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April 19, 2014 / 19 Nisan, 5774
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Why Israel Should Recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Israel must respond to its Western neighbor's recognition of Palestinian statehood.
A border crossing between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

A border crossing between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Photo Credit: Nicholas Hodder

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These benefits and the need to respond in some way to various countries’ recognition of the “state of Palestine,” combined with the justice of the Turkish Cypriot struggle are sufficient causes for Israel to recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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About the Author: Rachel Avraham is a news editor and political analyst for Jerusalem Online News, the English language internet edition of Israel's Channel 2 News. She completed her masters degree in Middle Eastern Studies at Ben-Gurion University. The subject of her MA thesis was: "Women and Jihad: Debating Palestinian Female Suicide Bombings in the American, Israeli and Arab media."

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71 Responses to “Why Israel Should Recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”

  1. I am disturbed by the misappropriation of history by this author. Another Greek hating Jew.

  2. I am disturbed by the misappropriation of history by this author. Another Greek hating Jew.

  3. "Another Greek hating Jew"?
    How on earth did you reach that conclusion?

  4. Christos Had says:

    1 you have no clue what you are talking about. Read some history books you ignorant Jew.


  6. The entire world community [Turkey aside] recognizes the fact that Northern Cyprus is under occupation. Like it or not this is the honest truth



  9. Don't worry time is near… Cyprus will be free :)

  10. @volkan: Using capital letters does not render your arguments valid.

  11. Very well written, thank you Rachel.

  12. Israel should first and foremost recognize the Armenian Genocide, the predecessor of the Holocaust, because: "Who after all speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" – Adolf Hitler, August 22, 1939.

  13. This is a brilliant idea, Israel should recognize Turkish republic of northern Cyprus the way Cyprus has upgraded the Palestinian delegation to Cyprus in order to make it an embassy. Cyprus' double standarts : they did it but they are opposed to other countries recognizing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Two-faced.

  14. Emily Makedonas says:

    This author is making some completely false statements, it seems she doesn't even know the history of the Island. She should not be writing if she does not know enough about the situation.

  15. Emily Makedonas says:

    This author is making some completely false statements, it seems she doesn't even know the history of the Island. She should not be writing if she does not know enough about the situation.

  16. Philip Djaferis says:

    amazing 'gobledigook'…strange that such poor analysis got past the editor; this is not even comparing apples with oranges…
    whoever Rachel purports to be she has no clue of international law – the so called TRNC is occupied territory by Turkey and the locals are neither the majority nor do they control it – anyway, a rather naive article overall. Leaving aside the merits or demerits of the recent communist Cyprus government's decision, adopted in haste prior to its demise, 131 states have recognised Palestine as a state but only Turkey recognises its puppet as such; that should be enough for now.

  17. Hus Djemal says:

    My patriot Emily Makedonas. The Author knows the history of Cyprus better than you.

  18. you dont need a history book when you, and your entire family was born, raised and then made a refugee there when Turkey conducted a military invasion which coincidently killed many more Cypriots than Turks. In any case, Jewish support of the pseudo-state will just add to the fuel; they support the recognition of a state within a state, but cant do the same in their own back yard. Please do educate me about double standards.

  19. Timothy Spyrou says:

    I wouldn't be too worked up about this…its a small right wing tabloid with only 50000 readers and has limited influence within the Jewish community in America and in Israel itself.

  20. Stupid article…this is the kind of reasoning that has lead Israel in almost total isolation.

  21. Nathan Warszawski says:

    Greeks hate Jews, Turks hate Jews. What the Rson to recognize Turkish Cyprus?

  22. There is a difference between the AKP leadership in Turkey, which is no friend of Israel, and the Turkish Cypriot nation and their leadership, which is not hostile towards Israel. You should not confuse the two. There is great potential for a friendship between Turkish Cypriots and Jews; and despite the fact that both Greece and the AKP leadership are no fans of Jews, we should recognize TRNC to send a message to all nations that have territorial disputes that they should not recognize Palestine.

