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April 19, 2014 / 19 Nisan, 5774
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Romney Bad, Obama Good, for Israel

Netanyahu carried his message to Americans through the media after meeting with President Obama and castigating Iran at the UN.

Netanyahu carried his message to Americans through the media after meeting with President Obama and castigating Iran at the UN.
Photo Credit: Avi Ohayon/Flash90

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Why are some people in the Jewish world so convinced that a victory by Mitt Romney is good for Israel? I am not sure who is good for the future of America, but it might be that the pro-Romney crowd has it backwards when it comes to choosing the US presidential candidate who is best for Israel.

Under President Obama, Israel has not been forced, in any meaningful way, to cede land at a negotiation table. President Obama’s demands to begin such negotiations with the premise that a Palestinian state is to rise on all the land liberated from Jordanian occupation in the Six Day War have been so outlandish and obviously biased that it has been easy for Prime Minister Netanyahu to say no. This fierce policy debate has also lead to a palpable enmity between the two leaders.

Now, while our PM is a doing great job standing up to bad suggestions this round, that was not always the case. Remember the Wye Accords and the Hebron hills giveaway? Given more “friendly pressure” Bibi has a tendency to fold so, ironically, Obama’s “unfriendly pressure” is good for Netanyahu and makes him act and look strong.

Whether the lack of progress on the old ‘peace process’ is a good thing depends on what end goal one favors. I prefer to see Israel continue to move away from the ‘Two-State’ concept both in reality on the ground and in incremental policy steps. Eventually, this will make Israel’s assertion of sovereignty over its ancestral lands a natural step forward and finally end the dark and bloody age of the land giveaway. Those who have made careers from the ‘peace process’ will not give it up until they retire on lucrative pensions, but already some of the intellectual elite on the both the pro-Arab and Jewish nationalists sides, have come to the conclusion that the ‘Two-State’ concept is untenable and that a new paradigm is needed.

And while President Obama and PM Netanyahu continue to bicker, the ‘Two-State’ concept continues to fade. Why not keep it that way?

Daylight between the US Foreign Policy and Israel

The current administration loves to say that there is “No Daylight” between Israel and the US. Now there’s a heap of diplo-jargon balderdash. For a long time, US foreign policy (not just Obama’s) has been miles apart from Israel on important issues like American non-recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, America’s cruel and unusual punishment for Pollard, and America’s billion dollar a year sponsorship of a treacherous Fatah and murderous Hamas. So what’s wrong with little daylight? A little distance from bad State Department policy is a good thing.

But until now we have not had daylight. We Israelis love to be loved by something bigger than us and therefore we want America to embrace us, even if it means ‘No-Daylight’ smothering. For too long Israel has been treated, and at times even sees itself, as a puppet state, banana republic or a 51st state, quietly accepting bad US policy as unchangeable reality.

Recently, the mass campaign for Israelis with US citizenship to vote in the US elections (IVoteIsrael.com) has taken Fifty-First Statism to a logical extreme. We are being asked to vote in US elections to affect Israel’s national destiny through actions of the American government. Not surprisingly, the whole IVoteIsrael effort is focused on trying to help get Mitt Romney into office, unofficially, of course. And it makes sense that this group of Jews is pushing so hard to get Romney in: Obama scares them to the core of their being as he shaking the fundamental pillar of their world outlook, namely, US and Israeli closeness. Romney, on the other hand, allays their fears by hitting all the bumpers on the ‘Special Relationship’ talking points.

Too bad that it’s all a bluff. Romney’s policies will include a push to shrink Israel’s borders, he will not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, he will not release Pollard, he will keep funding Fatah and Hamas, and he will be in bed with Saudi Arabia, and do nothing about Iran. Like his predecessors: Bush, Bush, Clinton, and the rest, Romney will say the right things but will continue to fulfill the State Department’s anti-Israel agenda. However, because of his perceived friendliness to Israel and to Netanyahu, Romney will be far more insidiously dangerous. And isn’t it a shame how much Jewish time and money gets wasted on this guy?

Ironically, the much maligned Obama administration has been the perfect antidote to Israeli capitulation to American whims. President Obama exudes an open hostility towards Israel, and real favoritism towards the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk. The average Israeli can sense this new distance between the US and Israel and this has resulted in a an unusual feeling around here, a feeling that scares many – the feeling of independence.

