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Achieving A Viable Modern Orthodoxy

Modern Orthodoxy's long-term existence is challenged by the extraordinary costs of its lifestyle

‘Pushy Zionists’: Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails And A History Lesson

Depicting Jews as pushy is often done to intimidate them into silence or acquiescence-right Hillary?

Yes, Israel Is an Apartheid State

Yes, Israel practices apartheid: It persecutes the Jewish majority while benefiting an Arab minority

Connecticut College Anti-Semitism Continues; Some Faculty Speak Out

Connecticut College is so hostile toward Jews, Jewish students/professors should reconsider going

Bernie Sanders is NOT a Jew

When Bernie needs views on Jewish/Israel topics he calls anti-Semites or anti-Israel "leaders"

European Implosion Obliges New Alliances for Israel and Jews

Unless the tide is reversed, these migrants may irreversibly undermine the foundation of Europe

Miri Regev does not ‘Love the Juice’

It’s only reasonable that citizens shouldn’t pay for art promoting the destruction of their society

One Small Step

If you’ve ever thought about making Israel your home, figure out the SMALLEST next step and take it!

Germany’s Conspiracy Of Silence

The conspiracy of silence by officials and media was to deceive the German public about the refugees

Scalia’s Passing Will Affect Orthodox Jews

Scalia was a strong voice for tradition, morality, and the old-fashioned value systems of America

Trump’s Very Loud Dog Whistle

"That Trump was lying isn't in question. The question is why he would lie about something like this"

Dear Ted Cruz, Moral Clarity Matters and You are on the Right Side of...

Recently, detractors criticized your use of the term “Judeo-Christian values.” I reject their point.

Collaborators in the War against the Jews: Judith Butler

Professor Butler is a leader in the attempt to impose a WORLD boycott against Israeli universities.

An Iron Dome Against the Cultural Boycott of Israel

The cultural boycott against Israel politicizes art, rejecting artists as ambassadors of peace

Our Sages Have it Right

Eisencott's blunder was negating our Sages' teaching “If someone comes to kill you, kill him first”

Being the Jew that Fights Back

Why are there so few Bassem Eids in the world and so many "Emilys" (anti-Israel Jews) in US & world?

Obama’s Potential Third Term Undermining of Israel

Hillary Clinton will continue the counter-productive anti-Jewish/anti-Israel Oslo-policies of Obama

V’nahafoch Hu…

“When Adar enters, joy is increased.” What happens when tragedy strikes in the month of Adar?

What Obama Said At The Mosque

To understand Obama, the best place to go is his speeches. But you must read them in their entirety.

Both Labor and Likud Now Oppose A Palestinian State

As the polls show, it is a matter of Palestinian conviction, not fear, preventing a peace settlement

This Is How to Fight Terror in Israel

The appropriate way to commemorate victims of terror is by ensuring it won't happen to anyone else

Netanyahu Should Step Down

Under Bibi, Israel may have the means but has lost the will to put an end to Palestinian incitement

It’s a MAD, MAD World

Israel seems to be depending on "MAD" for now against Iran/Hezbollah and hoping for a future change

Noor al Haqiqa

"Honest" racists like Noor are much easier to deal with than the insidious lies of progressive-Left

Trial By Media?

If neither Ettinger nor his lawyer were told the charges Meir faces, how can they mount a defense?

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