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July 29, 2014 / 2 Av, 5774
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Why Israel Should Recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Israel must respond to its Western neighbor's recognition of Palestinian statehood.
A border crossing between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

A border crossing between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Photo Credit: Nicholas Hodder

The Republic of Cyprus has decided to upgrade the Palestinian delegation to Cyprus in order to make it an “embassy.” The Republic of Cyprus did this despite the fact that they are opposed to other countries recognizing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, also known as Northern Cyprus, which comprises the north eastern portion of the Island and desires recognition as a state.

Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention states that for an entity to be a state under international law it must possess: a permanent population; a defined territory; a government; and the capacity to enter into relations with other states. Presently, Northern Cyprus meets all of these criteria. They have a permanent Turkish Cypriot population that makes up the majority of the population in Northern Cyprus, with an effective united government ruling over this territory and they furthermore have the ability to enter into relations with other states, if only the international community was receptive to them.

Contrast that with the Palestinians who are divided between Fatah in Judea and Samaria and Hamas in Gaza. Israel also controls 60 percent of Judea and Samaria, as well as Jerusalem, which Palestinians claim as their capital. The Palestinians thus neither have a defined territory or government. Furthermore, with a great part of the Palestinian’s “refugee” population living in exile and Jewish communities scattered throughout areas that the Palestinians claim for a state (with Jews making up the majority of the population in what is known as “Area C”), it is questionable whether the Palestinians possess a permanent population as well.

The Turkish Cypriot cause is also one that Israelis should sympathize with. The London and Zurich Agreements of 1959 proclaimed that the island of Cyprus was supposed to be a partnership between the Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities. The Greek Cypriots violated this agreement in an attempt to unite the island with Greece, in order to deny the Turkish Cypriots political equality (just as the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world were against permitting Israel to exist under any borders). During 11 years of bloodshed, 103 Turkish Cypriot villages were destroyed. By the Turkish Intervention of 1974, the junta government of Cyprus had demonstrated genocidal ambitions against the Turkish Cypriots. As Nicos Sampson, then ruler of Cyprus, himself declared, “Had Turkey not intervened I not only would have declared Enosis (unification with Greece) but I would have annihilated the Turks in Cyprus.” That mirrors similar and continuing statements from Palestinians.

Since then, the Turkish Cypriots, like the Israelis, have been attempting to reach a peace agreement. Very much like the Israelis, the Turkish Cypriots have not had much luck in this regard. Under the most recent peace proposal, the U.N.-backed Annan Plan, 65 percent of the Turkish Cypriot population accepted while 76 percent of the Greek Cypriot population rejected the peace agreement. The Greek Cypriots have since remained intransigent in their positions – an intransigence Israel has similarly felt from the Arabs.

Regardless of the justice of the Turkish Cypriot’s cause, as of last November, 131 countries have recognized the fictitious “State of Palestine” – despite the fact the Palestinian’s seeking of such a status without Israeli agreement violates the Oslo Accords – and the Israeli government has yet to take punitive action against any of them. If Israel recognizes the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, it would send a strong message to all states that have elements that seek to secede and form separate states, that they too will face the consequences.

The Cyprus issue is also considered a top priority in Turkish foreign policy. Recognizing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has the potential to significantly lesson the hostility between Israel and Turkey, despite the fact that the Islamist AKP is in power, without Israel having to issue any apology for the Mavi Marmara affair or making any other concessions to the AKP leadership. This could be good for regional stability and would lesson Israel’s isolation within the Islamic world.

Such a move might also enable Israel to build relations with the Turkish Cypriot nation, which is significantly more secular than the AKP government in Turkey and thus is not inherently hostile towards Israel. Israel could enjoy a similar relationship with the Turkish Cypriots that Israel presently enjoys with Azerbaijan, offering Israel many business and tourism opportunities.

About the Author: Rachel Avraham is a news editor and political analyst for Jerusalem Online News, the English language internet edition of Israel's Channel 2 News. She completed her masters degree in Middle Eastern Studies at Ben-Gurion University. The subject of her MA thesis was: "Women and Jihad: Debating Palestinian Female Suicide Bombings in the American, Israeli and Arab media."

