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Greg Brock, the Jews, and the New York Times

The Times was never a friend/ally to Jewish people, nor is it a friend/ally to Jewish people today

Blood in the Headlines

The media doesn't report Israeli kids are afraid to go to school or that their parents sleep with guns

Stop Doing And Start Living: The Shabbos Project

Started to strengthen Shabbos awareness in South Africa, 1 million Jews worldwide will participate

In A World Of Silence

For over 2 weeks my attention has been focused on the news not my midterms I should be studying for

Misplaced Empathy Amidst Anti-Jewish Terror

NY Times correspondent Rudoren's persistent white-washing of pogroms by Palestinians is just obscene

Giuliani, Arafat, And The Bankruptcy Of Jewish ‘Leadership’

Unlike many Jewish leaders, Giuliani saw Arafat for what he was: A terrorist and murderer of Jews.

A Wake-Up Call for Jewry

It is neither Hamas or PA leaders behind these attacks, they come from the ranks of the common folk.

Israeli Government Calls NIF Grantees Anti-Israel, Yet American Jews Send Millions

3 NIF grantees-Bimkom, Breaking the Silence & Hamoked-are on Shaked's list of anti-Israel NGOs

Democratize the Temple Mount

Arab-Muslims do not so much venerate Al-Aqsa as religious site but as a violent political weapon

Message Of Growth

Self-centered desires drive us to be exclusionary at the expense of our nation, culture, & religion

Trying To Live Normally Despite The Terror

I told my friend "Every Israeli needs a therapist. She said "we don’t need shrinks. We need emunah"

Welcome to the “New Middle East”

Israel hasn't embraced its identity; We are a nation that flees our identity & message to the world

Third Intifada Or Third Reich?

Like the Poles of Jedwabne, Arab Muslims took all Jewish homes, shops, factories, furniture & land

Two Blocks Away

I knew the exact spot where the attack occurred, a bus stop near home that I’d passed 1000s of times

New Israel Fund Blames ISRAEL For Terror Attacks

Leftist New Israel Fund, backed by American Jews, blames Israel for attacks terrorizing Israeli Jews

A Season of Hell

We are well past the midnight hour for soliciting world understanding & support; WW III is underway

What We Can Do In Response To The Henkin Murders

There are concrete actions American Jews can take in response to the Henkin murders.

Don’t Flaunt It

Modesty stems from a sense of self-esteem and dignity. How do we develop this within ourselves?

An Early Read On The Presidential Race

One of Obama’s few accomplishments as Pres. was substantially lowered the bar for future aspirants.

Zionism is Moral: Justice Must Be Done Whether Barack Or Ahmed Agree Or Not

Regardless of whether Obama, Kerry or the EU agree, Israel protecting her citizens is moral and just

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