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Hacking Pharoah’s Social Media Accounts

Our journey begins by attempting to see things differently, only then can we be open to change.

The Myth of Palestinian Centrality

Despite Western 'Conventional Wisdom&PC,' the Arab/Israeli conflict was never about the Palestinians

Addicted To Terror

Confrontation & accountability, proven techniques, might also help dealing with religious terrorists

We Stand With You: Reflections on a Solidarity Mission to Paris

In fact, wherever you see soldiers in Paris today, you pretty much know you’re near Jewish site

Rebbetzin Rabbit

Inspired by the Perek Shira pasuk for “small non-kosher animals” we named the bunny “Rebbetzin Tova”

Joan Peters And The Perils Of Challenging The Palestinian Narrative

The abuse following publication proved a cautionary tale: no one followed in Peters’s footsteps

Israel And The World’s Double Standard

Despite the 2005 Koby Mandell Act no Palestinian implicated in harming an American has been charged

Are ‘The Sleepers’ Awakening? Reasons Why Jews Should Arm Themselves Now!

Should a shul's protection include a 12-gauge shotgun and someone trained to know how to use it?

The Israeli Government Takes Action!

Why does Israeli health services refuse to finance species reassignment surgery as well?

Neo-Kiruv: A Call to Action

I envision a Kiruv approach perceiving a world filled with Godliness instead of issues to be avoided

Orthodox Follies: What Do We Really Stand For?

If these publications feel that NO picture of a woman should be shown, why show any picture at all?

A Hostage’s Terrifying Eyewitness Account

I prayed throughout. My plan is to make Aliya and I pray my family can join me in Israel quickly

Bias at the BBC

Willcox just doesn’t get it or just doesn’t care to; He does not focus on the offenders.

HarperCollins’ Omission of Israel and Charlie Hebdo

Whereas we didn’t expect much from HarperCollins, we need to expect more from ourselves.

Western Failure to Read the Writing on the Wall

The West's policy-making ambiguity and denial could trigger national and international calamities.

A Dignified Death? Living Is Dignified, Too

The fruits of medical science were to be available to all of us - not just the young.

Raoul Wallenberg: A Tribute to the Lost Hero

In 6 months Wallenberg's fearless acts of daring saved tens of 1000s of Jews from certain death

Orthodox Jewry And The Civil Rights Movement

Notable Rabbis spoke out forcefully for African-Americans rooting politics in biblical language


It’s easier to take Jews out of galus than to take galus out of Jews – Chassidic master

HarperCollins’s Inexcusable Attempt To Erase Israel

HarperCollins bills is a storied brand with a list of top-notch authors going back some 200 years

Recognizing The Creator Of The Cosmos As The God Of History

Foreshadowing modern science, rabbis spoke of an Intelligent Designer who created a unique universe

Open Letter to the French President

Abbas participating in the march is an insult to the memory of the slain journalists

Aliyah is Not an Escape: A Response to the Call for French Aliyah

Much aliyah being discussed resembles emigration-fleeing from a fear rather than running to Israel

France and the Dilemma of Aliyah

From G-d's pledging the land of Israel to the Patriarchs it's been the focus of Jewish consciousness

India Must Act as a Nation of Resolve

Like Jerusalem, New Delhi must defend itself against Islamist terror threatening its core values

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