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71 Responses to “Why Israel Should Recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”

  1. Constantine Alexandrou says:

    Rachel Avraham you are a sniveling child upset because of the legitimate actions of another country. You're facts are not accurate, they are ridiculous, and your arguments flawed. Firstly you claim 103 Turkish Cypriot villages were destroyed from 1963-1974, this is utter rubbish. The whole of Cyprus is composed of around 520 villages, so you're trying to tell us, the people who are from this country, that a minority accounting for only 18% of the population were the majority population in around 20% of all the villages, excluding mixed villages? How absurd. That would mean that the Turkish Cypriots would just about populate 103 villages and so all of these would have been destroyed leaving nowhere for them to go. So I’m guessing by 1974, all Turkish Cypriots were crammed into one or two villages? No. That is why there were still many Turkish Cypriots who lived in the South immediately after the illegal invasion who were then transferred to the occupied side. Secondly, most of the inter-communal violence occurred in 1963-1964 which by the end the Turkish army had set up enclaves and forced many Turkish Cypriots to uproot from mixed villages and enter these zones, just look at famous Turkish Cypriots such as Dr Ishan Ali and Dervis Kavazoglu, the latter of which was assassinated by the Turkish Cypriot terrorist group for promoting peace. Back to my point, most of the violence ended in 1964 and completely stopped in 1967 when Turkish jets NAPALMED bordering Greek Cypriot villages to the enclaves. So “11 years of bloodshed” is completely fatuous. Thirdly, the Greek Cypriot population rejected the Annan Plan because it would have made Cyprus subservient to Turkey; I’m not going go into further detail you can easily find out the many reasons – point by point – with a quick search. Fourthly, you really must be getting your information all from biased Turkish Cypriot, our intransigence? Even the former leader of the Turkish Cypriot Mehmet Ali Talat has expressed that it is their new leader who has forced negotiations to collapse by back tracking on agreements previously made between the two communities. All your arguments have been totally disproved by me, which is very embarrassing for you really because I’m assuming you’re actually paid to write this nonsense and I just sit here writing this casually.

    In reflection you have no idea at all what the situation in Cyprus and you are clearly blinded by your own extremely right views. You are act like a child, I read your responses to other commentators which include phrases such as “Cyprus started it”, how old are you really? And in fact we have not “started it” we have had a strong relationship with the Palestinians for decades because our plights are similar while only up until recently Israel has been more than just encouraging to Turkey’s illegal occupation of the northern third of Cyprus. Your conclusion to this article is malicious and only for the purpose of aggravating the Greek Cypriots. It is a typical angry response of a right-wing imperialist and no one should take it seriously. You completely disregard all the important convergences the two countries have made in terms of gas and defence over one minor action. So next time you attempt to write an “informative” article, words which I use very loosely in this case, do not go straight to the most biased party to get your facts because ultimately it has made you look incredibly ignorant and foolish.

  2. Constantine Alexandrou says:

    You send me a link to a website that posts essays by History students, if that's your idea of authority then you need to take a long hard look at yourself. Such conduct demonstrates the desperate lengths for which someone like you will go to to try make a case for your unfounded arguments. Logic always prevails, I pointed that the whole Turkish Cypriot population could just about populate a majority of 103 villages, which would not be the case anyway because a large proportion of the population lived in mixed villages. There is no way of arguing against this point, you would be arguing against a fact proved mathematically.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Constantine Alexandrou
    Dear Patriot
    I don’t know If they are students or not but are you saying don’t believe students? You look like a student yourself in your picture.
    I like to tell you one of the events took place in Omorfita when I was a 10 years old student in 1963. We had to flee our homes from Omorfita (Kucuk Kaymakli) to a safer place. Most of my school friends with their parents had no chance to scape or captured by returned early to their homes. The mentality of some Greek speaking Cypriots were including Makarios was, the only good Turk is a Dead Turk.
    At that time my father was missing too. Fortunately he found us and when he started telling us that they were going to be all killed, one of the Greek speaking young police men recognised my dad that they were our old neighbours. He pretended that he doesn’t know my dad and turned to his police friends and said to them why do you arrest an old man like this one? Why don’t you let this old man go to his home? His life is nearly coming to an end anyway. Fortunately they listened our old good neighbour and let my dad free. The rest was never seen again. There are good and bad in every race. My father was lucky that good and real Cypriot was there at the right time. Only small number of bad people changes the mind of most people to do unreal things by brain wash or using their power. I am sure the old neighbour that saved my dad would like to save all the captured but his life would be over if he attempt it. I am sure there were many people like him at the time and afraid to speak.
    Today I still miss my friends that went missing in 1963 and I am able to picture their faces as my age today if they were alive.

