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Julia Salazar and the Jews

The issue is not Salazar's Jewishness. It is the antisemitic anti-Zionism embedded within the progressive-left and, thus, also within the Democratic Party.

Is a Historic Decision on UNRWA Imminent?

The US administration is due to decide at the beginning of September whether to stop its funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Such a decision could be as significant as Harry Truman’s decision to recognize the State of Israel just 11 minutes after the Jewish State declared its independence in May 1948.

The Zionist Quran

The Quran itself verifies with detailed explanation that Allah promised the land of the modern State of Israel to the Jewish People. Are Muslims denying the words of Allah or is the Quran a Zionist document?

When Inciting Murder Gets A Pass

Incitement wrapped as a blog.Tut-Tut-Tuttle

Es Kumt Mir

Apparently, in J Street’s view, giving $500 million of American taxpayers’ money each year to the Palestinian Authority-- a corrupt, misogynist, dissident-torturing, terrorism-sponsoring, fascist dictatorship--is the eleventh commandment engraved on the tablets Moses brought down from Sinai.

School Parents Must Be Free To Choose

Americans can no longer rely on our representatives to restore the American public educational system to its former glory or help parents of private school students pay less tuition by seeing some of their tax dollars returned to them in the form of school vouchers. We must act ourselves. But how? How do we force political change?

Explaining The Left (Part III)

So, if the need for meaning is the greatest of all human needs and religion,that which supplied meaning no longer does, what are millions of Westerners to do?

The Anti-Jewish Jews

Beinart, The Forward and JVP aren’t putting forward bold new ideas. Their Jewish sources are not, as they claim, the prophets of Israel or the Kotzker Rebbe, but the original prototype of the anti-Jewish Jew. Their prophet is the pathological anti-Semite

Why Modesty In The IDF Is Critical

In practice, the boundaries of modesty are rooted in the Torah and the words of the Sages, and their offshoots are found in the customs of Jewish communities.

The European Betrayal of the Iranian People

Europe, which claims to care deeply about human rights and routinely condemns Israel while falsely accusing it of breaching human rights, has chosen to support the Islamo-fascist mullahs against the Iranian people.

A Basic Lesson of How to be Supportive

If groups like J Street and NIF, and Jewish leaders\want to be included in the pro-Israel community, they must learn a simple lesson: if you have an issue, bring it up with directly with the party in charge. In public, sing the praises loudly to all.

The Israel-Hamas Deal: Escape from Oslo

Extricating itself from President Clinton’s December 2000 “peace” parameters is a supreme Israeli interest. Ironically, this goal is being made feasible by the crystallizing deal with Hamas over the Gaza Strip.

Senator John McCain: Death of a Hero

John McCain embodied heroism--an intangible that American culture has lost.

Fake News In Plain Sight

The “fake news” accusation – popularized by President Trump and now embraced by many Americans disenchanted with the mainstream media – is not easily...

The New York Times Weighs In Against Yeshivas

Yet, for the Times, the lack of virtual symmetry between public and private school curricula is not the beginning of the inquiry, but the end of it.

On The Passing Of Senator John McCain

His refusal to go along to get along didn’t always endear him to his colleagues and some of his policy choices were not always universally appreciated.

The Prosperous Palestinians

The numbers don't lie--life for Palestinians is NOT what you read in the mainstream media

Jews and Arabs – A Study in Contrasts

Arabs and Jews have vastly different historical experiences that dramatically affected their respective cultures, values and mindset. To Jews compromise is a virtue; for Arabs, an invitation for further aggression.

Why we Still Need Heroes like John McCain

Even in this era of cynicism, honoring heroism and national service remains essential. Without it, the ideas that bolster America and Israel suffer.

Media Properly Honor John McCain After His Death

It’s worth noting that without the media’s nasty treatment of McCain in 2008 and then Mitt Romney in 2012, Trump wouldn’t be president.

When Palestinian Blood Isn’t Equal

Palestinian blood in the West Bank and Gaza is worth far more than Palestinian blood elsewhere in the world, because Palestinians killed by IDF fire serve as a bulwark against Israel, whether by the Arab states or by the Western world.

When a Nazi Comparison Fits: The BDS Movement against Israel

The historical significance of the parallel between contemporary calls to boycott Israeli products and the Hitler movement's economic warfare against German Jewish businesses should not be ignored.

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