  23. Cyprus was the one who started this by recognizing Palestine. If Cyprus doesn't want Israel to recognize TRNC, then they should have thought about that before recognizing Palestine. After opening up a Palestinian Embassy, Cyprus truly deserves to witness Israel recognize TRNC independence. Your argument isn't convincing to any Israeli audience. TRNC deserves to be a state much more than Palestine. At least they control the territory they claim.

  24. Angela Antoniou BTW, I know of plenty of Turkish Cypriots with similar stories about being refugees and victims of the violence in Cyprus. The violence was definitely not one-way. 103 Turkish Cypriot villages were destroyed before 1963 and 1974. All objective sources recognize that the violence wasn't one way. The difference is that Nicos Sampson had genocidal ambitions, while Turkey merely wanted to force the Greek Cypriots out of a given area so that Turkish Cypriots would have an area to call home.

  25. Tim Upham says:

    Recognizing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not the answer, by any nation-state. Negotiations must be done to politically reunited the island. Nobody recognizes it, because it is just a Mediterranean "Bantustan."

  26. Philip Djaferis says:

    Rachel, with all due respect, you live in delusion – your analysis is totally flawed and replete with inaccurate and skewed interpretations. By the way, which 103 villages were destroyed? Do you mean that all TCs left from maybe 103 villages? Please use accurate language even if you are being biased.
    By the way, are you claiming that there is no good will at all between Greek Cypriots and Israel? Are you aware of the decades old friendships that many of us have with Israelis, the multitudes of Cypriot patients that Israeli doctors have treated, the recent close cooperation on gas exploration etc? By the way, your logic also is divisive in terms of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots who have renewed friendships and would wish for a united future…

  27. Since when is international politics about who's right? Rachel is making a point, a POLITICAL point, that it could be in Israel's interest to use this opportunity to mend things with Turkey without a compensation or an apology about the Mavi Marmara incident, regain an ally and fix the economical relations. You should focus on this.

  28. According to the British Northern Cyprus Parliamentary group, Greek Cypriots destroyed 103 Turkish Cypriot villages between 1963-1974. This number didn't pop out of nowhere. I never claimed that all Turkish Cypriots are originally from those villages, but many Turkish Cypriots became refugees because of the violence that occurred between 1963-1974. Thus, every thing that I wrote is accurate. I am familiar with how Greek Cypriots did help Jews who were interned in Cyprus by the British and about the recent cooperation on gas exploration between Israel and Cyprus, and I am grateful for that. However, I am also very much familiar with how the Greek Cypriot leadership has supported Israel's enemies as well, and when Greek Cyprus recognizes Palestine, I feel like sending a strong message that resonates with Greek Cypriots that this is not acceptable. As for what Turkish Cypriots want, most favor independence from both Turkey and TRNC. Almost all of the Turkish Cypriots I have spoken to, and I have spoken to many since I visited TRNC, have supported independence from both Turkey and Greek Cyprus. It is true that they have their own grievances against Turkey, yet it is also true that they also have many against Greek Cyprus. Turkish Cypriots used to support reunification under the Annan Plan, yet the Greek Cypriots rejected that peace deal.

  29. Sampson was president for 8 days – hardly enough to do any damage, in any case he was also a puppet of the Greek led military junta and not someone whose words you should be quoting in referral to the island as a whole. Furthermore, if Israel decided its foreign policy in according to its wishes for revenge im sure you can find a few other of the more than a hundred countries that recognise Palestine and not just a small island who by the way has always had good relations with your State.O n the other hand, you mentioned yourself that this is just a way to appease Turkey which will never cease to be a Muslim state and as such will always stick with its Islamic brothers- as it should!

  30. Rachel Avraham did you also forget that Turkey recognised Palestine? and those 103 villages you keep repeating your limited data about also had Cypriot inhabitants. Calling them Turkish Cypriot doesnt change anything, there was inter communal fighting on both sides due to a lack of political discussion when the Turkish side sabotaged our constitution and left their positions in Parliament- in preparation for an invasion i might add.

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