  4. For Israelis, opening up a Palestinian Embassy wasn't a minor or a legitimate action, but rather a slap in the face after we worked very hard over the last two years to improve our relationship with the Republic of Cyprus. By coming on here and defending Cyprus recognizing Palestine, and in the case of other talk-backers, even making anti-semitic comments, you are not doing very much to convince Israelis not to recognize the TRNC, which is more of a country than Palestine will ever be. If you don't want countries to recognize TRNC, you should at the very least not recognize entities as states which are less of a state than the TRNC is. Otherwise, you come across as arrogant hypocrites, who feel entitled to do as they please, yet demand of other countries to do what they want even though they were just slapped in the face. As for the facts about Cyprus, you are way off and any one who is intelligent would trust my article, which is based on interviewing sources inside the TRNC accompanied by various academic books on the subject, over some talk-back. While Cyprus may be a small island and Turkish Cypriots might only have made up 18 percent of the population, this does not mean that 103 Turkish Cypriot villages weren't destroyed. Remember, we are speaking about villages, not cities. They don't need to be big. Also, by 1964, most Turkish Cypriots were confined onto 3 percent of the lands that they owned. Thus, given this, it makes sense that many villages were destroyed. While the violence waned after 1964, I did a research paper on this conflict in college and based on my research, the violence definitely did not stop. There were plenty of violent incidents up until the Turkish intervention. While some periods were more bloody than others, there were instances of violence throughout those years. As for the Greek Cypriot intransigence, I had a source within the TRNC who claimed otherwise. BTW, I find it hilarious that you think that I am a sniveling child when you yourself don't look older than 16.

  5. Constantine Alexandrou says:

    Clearly you have failed to comprehend anything I have said and thus have gone onto a tangent. Yes I am student, but that is irrelevant because I am not using my sources from other students, because again they are not authoritative, nor am I trying to use such to support fictitious claims.

    Your reply is as typical as it gets, do you not think I have done this before? You cannot actually rebut the points I have made and therefore try to change the subject by using personal anecdotes for which I am in no position to judge the truth on. However I also can easily sit here and write how my Great Uncle was beaten black and blue by TMT whilst strolling close to a Turkish Cypriot village. It does not make a difference. It is a frivolous strategy to employ while having an argument, I see right through it and hence will not accept.

    But I will pick up on one point, you said that Makarios believed that the only good Turk is a dead Turk. This immediately undermines your whole comment because it is false and quite simply fatuous. He never said this nor did his actions demonstrate such. In fact it would make me wonder why one of his closes friends and advisors was Dr Ishan Ali, and leader and philanthropic member of the Turkish Cypriot community.

    So again you cannot disprove what I have said and therefore resort to flippant tactics which only displays to me your bias and indoctrinated views. Do not reply unless you can actually argue against the points I originally made, otherwise do not bother.

  6. Anonymous says:

    http://www.publications.parliament.uk/p … 13we45.htm

    On 10 September 1964 the UN Secretary-General reported (UN doc. S/5950):
    "UNFICYP carried out a detailed survey of all damage to properties throughout the island during the disturbances, . . . . . . . . . it shows that in 109 villages, most of them Turkish-Cypriot or mixed villages, 527 houses have been destroyed while 2,000 others have suffered damage from looting. In Ktima 38 houses and shops have been destroyed totally and 122 partially. In the Orphomita suburb of Nicosia, 50 houses have been totally destroyed while a further 240 have been partially destroyed there and in adjacent suburbs."
    The UK Commons Select Committee found[134] that, "There is little doubt that much of the violence which the Turkish Cypriots claim led to the total or partial destruction of 103 Turkish villages and the displacement of about a quarter of the total Turkish Cypriot population, was either directly inspired by, or certainly connived at, by the Greek Cypriot leadership".

    The UN Secretary-General reported to the Security Council[135] "When the disturbances broke out in December 1963 and continued during the first part of 1964 thousands of Turkish-Cypriots fled their homes, taking with them only what they could drive or carry, and sought refuge in safer villages and areas." In September 1964 the Secretary-General reported to the Security Council[136] "In addition to losses incurred in agriculture and in industry during the first part of the year, the Turkish Cypriot community had lost other sources of its income including the salaries of over 4,000 persons who were employed by the Cyprus Government." The trade of the Turkish Cypriot community had considerably declined during the period, and unemployment reached a very high level of approximately 25,000 breadwinners.
    above writing copied from below link. many thing on it. read it RAFFEALLA
    and enjoy your self and be happy by asking these silly question about past.keep memorising us.
    http://www.publications.parliament.uk/p … 13we45.htm

