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The Good Old Days

Our problem is that in the daily bustle of life we hardly ever stop to smell the flowers.

That’s Not My Suitcase!

We should never feel as if we are lugging around heavy suitcases of avodas Hashem.

Independence And Dependence

Rebbetzin Jungreis, (a”h) lives on her eternal message. This week discussing our dependence on HaShem.

Letting Go

In the midst of my misery it hits me. I am going about this wrong. I take a deep breath and try to control my sobs.

Q & A: Tachanun During Nissan (Part I)

Question: Why do we say Tachanun on some days and not on others? What are the rules? When do we not say it? M. Solow

Daf Yomi

Not Wanted – Dead Or Alive ‘A Mouse That Fell Into A Cask Of Beer’ (Avoda Zara 68b)

Ours Is To Question Why

Of course, Aharon didn’t veer to the left or the right. This was the avodah in the Mishkan he was performing, and the directives came straight from Hashem!

The Loan Is For You!

Pinchas called Rabbi Dayan and asked: "If my brother takes a $30,000 loan from the bank intended for me, and I reimburse him for the monthly installments, do we need a heter iska?"

Why Do We Bless The Children On Friday Night?

Judaism most certainly does not ascribe to the belief that there are powers other than Hashem who can stand in the way of His will.

The Real Shiurim – They’re Smaller Than You Think

Many believe you need to eat large quantities of matzah and drink a lot of wine to fulfill your chiuv. The truth is much more pleasant than that.

Choshen Mishpat 79:2

If witnesses subsequently testify in court that the defendant indeed borrowed money but repaid it, the defendant has to pay if the plaintiff claims otherwise. Why?

Giving Thanks

Judaism is “gratitude with attitude.” And this, according to recent scientific research, really is a life-enhancing idea and the source of the command to give thanks is to be found in this week’s parsha

Infectious Gratitude

Learning to give THANKS and preparing ourselves for Pesach.

Do Lipstick And Toothpaste Need To Be Kasher L’Pesach?

So strictly speaking, you don’t need to buy toothpaste or lipstick that has a kasher l’Pesach hechser, but if you can get one with it, why not?

Are Sacrifices Essential to Judaism? 

Why is the act of sacrifice so powerful psychologically?  Why do human beings naturally express themselves religiously through sacrifice, whether they are expressing fear or gratitude?

‘Not The Horse I Wanted’

In the most nightmarish days, my mother would tell us stories of Yerushalayim. “One day,” she kept telling us, “we will all be in Yerushalayim. There the trees grow candies. The sun always shines and Dovid HaMelech’s harp whispers in the wind.”

The Rubashkin Saga – XI

Rubashkin was treated like no other defendant ever arrested on illegal immigration violations. The federal prosecutors sent marshals to handcuff and shackle him as they led him past a phalanx of waiting photographers and TV crews

Mi K’Amcha Yisrael

It was so crowded and confusing that one father, who was there accompanying his eighteen-year-old daughter, was assigned the responsibility of determining everyone’s place on the queue and then seating them in that order.

Q & A: A Bar Mitzvah Boy And The Four Parshiyot (Part II)

Question: Is a bar mitzvah boy allowed to read the four parshiyot in shul on behalf of the congregation? Elimelech Feldman

Daf Yomi

Avoiding A Catastrophe ‘A Ger And A Gentile Inherited…’ (Avoda Zara 64a)

“You Don’t Owe!”

The following day, Mr. Metzger called Mr. Rubin. "I appreciate your honesty," he said. "However, I reviewed the records, and I'm certain there's no outstanding balance."

Time For Redemption

The Shaagas Aryeh explains that the Gemara that says that we will be redeemed in Nissan is referring to the set time for the geulah, which is in Nissan. However, Mashiach can actually come any month of the year, on any day.

The Call

We can be good at many things, but what gives a life direction and meaning is a sense of mission, of something we are called on to do. That is the significance of the opening word of today’s parsha, Vayikra.

Answering The Call

We explore life through the lens of Torah through the entire year. Now that Pesach approaches, we pause and listen as this week we hear God's loving call as if For The First Time.

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