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In “Palestine,” Islamic State will Replace BOTH Fatah and Hamas

Fatah's based in secular ideologies. Its greatest threat is Islamic fundamentalism in Muslim world

What If They Are Wrong?

What if the 2 State solution is unworkable? What if all those supporting it are wrong? What then?

A Different Approach to Combating BDS

The 10 spies (Bad Damn Spies (BDS)started BDS. They screamed "Don’t move to Israel! Boycott Israel!"

American Jewish Donors Must Stop Supporting The Families Of Arab Terrorists In Jerusalem

US Jewish donors to New Israel Fund pay to defend the families of Arab terrorists in Jerusalem

The New Israel Fund and the United Nations: Partners in Slandering Israel

New Israel Fund grants help organizations delegitimize Israel & the Israel Defense Forces worldwide

The Left’s Betrayal Of Israel

The Left by obsessively focusing on the “sins” of Israel condemns itself to irrelevance on Mid-East

The Pope Trashes His Own Bible

Pope’s recognition of phantom “Palestinians” proves Catholicism’s ongoing hostility to Jewish people

No Man Is An Island

What makes a man dedicated to what is best, stray? What makes a leader, a rabbi, lose his way?

Now I Know How I’d Answer The New York Times

I have been wondering, what is it about my music that can get some religious leaders so excited?

Sounding The Shofar To Action

Possibly the farcical motion would've failed but its consideration proves a deep anti-Israel bias

To The Victor Belong the Spoils: The Status of Jerusalem

Supreme Ct ruled on power of Executive vs Legislative branches NOT on Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Ayala Shapira: Giving Through Receiving

In Ayala's case, the art of receiving can have an even bigger impact than the art of giving.

Advice for India and Israel: DON’T Use America As An Example!

Both India and Israel are guilty of focusing on short term interests rather than long range goals

Jewish Battle Cry of Freedom

Now is not the time to lay down our arms; it is the time to fight back against Israel's demonization

Obama’s No Anti-Semite – But He Fails To Understand History’s Oldest Hatred

Obama's argument on anti-Semitism revives Western democracies’ delusions on Hitler prior to WW II

Give Our Families A Chance

The Education Tax Credit bill to assist NY's non-public school families with $ support is pending

How To Tell Friend From Foe

The Cuomo plan, which enriches millionaires and some very poor families, forgets the middle class.

Right-Wing & Left-Wing Israelis & American Jews: “Reject Extremist Boycotts Of Israel”

Adelson & Saban concur on this issue, “When it comes to Israel, we are absolutely on the same page.”

The Common Core of BDS and Campus anti-Semitism

Like Israel Apartheid Week, BDS is a campus anti-Semitic hate-fest with administrative tolerance

J-Street & New Israel Fund Post-Zionism: Repressing Reality and Calling for Murder

Denying Israel as a Jewish & democratic state is a call for the murder of Israel's Jews & minorities

Adelson-Saban Coalition Should be Emulated by All Supporters of Israel

Adelson and Saban have put their political differences aside to forge an alliance to fight BDS

Obama’s Chicago Roots Help Explain His Unfathomable Israel Policy

Is the President the victim of an anti-Zionist conspiracy?

Jihadists of Tomorrow

In Germany, Muslims and immigrant students were exempted from mandatory concentration camp visits

Caution Needed in Dealing with Iran

Tehran wants to use ISIS victories, anywhere in Sunni lands, as an excuse to invade.

The Average is the Message

Parental involvement means knowing if the school develops your child into a better ben/bat Torah

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