    I hope we move on and find a piece in the future

  7. Constantine Alexandrou says:

    What a load of rubbish, honestly you are embarrassing yourself. I think you have failed to realise that Cyprus had recognised Palestine as a state since 1988, which means upgrading the office to an embassy makes no difference for what our position was on the issue, and something the Israeli government knows very well. Therefore all this talk about arrogance and it being "slap in the face" is nonsense. I do not know why you are trying to convince me that Palestine is not a state because I am indifferent on the issue and in fact do not support the leadership which it is under. My problem is that you are acting like bitter child which no one will take seriously. Money is the motive and as long as there are agreements on the gas, Cyprus and Israel are more than just friendly to each other. But you do not care about this you just want your government to antagonise other states into what you believe which makes you the arrogant one here. And if the "TNRC" is more of a state than Palestine then tell me why it is only recognised by Turkey and the former is recognised, like you said, by 131 other states? In addition, you're also wrong about the Greek Cypriots violating the 1959 agreement because it was broken just 6 months after it was concluded when a British patrol boat caught a Turkish ship transporting weapons to the TMT and also because Turkey were deploying thousands of Turkish soldiers on the island between 1960-1963. When their presence on the island was limited to only a few hundred by the agreement.

    Your attempt to prove that your facts are accurate clearly demonstrated how ignorant you really are. You obviously had little knowledge on the subject and therefore turned to the most bias and least trustworthy sources in order to pick dirt on the Greek Cypriots, and you even failed at doing that because they are not true. Neither do I believe that you used academic books because any respectable author would reference these, especially on a subject which is so contentious. It is actually laughable how little integrity this article has now proven to have.

    What do you not understand what I have said; I have a list of all the villages in Cyprus (it is not hard to obtain via the web) and the number of which amounts to around 520-550. You cannot weasel your way round this it is simply not true. And again you say something so ridiculous that you are obviously not someone who can be trusted. “by 1964, most Turkish Cypriots were confined onto 3 percent of the lands that they owned.” This again is utter rubbish. Any quick search on the web and you can see maps clearly setting out the enclaves which that go well beyond 3% of the land. Your lies are becoming embarrassing. The enclaves which amount between 10-15% of the entire land area of Cyprus encompassed most of the Turkish Cypriots villages anyway. Only 30,000 left their homes and moved to enclaves. Which means you are trying argue that 30,000 Turkish Cypriots accounted for 103 villages out of the total 520-550 villages of which comprise Cyprus. Complete and utter insanity! And by the way no it does not “makes sense”, the only thing it is doing is making me laugh from its stupidity.

    Oh look again another false fact. I can show you the list of Missing Persons which the “TNRC” has published and you can see that no one after 1964 to 1974 is included on this list. Meaning that in the events leading up to the illegal invasion, not a single Turkish Cypriot was harmed, in fact, it was only after the second phase of the invasion such thing occurred, therefore meaning Turkey triggered the death of Turkish Cypriots. It is insulting you think you can get away with such lies.

    As for your response of “intransigence”, of course your “insider” is going to say this because he is obviously biased how do you not understand this? And I refuse to accept any more of the nonsense about your “insider” because I do not believe, neither would it matter because he/she could not be trusted anyway and nor could you prove what they said. I could just as easily say “I have an insider of the Israeli government that is more than happy with Cyprus’s action”. That is how ludicrous you sound.

    Do you honestly think the Turkish Cypriot community supports Israel’s position; stop trying to distinguish between the AKP and the “TNRC” for which the latter is just a puppet to. I have no doubt in my mind that the huge majority of the Turkish Cypriot population supports Palestine’s plight. Otherwise why would their representatives sit at the international Islamic Organisations while it condemns Israel? This is the biggest flaw in your whole idea. That is why I know that this article’s only purpose is to antagonise Greek Cypriots for which is shameful.

    Showing your true colours at the end. I myself would not comment on someone’s appearance and thus I will abstain. But what you have said has back-fired because it only shows how childish you actually are. Is it not humiliating to have everything you have said completely disparaged and disproved by a 19 year old? And you get paid to do this, what an indictment of the media.

  8. Constantine Alexandrou says:

    You have not proven your point and in fact you have only disparaged it further. The sources you have given all contradict each other. You have to either take the account of the UNFICYP, who were there at the time to witness it unfold, or a dubious British Committee report written 23 years after the actual events. Obviously the former prevails. The other source, “Wasted Opportunities”, putting aside its obvious and unreliable bias, only talks of Turkish Cypriots evacuating 103 villages, not that they had been destroyed therefore it is inconsistent with the Committee Report.

