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TV And The Holocaust

Shandler acknowledges that in the years immediately following the war, the Nazis’ systematic assault on Jews was not yet understood as a singularly distinct historical phenomenon.

Nicholas Kristof’s Crocodile Tears

Why didn’t Kristof care to write such an article when Barack Obama was president supporting the Saudis in their campaign? Is his newfound concern simply because it would show President Trump in a bad light?

Hating Israel at the Center for Jewish History

There is hardly an organization in the anti-Israel network where Myers hasn’t left his fingerprints.

UN-masking the UN

“UN” as defined in dictionaries: a negative prefix, expressing “absence,” “lack,” “deficiency” and “adverse” applies perfectly to the UNited Nations-an UN-fit, UN-deserving, UNder achievement

Palestinian Authority is a Genocidal Terrorist Entity and Should be Treated as Such

Why not tell European leaders that the Palestinian Authority is still a genocidal terrorist organization? Why not ask them how they can agree to finance in the Middle East what they claim to reject with horror in Europe?

The Jewish Community And Hurricane Harvey

Hundreds of volunteers were on hand in Passaic and other cities on Sunday night to load trucks with boxes of supplies and food items headed for Texas.

Antifa: Conspiracy Of Silence?

Even Rep. Nancy Pelosi, no fan of Mr. Trump, has now taken to condemning antifa.

Hillel at the Crossroads Part II: How Things Broke Down in Boston

What are Hillel International’s rights and duties — and limits — when it comes to improving Jewish campus life? This question may well be decided at Northeastern University (NEU).

A Jewish Eton, Pre-1948 Transfer, And Chinese Esrogim – An Interview With Rabbi Dr....

Today it seems strange, but in those days, the 1950s, even rabbis didn’t always go around England with yarmulkes on.

The Bernice Chronicles: The Schwartzes Of Teaneck

Living more than two miles from the only Orthodox shul in Teaneck, the family joined the Conservative Teaneck Jewish Center a few blocks away.

Center For Jewish History New CEO MUST Be Fired For Radical Viewpoints

How can supposed 'leaders' of the Jewish community and its resources support BDS or stand against the 'occupation'? They CAN'T have these twisted views and represent Jews. They must be fired.

Hurricane Harvey by the Numbers

During Hurricane Harvey, about 27 trillion gallons of water fell from the skies. That’s 27 followed by 12 zeroes.

UN Chief Guterres, the Media and Palestinian Fake News

The minimum the UN chief and his aides could have done is to call out the PA leadership and condemn it for the ambush and the fabricated report from the official Palestinian news agency. Palestinians, as usual, were given a pass.

Palestinian Settler-Colonialism

The concept of “settler colonialism” has been applied with almost unique vehemence against Israel. The application of the concept to Jews and Zionism by Palestinians is both ironic and unhelpful.

Why France Turned a Blind Eye to the Murder of Sarah Halimi

The French mainstream media didn't mention the Halimi killing for two days and has been reluctant to call it an act of anti-Semitism

Why are Leading Reform Rabbis on Pro-boycott NIF Leadership List?

Despite raising the lowest amount of money in the past six years the New Israel Fund, an organization which endorses the BDS movement, has the support of leading Reform Rabbis. WHY?

Truth About Gorka, Liberal Jews and Israel

According to Gorka, “The liberal elements of the American Jewish population, has basically become anti-Israeli. It’s the greatest, saddest paradox.” It was this same group that was his undoing

Israel Must Reach Out to Lost and Hidden Jews

Over the past two decades, a burgeoning number of individuals and communities worldwide have been embracing their historical connection to the Jewish people in one form or another. Now, Israel is prepared to help

PA Summer Camps Teach Terror and Martyrdom-death to Kids

UNICEF and UNDP listed among "partners and supporters" of the National Committee for Summer Camps where kids enact terror attacks, terrorist murderers presented as role models and Israel is 'erased'

Victory, Not Deterrence, Will Be Israel’s Goal if War Breaks Out Again in Gaza

Any future armed clash with Gaza’s Islamist rulers will be guided by a new Israeli objective: that of achieving a crystal clear victory over the enemy.

The Blues, The Grays…And The Reds

The authors proved proved without doubt that Samuel Dickstein was corrupt and a traitor to our country and was on the payroll of the Soviet government, engaged in spying on the American government

Concerns Arise Over New ADL Official’s Meetings with Extremist US Muslim Group

Deapite the ADL's clearly stated position against meetings with CAIR, it has hired a former Obama official who has in fact met numerous times with this pro-terror organization

INTO THE FRAY: The Taylor Force Act – Putting “Palestine” in perspective

The Palestinian population is not some hapless victim of the terror groups but the very crucible from which they emerged

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