Indeed under Obama’s reign, Israel is seeing more “daylight” and getting more independence from US foreign policy. As Israel begins to feel its own strength, and as the land-giveaway ideology exits the scene, the Jewish State will need breathing room to fashion and lead a new direction in the Middle East. Through the creation of this breathing space, Israel and the United States will be able rebuild their relationship on a healthier basis, as two sovereign nations with many joint interests, cooperating, trading, and securing the world together. Of course, that “daylight” will also entail the end of US foreign aid to Israel, a much needed step for Israel’s independence and key for a healthier relationship between the two nations.

Paradoxically, President Obama is helping to usher in a new and more equitable era of the US/Israel relationship. Romney, on the other hand, is bad for the Israel. A Romney White House could put effective State Department pressure on the Israeli government where the Obama administration could not. Israeli weakness for a ‘loving’ president makes it susceptible to giving in to US pressure which inevitably requires Israel to give dangerous concessions to the very people who seek to destroy the Jewish State. Moreover, if Romney would be elected, Israel would fall back into the old habit of subservience to State Department whims instead of the budding sense of policy independence felt on the Israeli street. And that’s no good. Far better to have Obama articulate and espouse the true face of American foreign policy, leaving Israel free to reject it.

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About the Author: Yishai Fleisher is the Contributing Editor and PR manager at the JewishPress.com, and Israel's only English language broadcast radio show host (Galey Yisrael 106.5FM). Yishai is an Israeli Paratrooper, a graduate of Cardozo Law School, and the founder of Kumah ("Arise" in Hebrew), an NGO dedicated to promoting Zionism and strengthening Israel's national character. Yishai is married to Malkah, they have two children, and they live on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

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80 Responses to “Romney Bad, Obama Good, for Israel”

  1. Kenneth Blum says:

    Your analysis would be right on if there was no nuclear threat against Israel from Iran. It is becoming clear that the qualitative difference between the two visa vi Israel is Obama acceptance of Iran as a Nuclear power and Romney's refusal (unsubstantiated as of today) to Iran with Nuclear "Energy". For years, Bibi had one thing on his mind and one thing only, Iran. This is how we have to vote. We know what we are getting (or not getting) with Obama, there still is a chance we can get military support under Romney.

  2. So, Yishai, have you seen 2016: Obama's America? You want us to re-elect the muslim in the white house just so Israel can stay friends with the enemy? Mashuganah! America is done for if he gets re-elected, which it nearly is now! Everything he stands for is totally opposite of what America represents. He and Michelle absolutely HATE America and want to turn it into a socialist society. Our rights are being taken away daily. Our children and grand-children and gg-grandchildren will never be able to pay off the debt he has pulled down upon us. If Romney does not get elected, we will become a muslim nation.

  3. Yishai, Thank you for sharing your perspective. It would actually be better for all sides if America would spend less on trying to manipulate Israel and our neighbors. Sometimes I think that Ron Paul would truly be the best for Israel if elected for US president.

  4. Obama's foreign policy doctrine of 'conciliation,' or 'appeasement,' is dangerous for America, Israel, and the world. It has caused dangerous shifts in favor of adversaries, and has sent the wrong messages around the globe. The administrations role in the Arab Spring alone should be cause for concern. Pressure upon Israel that we have seen is part of that overall policy. Take into account that the US-Israel relationship is symbiotic and also goes far beyond the aid that Israel receives. Based upon the positions taken by this administration, it is likely that a second Obama term would bring signiciantly greater pressure upon Israel to make dangerous concessions. It would also endanger the global influence of the US in the world to preserve freedom and democracy.

  5. Susan Conner says:

    Yishai, I, too, would love to see Israel more independent of all outside influences. I believe that is also what G-d wants for Israel. Two scenarios to think about: One, if Obama is defeated, Israel is enemy number one and he can wreak tremendous havoc with multiple strokes of his executive order pen that will take time to undo; two, if he is re-elected, then there is no stopping his onslaught of evil against Israel and in favor of his buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood and all other miscreants in the arab world. And please do not forget that it is maybe more important for the US to support Israel for our own national conscience and well-being than the presumption that Israel needs us. HaShem will take care of Israel. Romney has at least said he would move the capitol to Jerusalem and Congress is in support of that plan. I don't remember him speaking on Pollard, but I'm betting something will happen there, too. Shavua Tov! Too bad none of us can see into the future!