  9. You cannot compare a symbolic recognition that has zero application with opening up a Palestinian Embassy. Cyprus is the only Western European country outside Malta to open up a Palestinian Embassy. Thus, it very much does make a difference. If Cyprus just recognized Palestine, yet took no actions in that direction, that is very different from taking actions in that direction. You claim that I behave like a bitter child for saying that Israel should recognize TRNC because Cyprus recognized Palestine, yet Cyprus actually issued threats when Bangladesh sought to recognize TRNC. Cyprus did not just sit back and let other countries decide if they agree with Cyprus on this matter. Cyprus punishes any country that wants to recognize TRNC. So, given this, it is very hypocritical to criticize me for wanting Israel to do something less drastic. We are not going to threaten Cyprus into not recognizing Palestine. Unlike Cyprus, we recognize that other countries have the right to disagree with us. I just support Israel recognizing TRNC, to show Greek Cypriots that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Yet, if you want to know what is really childesh, I believe it is also very childesh for Greek Cypriots to surf newspapers around the world just to leave talk-backs on articles they disagree with. To be honest with you, I never bother to leave talk-backs on articles that are in non-Israeli newspapers, even if I disagree with their content. I honestly doubt that you are a regular Jewish Press reader, or most of the talk-backs here. Yet, you see some article you disagree with and you leave a megillah in protest. You cannot tolerate a non-Cypriot newspaper publishing something you disagree with, because it is either your way or the high-way. This is childesh, not the desire for Israel to respond by exposing Greek Cypriot hypocrasy. Btw, I would not expect a 19-year-old to understand international law, yet if you bothered to read my article closely, I explained that according to international law, there are certain criteria for statehood. International recognition is merely one of them. If you look to international law, TRNC meets all of the critieria for statehood and the only thing holding her back is that other countries areen't recognizing her. If you look at Palestine, the only critieria they meet is the international recognition one. Yet according to international law, meeting one critieria is not enough to be a state. Palestine is a facebook state, with representation at the UN, yet not a state in reality according to international law. Someone who took an international law course in college would have known this. Yet, you were so closed-minded that you totally glossed over my arguments about Palestine related to international law compared to the TRNC. I answered that question really well in the article.

  10. As for Cyprus, according to Michael Stephens, who wrote a report for the British North Cyprus Parliamentary Group, 103 Turkish Cypriot villages were destroyed. Since you claimed that this statistic was contentious, I looked up for other sources and the UN claimed that 109 villages were destroyed, most of them Turkish Cypriots. The fact that there are only 550 villages in Cyprus is irrelevant. Furthermore, I don't need a list to know these facts are true. The UN and British Parliament would not invent such information. As for Turkish Cypriots being confined to three percent of their land by 1964, Clement Dood wrote that in the Cyprus Imbroglio. Harry Scott Gibbons and Michael Stephen both documented how the conflict started with the expulsion of the Turks from the government and Bloody Christmas, and didn't mention the incident that you stated at all. They also discussed how the violence lasted all throughout those years, and didn't stop in 1964. You are welcome to check out any of these non-Turkish sources, who are all academically credible. As for my inside source, this person is privvy to knowledge that you lack. I will leave it at that.

  11. As for the TRNC, I visited there and none of the Turkish Cypriots I met with were hostile towards Jews or Israel. The TRNC leadership is secular, while the AKP is Islamist. The fact that they are members of the Organization of Islamic Conference says nothing. So is Azerbaijan and Israel has very good relations with Azerbaijan. Furthermore, if other countries recognize the TRNC, Turkish influence over the everyday lives of Turkish Cypriots will lesson. It is interesting that you condemn TRNC for being a puppet of Turkey, yet you are against other countries recognizing TRNC, which would enable them to not need Turkey so much. BTW, I usually don't comment on appearances either. However, I couldn't resist when I saw that someone who appeared under-age was calling me childesh just because I made a political point that he disagreed with. And after I just posted these facts, I believe the only one who should feel humiliated is you, for behaving like a pompous know-it-all when in reality you have much to learn.

  12. David Williams says:

    You are just another Turk hating Greek.

  13. David Williams says:

    This "Bantustan" was created in order to prevent a genocide from being implemented. When fascists attain power, then situations like what occurred in Cyprus are often the result.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The truth contained in this article is understandably hurtful to some Greeks and our Greek-Cypriot neighbours in South Cyprus. This is because their version of Cyprus history is the official version fed to them by the Greek orthadox church from a very early age.

