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Rabbi Sacks Reflects The Fearful Timidity Of British Jews

29 Tishri 5763 – October 4, 2002
Rabbi Sacks is a man with a sharp mind and an ability to appreciate wisdom whatever its source.

Selichos For Oslo Supporters

The Israeli and American Jewish supporters of Oslo are asked to say special Selichos prayers this year in light of the terrible catastrophes inflicted upon Israel by the policies they have forced on the country.

The new Oslo Selichos go something like this:

Phil Donahue: American Pestilence

The good news is that the ratings for Phil Donahue's new MSNBC talk show are nearly invisible; the bad news is that MSNBC gave this raving anti-American, pro-Palestinian leftist a platform in the first place, reconfiguring its entire nighttime lineup around him and terminating the program hosted by the pro-Israel Alan Keyes in the process.

The Numbers Tell The Story: The Myth of Zionist Colonialism

23 Tishri 5763 – September 28, 2002
While many Arabs may have fled to escape the draft, others were expelled by force.

Sulzberger’s ‘Shrinkage’ Problem

19 Tishri 5763 – September 25, 2002
"The incredibly shrinking" New York Times is how George Will describes the one-time paper of record, a formerly respectable journalistic enterprise that, in Will's words, is "reinventing itself along the lines of a factional broadsheet..."

Palestinian Lies, Western Duplicity

15 Tishri 5763 – September 20, 2002
Partition arbitrarily deprived the Jews of their internationally sanctioned legal rights to all of Palestine, including what is now the kingdom of Jordan. Nevertheless, Israel accepted it.

A True Friend Of Israel Faces A Tough Challenge: Why Jews...

During his two terms in office, Bob Smith has consistently shown himself to be one of Israel's greatest allies in the U.S. government.

Monitor’s Top Ten

12 Tishri 5763 – September 18, 2002
The responses are finally slowing to a trickle, but the columns on Israel's friends in the media certainly elicited plenty of feedback from readers. Here's a sampling, followed by the Monitor's very own Media Friends Top Ten list (as distinguished from the earlier two lists which reflected the votes of readers).

Jackson Just Another Airhead On Mideast

8 Tishri 5763 – September 14, 2002
The terrorists would have simply rationalized those attacks by repeating their mantra that Israel is occupying Palestinian lands.

Hitler’s Children

8 Tishri 5763 – September 13, 2002
I'm on a bus and a high school boy passes around Grandpa's red leather-bound copy of Mein Kampf to his friends who respond by saying coooool!?

UN Report Debunks Fleet Street Lies

5 Tishri 5763 – September 11, 2002
Due to the heavier than anticipated response to our Top 25 and Top 10 "Media Friends" lists as voted on by the public, the Monitor will wait another week before sharing a last batch of comments from readers and unveiling the Monitor's own list.

Close To Home

29 Elul 5762 – September 6, 2002
I believe that "business as usual" is a healthy response to the devastation America, Israel and all of Klal Yisrael are experiencing.

Media Friends Top Ten

27 Elul 5762 – September 4, 2002
The responses are still coming in to last week's Top 25 (alphabetical order) listing of "Media Friends" of Israel as nominated by the Monitor's faithful readers. Most of you who've e-mailed or faxed your reactions agree with most or all of the names, though a number of readers were livid over the appearance on the list of long-time radio host Bob Grant (see this week's Letters to the Editor section for a taste of their wrath).

Hitler’s Arab Allies

23 Elul 5762 – August 31, 2002
Britain was so concerned with Nazi inroads into the Arab world in 1938, the eve of World War II, that it issued the infamous White Paper limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine, contributing to a locking of Jews into a Europe that was being overrun by Hitler.

The First-Ever Media Friends List

20 Elul 5762 – August 28, 2002
A hundred and thirty four. As in 134. Not submissions - those numbered close to a thousand (951 when we stopped the count, with more still coming) - but names. It quickly became obvious that the Monitor had some serious whittling down to do if this Media Friends List was going to work at all.

16 Elul 5762 – August 23, 2002
Overall, the survey found that anti-Semitism has increased.

The Alternative to Oslo: A Modest Proposal

If the Oslo carnage in Israel continues at its current pace, the number of Israelis murdered since the signing of the Rabin-Arafat 'Peace Accord' in 1993 soon will be larger - when measured as proportional to population size - than the total losses by the United States in the Vietnam War.

Welcome Home, New Immigrants

15 Elul 5762 – August 22, 2002
The State of Israel is beset by what conventional wisdom considers a huge demographic problem.

Murder In Toronto: A City’s Decline, Jewish Fears — And An...

If indeed this cold-blooded murder was not motivated by unwarranted hatred, then David was the random victim of soul-less, unfeeling deviants, with no shred of empathy or human compassion.

Mike Wallace: A Ham-And-Cheese On Yom Kippur Kind Of Jew

13 Elul 5762 – August 21, 2002
This week the Monitor concludes its extended look at the anti-Israel proclivities of "60 Minutes" stalwart Mike Wallace. As we've noted in our earlier installments, Wallace has always displayed a palpable ambivalence - some would say that's too charitable a word - when dealing with Jewish issues, never more so than when he downplayed the plight of Soviet Jewry in the 1980's and Syrian Jewry in the 1970's.

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