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The Exciting New World Of Jewish Webcasting

It seems likely that major communal institutions, such as the United Jewish Communities and local Federations, will be confronted with the question of whether there is a role for them in advancing communal values via Jewish webcasting.


By being lenient with minor offenses, Israel's government only encourages major offenses.

We Better Act Quickly

Existing leadership in Israel does not believe that all of Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people.

2014 Midterms: A Call to Unite Israel and Moderate Arab States Against Isis and...

Saudi Arabia, Jordan,&Egypt likely will work with Israel due to its ability to guard against ISIS.

Go with a Winner!

Bottom line; Israel lost this round too:Jews are more restricted, humiliated and the Arabs empowered

End the Unfair Competition! Ban freebies!

The bill is the initiative of Knesset Member Eitan Cabel from what is left of the Israeli Labor Party.

The Sorrow And Self Pity Of Jon Stewart At The Toronto Festival

Jon Stewart has opted, voluntarily and without pressures, out of the Jewish timeline. I suspect the bitterness in Stewart’s note is related to that decision.

What To Do About Car Terrorism

American Jews can take political action making a difference battling Palestinian terrorism.

Hibur: Yes, We Are Our Brothers’ Keepers

Racheli Frankel: "I didn’t think they were thrown just anywhere. The tears of Hebron embraced them”

Lessons From Kristallnacht

In today’s democratic Europe, there's no risk of a Holocaust. Comparisons to Kristallnacht are apt.

After Election Day Debacle, J Street Deceives Supporters

“Only in America can you get blown out in an election and still tell people you won.”

The Anti-Democratic Initiative of the Anti-Adelson Horde

The ostensible basis for the banning of Israel Hayom is that it is distributed for free.

Israeli Far Leftists Demonstrate Solidarity with Terror

Israel's weenie gov't refuses to pass law requiring instant execution of ALL terrorists at the scene

Picking a Fight

Revealing intelligence assessments that suggest Netanyahu is bluffing only encourages the Iranians.

Fighting terror : West Still Not Serious

Washington continues to overlook the deeds of Pakistan’s notorious Inter Service Intelligence

Needed: A Jewish Foreign Policy

By appeasing Abbas the past 2 decades, it's obvious Netanyahu doesn’t know how to negotiate with him

Instilling Hope from the Alon Shvut Intersection

“God guides our every step in this world. Let's make the most of these steps.”

Has the Time for the Redemption Arrived?

If we do things right, this year might even be the year of the final redemption!

Reciprocity: The formula to End Palestinian Terror

Arabs are allowed to live anywhere in Israel; Why are Jews murdered for living in Yesha&E.Jerusalem?


Now up in Heaven Reb Shlomo sings, With a chorus of angels for the Heavenly King...

Jewish Unity And The Eruv

An eruv is not merely an Orthodox mitzva; Conservative Judaism mandates an eruv for its adherents.

Abu Nabil And Me

To “How are you?” he always responded, “Hamdilila! Be’seder v’chetzi!” (Praise God! OK + a half!)

Why Israel Matters To Me

Today, I love Israel – with its warts and its beauty marks.

His Gift Will Last Long After Others Have Faded

"A Torah insight explains that though we think people fear darkness, in truth they fear the light.”

Tolerance at the Temple Mount

Will “progressives” and “liberals” rally to Rabbi Glick and advance the cause for Jewish rights?

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