  15. Constantine Alexandrou says:

    You really could not have made this anymore easier for me, your responses show such a lack of intelligence I cannot even fathom how you got a job. Cyprus is quite visibly one of the most EASTERN of all European countries, how about you go have a look at a map or even better a compass. What application is different from the mission they had before the embassy? No significant ones whatsoever. And I am certain that official recognition amounts to some significance, who do you think you are to judge this?

    You obviously fail to understand the massive difference between the situation in Palestine and that of Cyprus, once again your unforgiving ignorance rears its ugly head. Unlike the “TRNC”, a Palestinian nation existed, under Ottoman Rule, before any trouble started. There was a concentration of people who lived in that area and operated a functioning society. In contrast, the Turkish Cypriot community was dispersed throughout the island with no similarities with the Palestinians, the Turkish army removed one community and colonised that area with another. Cyprus protests the recognition of a pseudo-state which is founded upon the illegal invasion, occupation, theft of a third of its land, and the ethnic cleansing of its people and the colonisation of illegal settlers, who now outnumbered the Turkish Cypriot population (all of which are recognised intentional crimes according to European Convention of Human Rights and UN Charter).

    You seriously make me laugh, I think you will find that I know more about international law than you ever will, I am a student of LAW as it happens. This keeps getting better and better, do you not realise the Montevideo Convention is a Treaty between only American countries and thus has no effect on anyone apart from those mentioned! Your lack of regard to any true substance of authority is astonishing. Even if it did apply in this case it clearly states in Article 11 that territory acquired through force and occupation cannot become a state. You obviously have not got a single clue what the criteria for statehood are and I will quite easily prove to you why the “TRNC” does not satisfy them. In “The Criteria for Statehood in International Law” by James Crawford, leading international law academic and professor of the aforementioned at Cambridge University, the criteria for which has been formulated by international law is listed. Under “situations derogating from actual independence”, he lists three main factors which would cause a derogation to operate, all of which the “TRNC” falls under. Firstly, “substantial illegality of origin”, I have already explained this point in the paragraph above. Secondly, “entities formed under belligerent occupation”, this certainly does not require elaboration. And thirdly, “substantial external control of the state”, seeing that Turkey controls the government, the economy and the defence of the “TRNC”, this is satisfied. This is also obviously the case when last year Turkey’s European Affairs Minister told the media that his country would consider annexing the “TRNC”. So no, you have not “answered that question really well”, in fact you have only shown how close minded YOU are to just pick and choose whatever parts of law, however irrelevant, and try apply them to support your nonsense…

  16. Constantine Alexandrou says:

    … Basically you have just admitted to me that the purpose of this article was exactly what I said it was, “to show Greek Cypriots that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones”. You are really quite a petty child aren’t you. This is not about supporting the Turkish Cypriots, it is about furthering your own beliefs and you cannot deny this because everyone can see it now. There is a reason that there are comment sections on these articles, it’s for people to respond to the author and evaluate what they have said. As someone in the media you have a duty to speak the truth for which I have very unequivocally proven that you have not. I do not tolerate lies and by the way, I discovered this article because it was posted to me and a lot of others because of the ridiculous context of it. The fact that you have called me “pompous” is really funny because you obviously do not know what it means. It means one’s own self-importance, so how did you deduce that from what I said? You simply cannot. Seeing that you refer to commenters as “talk-backs”, this only shows your own high views of oneself, so a pompous liar like you should pick up a dictionary once in a while and maybe then you would also know how to spell childish, not “childesh”.

