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Falling Out Of Love With Exile

25 Elul 5768 – September 24, 2008
We stand at the threshold of a new year. What will 5769 bring? Will we greet Moshiach? Will we see, God forbid, a world of troubles? Perhaps both.

What They Stopped Me From Saying

Editor’s Note: As the world knows by now, Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin had been scheduled to speak at Monday’s rally in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza to protest the appearance at the UN of Iranian president Ahmadinejad. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) had also been invited to speak, but upon learning that Gov. Palin would be there, decided against attending. Then, under intense pressure from the Obama campaign, the Democratic Party and influential Jewish Democrats, the organizations sponsoring the event rescinded Gov. Palin’s invitation. The following is what Gov. Palin would have said had she not been disinvited:

Five Years After Project Daniel… Our Strategic Recommendations to Israel Remain Valid (Part VI)

Looking back over the original recommendations of Project Daniel, The Group concerned itself with, inter alia, the need for an expanded policy of preemption; an ongoing re-evaluation of "nuclear ambiguity";

Hyacinths And The Jewish Renaissance

It's always hottest at the end of summer. I am not a meteorologist and I have not checked the latest statistics.

Iran, Livni And The Price Of Political Stability

On Sunday, Israeli military intelligence commanders sounded the alarm bells on Iran.

Palin Looks To Queen Esther As Role Model

18 Elul 5768 – September 17, 2008
If there were any doubt that Sen. John McCain will shake up Washington and institute real change, the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican vice-presidential nominee has put that question to rest. Few people can match McCain's maverick spirit and bipartisan nature like Gov. Palin.

There’s Something About Sarah

One of the most intriguing episodes of American political history, and one with particular resonance for observers of this year’s presidential race, took place at the Democratic National Convention in 1896.

Parents, Appreciate Your Blessings

It was the Chazon Ish’s custom that whenever a person with special needs walked into his office, his study, his home or his shul, he would stand up.

Boycotts And Consequences

The Beijing Summer Olympics represented the first time the United States and its Western allies unanimously participated in an Olympics hosted by a totalitarian regime since 1936, when the games were held in Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany.

Persecuting The Righteous, Protecting The Guilty

All week long my e-mail inbox and the comment threads on many of the frum blogs have been melting down with irate comments from frustrated members of our community expressing their justifiable anger at the horrible treatment my dear friend and colleague Dr. Benzion Twerski has received at the hands of askonim (activists) and kanoim (extremists). I actually think of them as baryonim (destructive fanatics; see Gittin 56a).

The Times’s New Anti-Palin Template

Perhaps sensing that the liberal media’s attack template of Sarah Palin as lightweight rube had not made a discernible difference in the campaign polling numbers – and may in fact have driven swing voters to the McCain-Palin ticket – The New York Times appeared to be trying a different tack last weekend.

Five Years After Project Daniel… Our Strategic Recommendations To Israel Remain Valid (Part V)

The Project Daniel Group strongly endorsed the prime minister's acceptance of a broad concept of defensive first strikes, but just as strongly advised against using his undisclosed nuclear arsenal for anything but essential deterrence.

Who Is Responsible For Our Children?

In the past weeks Israel has been rocked by a rash of murders - murders of children at the hands of their parents or in one case, the grandfather.

Conference Of Poles Caring For Jewish Heritage

The first national conference of non-Jewish Poles, who care for Jewish heritage sites in Poland, has just taken place.

Lament for a Lost Israel

The day Israel released the baby-murdering Arab terrorist Samir Kuntar was without doubt the most disgraceful in modern Jewish history.

Cold Meat On Shabbos Afternoons

11 Elul 5768 – September 10, 2008
So much has been written about the Rubashkins, specifically the allegations made against their company. AgriProcessors has been filleted by writers, roasted by bloggers, and smoked by former employees. It’s not my purpose here to defend the company against those allegations; I'll let the public-relations professionals and attorneys handle that. I merely wish to share my personal experiences with Rubashkin meat.

Beneath Abbas’s Moderate Exterior Beats A Stone Cold Heart

There are countries that practice diplomacy as a form of fine art and there are countries that practice diplomacy as an “in your face” martial art. And there are countries that practice a mix of the two arts.

Something To Celebrate In Day-School Education

Schools have multiple missions. They primarily exist to educate children, to provide knowledge, and to develop skills that stimulate intellectual growth and prepare youngsters for a productive adulthood and success in life. They also serve a socialization function, inculcating in children behavioral patterns and attitudes that foster respect and the acceptance of appropriate norms and rules.

The Inevitability Of Media Bias

So powerful are the media that they have been referred to as the fourth branch of government. Indeed, they can make or break reputations.

The Singer Festival In Warsaw

For numerous reasons the most active time for Jewish events in Poland is the summer.

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