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Ice Cream Causes Brain Freeze

Ben & Jerry’s decision to fund a group whose leaders endorse Louis Farrakhan throws zero tolerance for hate out the window.

Yeshivas Are Not The Problem, Chassidic Yeshivas Are

The logic behind the Felder amendment goes something like this: Students studying Talmud for many hours a day learn to think critically by means of a rabbinic version of the Socratic method and therefore don’t need to spend much time studying math, science, history, and other secular subjects.

NY Times STUNNING Admission About Why Leftists Often Refuse To Call Out anti-Semitism

The Times admits that the Left has routinely ignored anti-Semitism in the city thanks to its inability to formulate a narrative blaming the Right

Did Rav Moshe Always Want Us To Vote?

Aside from the practical wisdom of this strategy, imagine the Kiddush Hashem if tens of thousands of Jews wrote in a common protest candidate name (e.g., "Mr. Morality") on their ballots.

Yitzhak Rabin’s Forgotten Moments

While Trump has sworn to protect Americans, beefing-up America’s defense posture and pursuing an “America First” agenda; Rabin helped establish a Palestinian beachhead on the Israeli body politic, a terrorist mini-state in our midst, that has led to thousands of deaths.

Why Does Israel Have A President?

It is time for Israel to put an end to the institution of presidency. The office of the president does not unify the Nation; on the contrary, it deepens the rift.

Returning to Synagogue: How do we Speak to our Children about Pittsburgh?

It can be more difficult for some than others, based upon how the brain processes stress, as well as previous exposures to traumatic incidents. Here are some suggestions on how to help.

What’s Bothering the UN and Europe? Jews Defending Themselves

The UN and EU, who completely ignored terrorist arson, missiles and general destruction aimed at Israel for the past eight months, have now suddenly woken up. The prospect of Jews defending themselves is more than they can bear.

Charles Darwin Was Not A Scientist

Darwin assumed there were no limits to biological variation and that, given enough time, a fish could eventually evolve into a human being.

Bereishis And Science – No Conflict!

We do not need to question whether radioactive decay or the speed of light remained constant throughout history. We do not need to extrapolate from an idea broached by the Rambam that was rejected by others.

Dial Down The Political Rhetoric

The shocking tragedy on Shabbos indicates that perhaps the passionate arguments on all sides have gone as far as they ought to – and beyond. It is time to “know our place,” to simmer down, and to recognize that our political disputants are not evil and that any hint of violence is totally out of bounds since insane monsters out there will take such talk as an excuse to carry out nefarious deeds.

The Pittsburgh Synagogue, Anti-Semitism And Trump

All my life I have reminded fellow Jews in America that we are the luckiest Jews to have ever lived in a non-Jewish country. Even after the massacre of 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue, this assessment remains true.

Exploiting the Tragedy at Pittsburgh for Political Gain

If an armed guard might have made a difference at the Tree of Life Synagogue, imagine how much difference an armed congregation would make.

Anti-Semites don’t Discriminate

How an out-of-context comment from Israel’s chief rabbi about a Pittsburgh synagogue doesn’t need to widen the Israel-Diaspora divide.

6 Thoughts On The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting, anti-Semitism, And President Trump

To blame Trump for a terrorist attack on a synagogue is not only inaccurate, it’s partisan hackery at its finest

Schumer and Nadler’s Shameful Dereliction of Duty

Weren’t Jews unable to walk safely in many European cities well before Donald Trump began his quest for the presidency?

Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre Exposes Sarsour’s Two-Faced Opportunism

The national Women’s March made sure to post and promote an image of national co-chair Linda Sarsour, microphone in hand, speaking in love and solidarity American Jews--

Tears Were Shed

Because every single day, all around us, anti-Semitism is alive, festering, growing, becoming more deadly, more horrific and more violent. And there are people – too many people – who feed that hatred.

Diaspora Jewry: The End is Near

Before the establishment of Israel, the destiny of millions of Jews was decided by the whims of Christian Europe and the Muslim world. What has changed dramatically is that today there is a powerful Jewish state.

Why is the ICC Prosecutor Interfering in Khan al-Ahmar?

the Khan al-Ahmar situation represents a classical example of 'complementarity' inasmuch as it addresses violations by the residents of the village, of building, planning and zoning requirements. The issue was duly referred to and dealt with by Israel’s courts.

An Arab Country Builds a Wall Too

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones but as we know, Arabs engage in a great deal of stone throwing


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