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The BDS Movement Claimed Eight Victories in 2016. They Were All Actually Losses

The BDS Movement lies about its success. If they were as successful as they claim, how could they explain that since the campaign started in 2005, foreign investment in Israel has nearly tripled?

France Criticizes Trump, but Forgets its Own Past Statements

French Pres. Hollande claimed it is wrong to criticize an ally and France would never do that to an ally. It seems France has a short memory as it is CONSTANTLY criticizing its 'ally' Israel

The Transformative Power of the Palestinian Narrative

March 13, 1997 Jordanian Corporal Daqamseh shot and murdered 7 girls, at Island of Peace, Naharayim on the Israel-Jordan border. He was released yesterday and given a 'hero's welcome' home

American Jews and the Trump Administration

US Jews undermining Trump because of hurt feelings, irrational fear or lust for Democrats return to power will do more to put Israel and Jews in jeopardy than any Trump decision could ever do

Bernie Sanders Smears Yitzhak Rabin

At the J Street national conference in Washington last week, Senator Sanders, one of the featured speakers, smeared Yitzhak Rabin’s memory and sacrifices, and demanded an end to the 'Occupation'

After 67 Years, Will Arab Self-Interest Be Enough?

Just as the Arab never provided assistance to resolve the Arab refugee crisis years ago, the idea of Arab normalization of ties with Israel-even in the interest of defense against Iran-appears distant

Women and Purim, Women and Torah: Our Method to Further Chinuch for our Daughters

Women have been recognized as having actively participated in miracles of many Jewish holidays, but their efforts leading up to the events of Purim in old-time Persia are outstanding.

Are We What We Wear?

Why do we dress as we do? Why do we wear clothes at all? Because, as the expression goes, "clothes make the man," for example, the vestments of the Kohen Gadol.

V’Nahafoch Hu: Tips For Eating From Megillas Esther

Some tips from Megillas Esther that can help with compulsive eating, and in general with behaviors we would like to modify. But remember, have a freilichen Purim!

Why Do American Jews Want Thousands of Jew Haters in America?

Despite all the documented European Muslim-immigrant Jew hatred, more than a 1000 rabbis have signed a petition to bring large numbers of MENA Muslims into America. How can this possibly be explained?

Are The Arab Gulf States Really Ready for a Regional Alliance With Israel?

Though some insist Israel is isolated in the international community, it is becoming increasingly clear that Israel is in fact building new friendships and alliances-REGIONAL alliances in the Gulf

Purim Drink and Diplomacy

Trump already has helped Israel regain a significant degree of defensive strength by rejecting ‘daylight’ as strategic policy, instead warmly embracing Netanyahu as an intimate ally. L'Chaim!

A Globalist’s Gambit

The ADL abandoned its mandate to “stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all” to promoting globalism, Leftism and an all-encompassing socialist government

The Most Important Article that You Didn’t Read about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Palestinian mindset veteran Israeli peace negotiator Michael Herzog described raises the question if ANY Israeli gov't could come to terms with the currently constituted Palestinians leadership

Misunderstanding the Causes of anti-Semitism

There is no single explanation for anti-Semitism. Sometimes it stems from religious or political reasons, sometimes economic or personal factors. Anti-Semitism has no single cause and no single cure.

Peace Process is Dead as a Doornail

Like a breath of fresh air, the official congressional delegation chaired by Cong. Ron DeSantis (R-Fl), came to Israel for 1 day to explore the feasibility of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Savta Senior’s Secret To Happiness

Pointers on how to lead a more happy, joyful and peaceful life from several wise women. A must read for lowering blood pressure and increasing smiles.

Move the Embassy? Yes!

The wisest course of action is for Trump to devise a strategic policy based on reality not myth; a strategy that puts America first, strengthens Israel, and works with all of our regional allies

Kiruv Was His Calling

Torah was central to the life of Perry Fish (Z"L). His influence on some 20000 Shabbos guests that came through the warm and loving home he built with his wife Debby is inestimable-and will be missed

Politics And Our Perception Of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is politically and theologically promiscuous, penetrating the nationalist right and the progressive left, creeping into churches and leading the thundering discourse of political Islam.

Anti-Progressivism is not Anti-Semitism: Shame on Those Who Smear Sebastian Gorka

In an era where Democrats embrace openly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel leaders and movements, the Jewish left has launched this witch hunt against individuals - like Trump, Bannon, and Gorka

The Militant Islamists of Hamas

It seems that the use of the “international community” to provide context on the Middle East is restricted to issues in which Israeli arguments are dismissed.

Alan Dershowitz: Keith Ellison Defeated by His Own Actions, Not Any Smear

Would anyone call it a smear if a candidate’s history of sexism, racism or homophobia had been exposed? Why, then, is it a smear to have raised questions based on Ellison’s past?
Israel Inspired: Trump & Netanyahu - Behind Closed Doors

Media Suppress Mention Of PA Terror Glorification

Why did major media blatantly ignore important comments made by Trump and Netanyahu? It would require acknowledging that the PA honors and pays terrorists, and raises Palestinian kids to be terrorists

Alan Dershowitz: Why I Will Leave the Democratic Party If Ellison Is Elected its...

If Ellison is elected DNC chairman, Dershowitz will quit the Democratic party after 60 years because "My loyalty to my country and my principles and my heritage exceeds any loyalty to my party.

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