immediate success would not be true-there were great challenges, but today I would say with pride and without regret, “I’m an Israeli.”

Celebrating Independence Day in a World of Turmoil

Israel Independence Day symbolizes the empowerment of all Jews in the wake of our nation's renaissance after 2000 years of exile. It is NOT a celebration exclusively for Israelis but for Jews throughout the world

Why The Left Needs To Believe In An Israeli Occupation

Critics of Israel want there to be an “occupation” and to point an accusing finger at Israel. They are constitutionally incapable of blaming the Palestinians for anything, so they need Israel to blame

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