    The report by the British North Cyprus Parliament Group is not merely contentious it is quite simply bias and a twist of the truth in order to support their arguments, which is exactly what you do, but more on that soon enough. And no it is not a report by the British Parliament like you said, reports such as this are produced by small groups of partisan MP’s for committees and conferences. They are not reviewed or evaluated by peers and academics, they are representations drawn to sway opinion with license to skew the truth, it happens all the time. You tried to back this up with a UN report, but you have failed to notice someone has already sent me this on another thread and it reads, “it shows that in 109 villages, most of them Turkish-Cypriot or mixed villages, 527 houses have been destroyed while 2,000 others have suffered damage from looting”. But I thought you said it claimed that “109 villages were destroyed”? For the umpteenth time I have caught you out as being a liar and someone who will twist the words and truth to argue your points, you really have no integrity. As for Harry Scott Gibbons, this is not a real person! He was a fictional invention by the Center for Strategic Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. The idea was for Turkey to pretend that “foreign authors” were condemning the Republic of Cyprus and to promote the Turkish invasion and occupation. This is quite evident also because no trace of him can be found other than being the author of the most preposterous book I have ever read, yes I have read it. The book he apparently wrote, “The Genocide Files” narrates how this man supposedly came across Turkish soldiers during the invasion who stumbled across documents conveniently dropped by Junta troops which detailed how they planned to kill all Turkish Cypriots. You would think that with something so significant in possession, Turkey would show this to international authorities and organisations. But no, instead apparently, they leave it for a low-ranking liaison officer to translate it to a foreign and non-existent journalist, only for him to publish it more than 23 years later. You truly have out done yourself on this one (in terms of stupidity). I will completely disregard your “insider” because this is clearly utter rubbish. And just for clarification the Bloody Christmas began when Denktash authorised the assassination of 3 Greek Cypriot policeman and the looting of Nicosia. Which became so out of control that even British troops open fired at rioters.

    Now you are using your own personal experiences to help back up your argument, this is beyond desperation. I would not expect Turkish Cypriots to be hostile to you merely because you are Jewish what kind of logic is that. Neither would I expect them to evince their views on the whole Palestine issue to you. You cannot use your own interaction with persons as a basis of the collective view of a community what on Earth is wrong with you? Are you kidding or what! Why would I or any other Greek Cypriot want any country to recognise the “TRNC” which would legitimise the theft of our land, the ethnic cleansing and the systematic slaughter of our people!? The whole purpose is to block this. You obviously cannot relate to this because you have never experienced your family and-or loved ones being kicked out from their homes just for someone else to claim it as their own. In fact the only kind of experience you could relate to is subjecting the Palestinians this to and that is why you take such an extreme position.

    In conclusion you are ignorant, arrogant, compulsive lying child whom I have made a fool of in every single manner possible.

  17. First of all, as someone who has visited both the TRNC and Republic of Cyprus, I am very much aware that the Republic of Cyprus is an island located in the Eastern Mediterranean. However, since the Republic of Cyprus is Greek and Greece is a NATO member, Israelis tend to associate the Republic of Cyprus as being part of Western Europe, just as many Americans consider Israel to be part of the west even though she is located in the Middle East. I actually was not the only Israeli author to describe Cyprus in this light, for a journalist working for the Jerusalem Post did likewise. "Cyprus, which over the past two years has significantly improved ties with Israel, became the first Western European country in the EU outside of Malta to upgrade its Palestinian representation to that of an embassy on Friday." http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?id=302627

    As for Palestine, you really should stop speaking about it, because every time you do, you just sound very ignorant. The vast majority of Arabs in the Holy Land migrated here in the 1800's, during late Ottoman times and the British Mandate. Only a fraction of them were here longer than that. Furthermore, they lacked a clear national identity up until very recently. They firstly considered themselves Ottomans and then when the Ottoman Empire collapsed, Syrians. Only when the French kicked Arab nationalist forces out of Syria did they start to start their own national identity. Thus, Zionism predated Palestinian nationalism. In fact, there never was a Palestinian state in all human history. This land originally belonged to Jews and Jews lived on it throughout history, alongside various invaders. Even PLO leader Zuhayr Muhsin stated, "There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. . . . We are one people. Only for political reasons do we underline our Palestinian identity. . . . Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity is there only for tactical reasons." The Turks, to the contrary, arrived on the island of Cyprus in the 1500's and mixed with native Cypriots who converted to Islam. Thus, they have a much older presence than Palestinians do.

    As for my facts, I wrote 100 percent what was true based on the sources that I used. Gibbons wasn't a source for this article, btw, although I read the book. That British report said 103 villages, so I went with that. The fact that the UN or you claim differently does not mean what I wrote was a lie. Do you know how many figures there are for Palestinian refugees for example? Different scholars have different figures. Just because I chose to use one scholar and other people disagreed does not mean that I lied. Regarding the international law criteria, I know for a fact that those four elements that I mentioned above are needed for a country to be a state because I spoke with someone who was a specialist on international law and he gave me these protocols, and furthermore, I knew about these protocols before because we Israelis use them all of the time to argue against Palestine being a state. I would state more, but as a writer who works nine hours per day and who has an MA thesis to write, I really don't have much time for people who don't know how to even be respectful. For the record, I don't look down on anybody who leaves constructive comments, even if I disagree with them, so long as they are done respectfully. The problem with you and many of the other talk-backers here is that you chose to leave every name in the book instead of disagreeing respectfully. Having a different point of view on the conflict does not mean that mine is wrong. As for the Turkish Cypriot cause, I do sympathize with them

