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Will Trump Follow Through On Palestinian Incitement?

Reviving the Trilateral Committee on Incitement is no solution unless the committee begins its work with a clear definition of what constitutes "incitement."

Jerusalem: A Consensus Issue At Last

Jerusalem is a consensus issue and I recently hung the proof on the Old City walls: The Jerusalem Declaration, an initiative to secure grassroots support for keeping Jerusalem united under permanent Israeli control

Want a Path to Peace? Pound the Table at Abbas

If Trump really believes the missing ingredient for peace has been a master real estate dealmaker, he’s wrong. But his willingness to pound the table at Abbas is nevertheless significant.

Yeshiva University’s New President

Rabbi Berman seems eminently well suited to guide Yeshiva University in the coming years.

President Trump Disappoints

Another provision of the law extends this penalty provision to each succeeding fiscal year if the embassy is not moved.

The Mayor And The Puerto Rican Day Parade

We recalled the raw edge of racial politics engaged in by Presidents Clinton and Obama on the issue of his release from federal prison.

Bereaved Family To Israeli Gov’t: Don’t Release Terrorists For Our Son

The Goldins feel the Israeli government has squandered many opportunities to clamp down hard on Hamas.

Learning From The Animals

Most animals are born once. But birds are born twice. First, the egg is laid by the mother. But where is the baby? Still inside the egg.

To Bigotry No Sanction

Linda Sarsour’s agenda is the abolition of the rights of others. She opposes the very existence of Israel

A New Tolerance for Anti-Semitism

People on both sides of the political and ideological spectrum must have the same zero tolerance for anti-Semitism as they do for sexism, racism and homophobia.

Zaidy Made Us Laugh

Men such as my grandfather are the equivalent of foundation stone. The world exists because of such people. When they are gone, our job is to appreciate their legacy and to share some of their essence

UNRWA Policy Letter to US Ambassador to the UN, the Hon. Nikki Haley

Six questions posed to US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley whose answers could reflect a new US Policy towards UNRWA

Israel Must Now Be Proactive

Israel has an extraordinary window of opportunity but it requires initiative and willingness to cooperate with Trump’s peace initiatives--on condition that our security is not compromised.

Gazans in Greece: We Fled Hamas, not Israel

The testimony of these Gazan refugees in Greece provides a rare opportunity to hear what Palestinians say when they’re out of reach of their own repressive governments and can speak freely

The British Election: Will Voters Opt for Intolerance and Xenophobia?

One of the biggest criticisms of the "Corbynization" has been the mainstreaming of traditional anti-Semitism. England's chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, has called the problem within the Labour party "severe."

ATARA: The Association For Torah And The Arts For Religious Artists

Some people dance, draw, make music and find joy in serving Hashem and communicating their feelings in service of Hashem.

Palestinians: Israel’s Goodwill Gestures Send Wrong Messages

Israel's concessions are regarded as gestures of a terrified people and as the reward for terrorism. Far from satiating the appetite of the terrorists, such steps prompt them to step up their attacks against Israelis.

Jewish Or American: What Comes First?

I take pride in being both American and Jewish and while I believe some people just identify with both and leave it at that, I also think it’s natural to consider which identity is foremost to you.

Alberto Nisman and Sarah Halimi: The Shared Fate of 2 Very Different Jews

For all theie differences, they had 3 important things in common. They were proud Jews. They died because they were Jews. And in both of their cases, that latter fact has yet to be recognized, let alone acted upon, by the investigating authorities.

Jordan Intensifies Anti-Israel Rhetoric Despite Security Challenges

if King Abdullah views Israel as key to his regime's success, he has done so little to align public opinion with his strategic objectives permitting Israel to be vilified on the Jordan "street" and its media

INTO THE FRAY: The Humanitarian Paradigm – Answering FAQs (Part 1)

Current polls conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research show, regularly and repeatedly between 25-35% of Arab residents of Judea-Samaria and 45-55% in Gaza wish to emigrate permanently.

Best Not to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem Until US law is Changed

The silver lining in the delay to move the US embassy to Jerusalem? It could bring new momentum to update the relocation law to recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel.

When Baghdad Burned The June 1941 Farhud Massacre

The Golden Square wanted Germany to destroy the British and Jewish presence in their country. The Third Reich craved what was beneath the ground – oil.

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