  6. Yeremiahu Rueben Yonteff says:

    It is astonishing to see that anyone in the jewish community continues to support Obama let alone have to chutzpah to write such a long winded propaganda article like like on his behalf. It goes to show you that self-hating court jews are more dangerous than any gentile or any nation. SHAME ON YOU!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can definitely see that your conclusion that Romney wouldn't support Israel comes from very deep ANALysis… you just pulled it out of your butt! Where in blazes is your evidence for that assertion? You might claim he's just a cream puff, but he had to have spine to do what he did at Bain, and he's a dedicated Mormon.

  8. Dave Borland says:

    I can't believe that there could be anyone, much less any jew, who cannot see obama's anti semetic tendencies. I am astonished.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The documentary showing across America titled '2016: Obama's America' provides a lot of insight into Obama's influences in his life, and it is a must see film for all American voters. Obama supporters will, also, enjoy this movie since it will answer a lot of questions about Obama's early influences in his life and what his agenda will probably be in a second term if re-elected. Just saw the movie yesterday in Cleveland, Ohio to a packed audience and at the end of the movie, most people were applauding.

  10. Kimberly Phillips says:

    I am so disappointed in your attitude toward Romney. What on G-d's green earth makes you think other than unfounded suspicion of Romney's character and policy that he would be dangerous to Israel? Seems to me, that Israel would be better served by electing their own leaders who have the backbone to resist allowing themselves to be subservient to ANY US administration. I seem to remember with shock and horror along with many pro-Israel activists as Obama flexed his muscles against Israel including construction freezes, withdrawing to the '67 armistice lines, and flip flopping on speeches purporting to support when he actively writes policy that is islamophilic and anti-Jewish/anti-settlement. Romney is far more up front… remember that Obama has been somewhat restrained in his policy because he wants to be re-elected, if he wins in a little over two months he will have no reason to hold back on his true desire to destroy all who he views as colonialist oppressors (including Israel) your views seem to have changed drastically in the direction of reflexive liberalism — I have a very hard time believing that you can do such a complete 180 since I saw you in 2007… what a pity… For someone who once was an American citizen, I am disappointed in you not giving a rat's behind about what is best for America which is unequivocally getting Obama out of office.

  11. That's true as far as it goes. Israel should certainly establish its independence from the US, and yes, an openly anti-Israel president like Obama helps force Israeli PMs to have backbone. However, that is not a very good reason to vote for Obama. It is a good reason for Israel to act in its own best interest and stop trying to keep the US happy, whether the US president puts on a friendly face or not.

  12. Jeff Kletman says:

    The author goes so far a field to come to his conclusions about Obama vs Romney that I don't know where the democratic talking points start but I do know where they end. In the the last paragraph. The last paragraph of this article has no basis in facts. The Obama administration has been openly hostile to Israel where it matters the most. Diplomatically Obama has been a disaster for Israel. From his openly rude behavior towards Netanyahu when he was a guest in the peoples house to his leaking of classified Israeli intelligence to the New York Times. He has been a thorn in Israel's side from the day he was inaugurated. His policies have followed his heart and his heart is not pro Israel. Many of us had heard about his radical anti Israel associations but we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Mitt Romney is supporter of Israel publicly and a close personal friend of Netanyahu. The two worked together and have gone out socially together. If we use the same criteria now as we have in 2008 we should most certainly give Romney the same benefit of the doubt that we gave Obama.

  13. Andy Hirsh Dlinn says:

    Yishai, You make an interesting argument that might be tenable if you ignored the seriousness of the real Obama…the statement he made to Dimitri: "This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility." The man is bent on downsizing America and taking Israel with it. Romney has NOT said he will not move the Embassy to Jerusalem. The correct quote is "I will ask my friend Bibi Netanyahu what he wants me to do." That sounds like someone who recognizes Israel's sovereignty. I would not count on your enemies to help you! – Hirsh from Jewish Experience Radio.

  14. Yishai, I agree with Kim.
    See 2016 and you may understand that not only does Obama want to destroy America, he wants to destroy Israel even more! He is a Muslim and you are behind that tree!

  15. Ronald Cook says:

    Linda,thank G-d, you see this. If only the rest of The House of Israel could see this. Sad , several of my Jewish friends are still in Obama's pocket. We must pray that they wake up.

  16. Gary Moss says:

    You provide absolutely no evidence to support your conclusion that: "Romney’s policies will include a push to shrink Israel’s borders, he will not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital….." What do base these assertions on? If this is your personal opinion its fine you should just say so, but it is terribly wrong to assume you know how Romney is going to act after January 20, 2013 when all you have is his speeches and comments on his views on the US-Israeli relationship.

