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Omar Barghouti, Founder of Anti-Israel Boycott Campaign, Arrested for Tax Evasion

Omar Barghouti, leader of the campaign to boycott Israel, was arrested by Israeli authorities on Monday for allegedly failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.

Shame On The Brooklyn Public Library

Finkelstein: "regardless of intent, Israel is in effect guilty of state terrorism" adding the "only difference between Israel terrorism and Hamas terrorism is that Israeli terrorism is 3X as lethal"

Linda Sarsour and the Interfaith Dialogue Fallacy

{Originally posted to the JNS website} One of the cornerstones of Jewish community relations work is building bridges to other religious and ethnic communities. The...

New Israeli Milestone Reveals the Farce of the Guardian’s BDS Obsession

"Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door" and that is how you beat BDS.

Nikki Haley Restores Morality to the UN Mission

Haley presumably expected the Security Council would focus on issues that had something to do with the myriad threats to global peace not obsess over Israel. Her outrage with the UNSC was clear.
Israel Inspired: Trump & Netanyahu - Behind Closed Doors

The Most Pro-Israel President Ever (or is he?)

How many times have you heard someone say, “Trump is the most pro-Israel president, ever.” Or maybe it was even you who said that to others. Is there proof of this?

Le Pen Erases America’s Role In Winning The World Wars

Le Pen may well win the France's upcoming elections. If so, Trump's first meeting with her should be a review of America's contributions in both World Wars, notably the liberation of France in WWII

Yes, Indeed, Israel IS an Apartheid State

Yes, Indeed, Israel IS an Apartheid State,,, and you will never guess who is the oppressed group

New Collection Of The Rav’s Essays Deepens Religious Understanding

Even if one was never privileged to listen to the Rav’s shiurim in person, reading his lectures, even when some of them have been reconstructed from individual manuscripts, should not be missed.

Jordan Protects A Killer Of Americans – Where’s The Outrage In Washington?

The U.S. gave Jordan $393 million in aid last year. Is that just a blank check? Or is it time, perhaps, to make some of that aid conditional on Jordan surrendering killers of Americans?

Cheshbon Nefesh On The Plight Of Agunot

International Agunah Day is a sort of “rosh hashana la’agunot.” As a Jewish 'New Year' we should perform a “cheshbon nefesh” – an accounting of the soul. What have we done right; where have we erred?

Selective Outrage About anti-Semitism

It is a little ironic, considering the president's initial reluctance to address the issue, Trump has significantly raised awareness about anti-Semitism.

Margalit The Tzaddikah

A true story of unfathomable pain exceeded only by the greatness of this tzaddikah, a haredi Yemenite orphan girl sent to a leper hospice and befriended by R’ Aryeh Levine (zt”l) the Yerushalmi tzaddik

Did Donald Trump Just Trigger the Islamic End of Days?

Whether it is the Hadith or the Bible, US troops in Syria in combat positions seem to indicate an important line has been crossed. Is the final battle coming?

The Real Hamas: Sorry, Folks!

What Hamas says in Arabic tells the REAL story. In fact, Hamas officials are crystal clear when addressing their people in Arabic. Yet some Western and Israeli analysts disregard this truth.

Palestinians: Fake News and “Alternative Facts”

Where is the international community's exposure of the lies fueling Palestinians murdering Jews? Will the international community once again fail to speak the truth about the murder of Jews?

Israel’s Anti-BDS Law Correct and Overdue

Its basis is the alleged illegal occupation of Palestinian-Arabs by Israel and Israeli measures to which they are subject. The problem with this is that it is utterly false and rewrites history.


Time for the week 7 report card for President Donald Trump. SO how is he doing?

Mistaken Criticism

To argue the war in Gaza could have been avoided ignores the diplomatic and political efforts made to do just that and actions by the UN, EU and others that encouraged terrorist acts against Israel

The BDS Movement Claimed Eight Victories in 2016. They Were All Actually Losses

The BDS Movement lies about its success. If they were as successful as they claim, how could they explain that since the campaign started in 2005, foreign investment in Israel has nearly tripled?

France Criticizes Trump, but Forgets its Own Past Statements

French Pres. Hollande claimed it is wrong to criticize an ally and France would never do that to an ally. It seems France has a short memory as it is CONSTANTLY criticizing its 'ally' Israel

The Transformative Power of the Palestinian Narrative

March 13, 1997 Jordanian Corporal Daqamseh shot and murdered 7 girls, at Island of Peace, Naharayim on the Israel-Jordan border. He was released yesterday and given a 'hero's welcome' home

American Jews and the Trump Administration

US Jews undermining Trump because of hurt feelings, irrational fear or lust for Democrats return to power will do more to put Israel and Jews in jeopardy than any Trump decision could ever do

Bernie Sanders Smears Yitzhak Rabin

At the J Street national conference in Washington last week, Senator Sanders, one of the featured speakers, smeared Yitzhak Rabin’s memory and sacrifices, and demanded an end to the 'Occupation'

After 67 Years, Will Arab Self-Interest Be Enough?

Just as the Arab never provided assistance to resolve the Arab refugee crisis years ago, the idea of Arab normalization of ties with Israel-even in the interest of defense against Iran-appears distant

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