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The Role Of Time In Social Transformation

10 Shevat 5775 – January 29, 2015
Torah opposes slavery; G-d desires the free worship of free human beings, yet slavery's permitted-?!

Snow Angels

Her first tactic was tefillah; she immediately began to recite one perek after another of Tehillim.

Kiddush Hashem Aboard El Al

3 Shevat 5775 – January 22, 2015
Suddenly, she turns to me and says, “B'emet, I need to thank you, you made me excited to come back to Israel.”

The Ninth Plague Shrouded In A Darkness Of Its Own

Pharaoh perverted symbols of life (the Nile and midwives) into agents of death.

The Power of Tehillim: A Spark of Light, Eternal Memories

25 Tevet 5775 – January 15, 2015
As we walked, I told her how I had hoped for the chance to thank her for her amazing visit.

The Cup Of Hope

The 5th cup is supported by a 5th expression of Deliverance: “And I will bring you to the land..."

A Humbling Lesson (VIII)

If we are certain that God is on our side, we can easily become arrogant and even cruel

Kaddish For My Father

18 Tevet 5775 – January 8, 2015
When my father died suddenly when I was newly married there was no one who had to say Kaddish for him. I am one of four daughters and he had no brothers.

Civil Disobedience

17 Tevet 5775 – January 7, 2015
The first recorded instance of civil disobedience is the story of Shifra and Puah, defying Pharaoh

A Mother’s Heart

11 Tevet 5775 – January 1, 2015
Mommy, please don’t be so sad. Here in the next world Hashem Yisborach’s plan is much clearer.

The White Lie

10 Tevet 5775 – December 31, 2014
Truthfulness is a fundamental value in Jewish yet truth isn't its highest value. Peace is. Why so?

Generations Forget And Remember

4 Tevet 5775 – December 25, 2014
Jacob’s blessing of Ephraim over Manasseh had nothing to do with age and everything to do with names

A Humbling Lesson (VII)

Reb Shlomo Zalman could not endure honorifics applied to him because of his enormous humility

A Fine Lawyer

She was determined that the Law class was Dina’s best chance of finding a husband, and that was the real reason she wanted her to go to college.

May His Name Be Called in Israel…

But who would have ever guessed that Hashem would unlock the key to the birth on same day as the English anniversary of our wedding.

Gila’s Miracle Baby

27 Kislev 5775 – December 18, 2014
In a way that decision was the first in a series of miracles with which Hashem blessed us.

Hakaras Hatov Can Save Lives

20 Kislev 5775 – December 11, 2014
And so it was that both those women whose lives had been saved in Yerushalayim only about a month earlier, were now in a Manhattan hospital with the woman who inadvertently had helped save their lives.

A Tale Of Two Women

Tamar’s conduct bears an uncanny resemblance to Ruth's; virtuous outsiders at the margins of society

The Healing Power Of Chicken Soup

13 Kislev 5775 – December 4, 2014
When I pulled up at their house, my worst fears were confirmed.

Jacob’s Destiny, Israel’s Name

A Jew is an iconoclast, born to challenge the idols of the age,whatever the idols, whatever the age.

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