    Are you under contract to the DNC, are they paying for your opinion Yishai because you could not be more wrong if you tried.

    The relationship under Romney will be significantly better if for no other reason than the key foreign policy decsionmakers under Obama, all of whom are extreme leftists with significant animus towards Israel (Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice, Huma Abedin and Samantha Power) wil be be repalced by John Bolton, Elliot Abrams and other policymakers with strong ties to Israel.

    While everyone is entitled to their opinion, even Debbie Waserman Schultz it is extremely suspect to see an individual with a legal background write a paper that is 100% pure opinion and provide no evidentiary support for it. Not only are conclusions towards Obama 100% incorrect you have provided nothing to support any allegation you made regarding the relationship under future President Romney. This piece appears to be nothing than the fantasies perpetuated by the Democratic Party and Obama's jewish suporters.

  17. Gary Moss says:

    What a pile of steaming horse**** that column was. I left my response on the site.

  18. Obama hasn't had to force any land because Netanyahu has done a good job all by himself! Migron! Ulpana! Need I go on? David has it right. The US and any other country needs to get their rudy noses out of Israel's business! Those that don't can look at Zechariah 12 to see what is part of their future!

  19. This is the most important point! As it is a matter of life and death, we
    must admit that Obama will never strike Iran over a nuclear bomb.
    "all options are on the table" is Obamaese for "I,ll catch you on the rebound".

    If you think otherwise you probably should believe a car salesman when he tell you "don't worry".

    How else could you interpret his quashing of Congressional support for a real military option?

    There is not a shred of proof of how Romney would act.

  20. Joshua Wander says:

    If we allow Obama another term, it will lead to the eventual failure of the US and the physical destruction of Israel. How can any Jew support this? We do not need any more Jimmy Carters in the White House. Vote Romney/Ryan in November. It is the right ticket for the US and the right ticket for Israel!

  21. What bothers me most about so many of your posts, Josh, is your unwavering certainty. I understand that you feel strongly about your political beliefs, but have you no doubt whatsoever about the candidates whom you support? Nobody actually knows whether Obama or Romney will be better for Israel.

  22. Joshua Wander says:

    Adam- I have no doubt at all. This isn't rocket science. Obama is bad for the US and Israel. Can I offer you a ticket to go see 2016 – Obama's America at the Waterfront?

  23. Yeremiahu Rueben Yonteff says:

    Adam there is a major problem with your logic. With romney there may be doubt as to how supportive of Israel he will be, but with obama there is no doubt as to his feelings about Israel, that he in all estimation has been the most dangerous president for israel in history, we havent yet fully reaped the bitter fruit of the harm he has done to us which becomes more evident every day. Only a fool would choose the certainty of obamas position over the as of yet unknown position of romney, when everyone but a fool knows the overwhelming amount support for israel comes from the political right of america anyways.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Appeasing the Muslims is not antisemetic. There are hundreds of millions of Arabs and only 6 mil Jews. Think of it from the US perspective.

  25. Brian Kent says:

    Is this some sort of joke???

  26. Batsheva Futlick Williamson says:

    Why is the GOP voting for a two state Israel? I feel sick that Romney didn't take a strong stand.

  27. דניאל קייצי says:

    I agree David, but think Paul would have been best for the US as well as for Israel. But do you perceive any similarities between the Shomron relationship to the current government of Israel at the moment?

  28. A comment that just came in through email to add to the mix. "I think Mr. Fleischer's article is good and brave. One of the points of Avraham Stern's Principles of the Revival was for Israel to have both spiritual and political independence. I think Mr. Fleischer is right in line with that and I praise him for it. Bivracha." Shmuel Ben-Gad.

  29. The failure of the US Gov't can lead to more Aliyot.

  30. Obama's first phone call as POTUS was to Mahmoud Abbas. His first speech was in Egypt. Under this president the US gave the Muslim brotherhood 1.5 Billion dollars. The LA Times has a video of Rahid Khalidi and Barack Obama they refuse to release because it would reveal that Obama is fully in the Palestinian camp : http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2012/01/remember-that-rashid-khalidi-video.html.

    If Romney becomes president we don't know what will happen. If Obama becomes president the US will end up going to war with Israel because Israel cannot capitulate to Obamas demands that will put the existence of Israel at risk. Obama wants to 'fundamentally change' America but he wants to destroy Israel.

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