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Daf Yomi

Reaching One’s Objective ‘The One In Thought And The Other Silently’ (Zevachim 41b)

Butter Barter

"We have a container of cream cheese, but we'd rather have butter," said Mrs. Miller. "They're worth about the same. If you give me butter, I'll give you cream cheese."

Can A Rabbi Younger Than 40 Issue Halachic Rulings? A Case Study From 16th-Century...

Around 1552, leading rabbis in Egypt issued a cherem against people using rabbinic judges not approved by official channels.

Daf Yomi

Call To Alms ‘Having Declared It A Burnt Offering, He Rethought…’ (Zevachim 30a)

Contradicted By A Piece Of Paper (Choshen Mishpat 79:6)

There is no defense to a claim based on a properly-drawn up promissory note signed by witnesses who testify that the signatures on the note are theirs or whose signatures have been confirmed by the court comparing them to signatures it has on file.


"The Rema writes that if there are two groups, each group is entitled to half, even though one group may have more members than the other," replied Rabbi Dayan.

Daf Yomi

An Aging Problem? ‘I Have Chosen Him To Stand, But Not To Sit’ (Zevachim 23b)

Who Borrowed From Whom?

"I think that you are considered the borrower," said his uncle. "You asked me for the money and I handed it to you."

Caught In A Lie (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 79:5)

It is dealing with the case of a defendant who had judgment entered against him because, like the defendant in our se’if, he made a statement that was subsequently contradicted by witnesses.

Daf Yomi

Do Clothes Make The Man? ‘When [Kohanim Are] Wearing Their Garments’ (Zevachim 17b)

You Lie!

Each of the witnesses, in turn, testified that they saw Mr. Lander lend Mr. Braun $2,000 on Chanukah. Mr. Braun's advocate cross-examined them, but their testimony stood intact.

Is Mezonos Bread Truly Mezonos?

If you eat bread – even cake – as part of a filling meal, it’s called kevias se’udah and you have to wash and bentch.

Daf Yomi

Olas Shabbos B’Shabbato ‘An Offering Of Appeasement’ (Zevachim 7b)

Unsold Chametz

That bottle was entrusted to you. You didn't fulfill your responsibility properly. You might be liable for the whiskey!

Daf Yomi

Depth Or Breadth? ‘A Sinai Or An Oker Harim’ (Horayos 14a)

Tricked Into Paying Back (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 79:4)

If he had known that witnesses were present who might subsequently contradict him, he would not have acted in this manner, he says – but he didn’t know.

Can One Wear One’s Late Father’s Shoes?

I think there’s a sefer that says wearing them is “dangerous” and some people think that means spiritually dangerous.

Can A Jew Shave On Chol HaMoed?

Rav Moshe says it’s muttar, strictly speaking, but since so many people don’t shave on Chol HaMoed, it’s better not to, he said.

A Loan Disputed (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 79:4)

The witnesses testify that they saw the plaintiff give money to the defendant but they don’t know the nature of the transaction.

Another Slice, Please!

"I'm not sure whether a single Seder group can split," said Mr. Kadosh. "But look! I see Rabbi Dayan; maybe he has an idea."

Daf Yomi

A Convert’s Benefit ‘Blemishes Are Only Post Sinai’ (Horayos 10a)

The Halachic History of the Expanding Kezayis

He points out that medieval Ashkenazic authorities never saw an olive. Olives do not grow that far north; they only grow in the Mediterranean region.

Is Grape Juice Acceptable For The Arba Kosos?

What about the Gemara that says you can squeeze out a cluster of grapes on Erev Shabbos and make Kiddush on Shabbos? They said that’s only if you didn’t treat the grape juice chemically to prevent it from fermenting.

Which Statement To Believe? (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 79:3)

By denying the existence of the loan altogether, the defendant in 79:1 admitted, by implication, that he did not repay it – because nobody repays a loan he says he never took.

Daf Yomi

The Mitzvah To Obey The Wise ‘If Beis Din Issued A Ruling’ (Horayos 2b)


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