  18. Constantine Alexandrou says:

    You cannot just say that since we are Greek we conform to what Greece does and how they are identified. That is such a grossly insignificant link, we are not a part of NATO so you cannot try associate us with another country to make us fall under such terms. And most importantly we are not Greek we are Cypriot, how very ignorant of you. The term Greek Cypriot was created by the British Empire to divide us with the Turkish Cypriots, furthermore in our language we have never referred to ourselves as such. We are independent from Greece, so is our identification on a political and social level. By trying to support this “western” name for us by using another author from the Jewish Press only shows both of you are wrong.

    I am not here to argue the history of that area with you, I was making a contrast which was correct and also why I did not include in my last comment any notion that the Palestinians identified themselves as a nation or of a separate nationality. So your whole paragraph is irrelevant. What I argued is that there was a cohesive unit of people, of the same origins living in a functioning society, UNLIKE the Turkish Cypriots. Secondly I was not referring to the Jewish people themselves in terms of refugees I was talking about the State of Israel and its conduct between other states. I am very aware of the history of the Jewish people, and my best friend is Jewish, as well as identifying himself as national of Israel so I am far from having a negative disposition towards Israel.

    Your facts are not simply true, what you said is like me saying what I have said is 100 percent true based on the Harry Potter books. There are many British parliamentary groups who lobby for a Palestinian state so if I started fishing through their reports I am certain I will find facts from it which you would disagree with, it is all biased and skewed. You would not call these groups legitimate and neither would I say it for the one you used, it is like saying everything statement or “fact” a politician says is true, which is not the case, very often. The UN did contradict you and you twisted its words to argue your point which I saw right through. It says that in 109 villages, “houses” were destroyed, NOT that “109 villages were destroyed” like you said. You lied and it is very apparent. I did not just pick one report that disagreed with you, as a student of law, I have access to many official-peer-reviewed and published articles by credible sources that disagree with you. You clearly do not know what all the requirements are, you only mentioned four supposed ones, you provide no sources unlike me, you just mentioned these people that you know apparently (which I do not believe for one second) to support your arguments. I am objectively the more credible here…

  19. Constantine Alexandrou says:

    …You cannot actually name these protocols nor international law and the only one you did use was a treaty that has no binding effect on anyone apart from the states that agreed it, and this one still contradicted you! The reason I did not apply the criteria to Palestinians is because I am not here to argue on behalf of them I am here to disprove all the lies that you have said in support of the Turkish Cypriots for which I have achieved very easily. Actual international law stipulates that you cannot achieve statehood if you are founded upon international crimes and belligerent occupation, through the Geneva Conventions, nor can an occupying power “deport or transfer parts of its own population into the territories it occupies." All of which applies to the “TRNC” and therefore it falls at the first hurdle of becoming a state, and that is why it is not represented at the UN and yet the Palestinians are. So your statement that it is more of a state than Palestine is clearly not true because even the UN disagrees.

    I genuinely hope that you do not respond because disproving your continuous lies is becoming tedious, for which I have very much proved they are. This is probably the main reason why you will abstain, because you literally have no more lies to respond with, because you can no longer stand with the ones I have already disparaged. I did not speak to you in a polite manner because the whole point of this article, as you have admitted, was to antagonise the Republic of Cyprus which is not very polite at all so you are treated as how you treat others.

  20. Jews don't have particular feelings about Greeks. This is delusional.

  21. Momo Moha says:

    add me skyipe ramirami12320

  22. Ali Kamil says:

    Some Turkish cypriots were force to move three times
    from there homes some four.1958,1963,1967and 1974

  23. Ali Kamil says:

    Emily whic statement of hers is wrong

  24. Ali Kamil says:

    well done Rachel

  25. Ali Kamil says:

    Turkish cypriots had to evacuate 103 villages in 11 years.

  26. Savvas Papadopoulos says:

    I wouldn't expect less from an "author" that actually works and gets paid from the Turkish government…simply pathetic…

  27. Demka Lukic says:

    Jews don't like anyone but themselves. Should they seemingly " like" others you know that they will suck them dry at one or another.

    Your people make me sick!

    Arrogant pricks.

  28. Demka Lukic says:

    " one stage "

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