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Obama Shares A Joke

But it was in the area of Israel’s political future as a robust and flourishing democracy where he fell woefully short.

The Jews Vs. Hitler: An Interview with author Rick Richman

Britain was so undermanned and under-armed at this point that a Jewish army of 50,000-100,000 soldiers could have made a significant military impact.

The Levush: His Life And Works

The more I read, the more confused I became. The sefer followed the same order of the Shulchan Aruch, chapter by chapter, but unlike the Shulchan Aruch’s matter-of-fact approach, this sefer included the reason behind each halacha.

Trump’s Jerusalem Statement Shakes Up the System

Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration should be examined from a point of view that goes beyond questions of cost and gain. Prevailing interpretations are trapped in a Western perception of the nature and logic of the strategic process.

Google Partners with Anti-Semitic Islamists

Google's participation in the Imams Online summit stands in sharp contrast to its ongoing censorship of pro-Israel voices,

Palestinian Blackmail: US Is Our Enemy

The Palestinians' mock trial and "execution" of Trump and Pence gives the Palestinians a green light to target Americans physically. Members of Abbas's ruling Fatah faction participated in the mock trial and "execution" of the US president and the Vice President.

How Many Poles Does It Take to Leave an Anti-Semitic Comment?

We've spent the past few days deleting a lot of horribly anti-Semitic comments written by Polish commenters.

The Democrats are NOT the Real Problem

The Pew Research Center’s latest poll about American attitudes toward Israel set off alarms, and not without reason. The survey showed the partisan gap with respect to Israel to be widening.

Hebron Narrative: Presence of Jews versus Presence of Israeli Military

The divide in the narrative of the pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian communities can be summarized in one city, and it’s not Jerusalem. It’s Hebron.

Praising Pence: An Israeli View

Vice President Pence embraced Israel and in return, will always be welcomed here.

Seeking the Perfect National Leader

We have today two national leaders who have human weaknesses and faults. But despite this, both Trump and Netanyahu have, to date, moved in the right direction and any suggestion of unseating them now in the light of their accomplishments would be utterly foolish.

John Kerry and His Palestinian Collusion Problem

While the case for President Trump colluding with Russia has come to be seen by most Americans as a witch hunt with very little legs, another issue of collusion seems to be creeping up-Kerry colluding with the Palestinians.

Herzl, Uganda and The “First” Balfour Declaration

Uganda could never truly become a Jewish state. It was not the national Jewish homeland. Uganda was not the indigenous home of the Jews. There were no historical, religious, and culture ties binding the Jews to any place other than the one the Western World referred to as Palestine.

Thank you, Vice President Pence

It is only appropriate that each and every one of us express our profound thanks to Donald Trump and Mike Pence. They have set our bilateral relations back on an exceptional course, drawing Israel and America closer than they have ever been.

A Tale of Two Speeches

Two momentous speeches in the Knesset plenum – by Canadian prime minister Harper four years ago and US vice president Pence this week – may have transformed the course of history. They offer moral and spiritual leadership for the world.

The Ethical Indignity of Governmental Gridlock

After a seemingly endless parade of financial, political, and sexual scandals, we finally arrived at the most ignominious one of all:  this week’s government shutdown.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Remarkable Rescue Achievements During the Shoah

Eleanor Roosevelt through her life is a glorious example of meliorism--tikkun olam-- in action. Her decisions seem to be guided by a meloristic attitude illustrated in her efforts to rescue Jewish children from the Nazis, she leveled resourcefully attuned to reality in achieving results.

The Children We Have

It sounds incongruous to say that Rav Shteinman who reached the advanced age of 104 was taken too soon but in fact it’s true; he was taken far too soon. That the rav was a great Torah scholar is a given. His true greatness, however, was in the humility, kindness, and understanding that animated his wisdom, guidance, and teaching.

The Shiva Call

Rav Shevach’s senseless murder will not change anything for Palestinian Arabs, who praised it, other than lead to more death; the terrorist who murdered him has already been found and, in the IDF’s lexicon, “neutralized.” The residents of the Balata refugee camp will continue to be “refugees” under the thumb of the PA with the help of the United Nations.

The Most Powerful Tool We All Have

Wouldn’t it be nice if there could be norms and conventions that protected women from unwanted advances by men – and men from unfair accusations by women? Oh wait, there are-- being Shomer Negiah and Shomer Yichud!

INTO THE FRAY: Identifying the Enemy as…the Enemy

The entire issue of “Palestinian national identity” is a giant hoax, intended to be no more than a temporary ruse, until the Jewish hold on sovereignty in the Holy Land—any part of the Holy Land—is pried loose.

Why all the Miracles?

So much is spoken and written these days about Emunah but I beg to differ. What is needed is Bitachon – strength and resolve in the future and the courage to take on those challenges

Is Israel’s International Isolation Diminishing?

Votes against Israel at the United Nations over the decades seem to indicate it is a pariah nation, but the country’s expanding bilateral ties tell a different story.

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