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Shakespeare’s Korach–and Chazal’s

Seems men are puppets and women pull the strings.

Walls Came Tumbling Down

Each nation has a specific role to fill in Hashem’s plan and we pray that through these offerings Hashem will inspire them to true service.

Parshat Shelach

Self-censorship occurs when members of the decision-making team refrain from making suggestions that are counter to the prevailing consensus of the group.

The Most Important Book You’ll Ever Read

One of the most important books you will ever read is your autobiography.

Parshas Shelach: Changers

Change is good; being a "Changer" is better.


Ultimately our job is not to overcome sin but to transcend the pitfalls and challenges of life.

People Skills

This story is significant because Two-Gun Crowley wasn’t insane. He wasn’t a psychopath.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Bhaalotekha

Constitutional democracy is a better form of spiritual government than either anarchy or totalitarianism. G-d wanted intellectual diversity and as close to universal accountability as possible.

The Dark Clouds

Moses acted properly in his role of prophet but he failed in his role as a husband; he did not see Tziporah's suffering, her black cloud.

Parshat Naso

We know that every word, every letter, and every crown in the Torah is vital.

Pleasures – Created For Our Benefit

Many items in this world were created strictly for man’s enjoyment. One example is food.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Nasso: The Sin of the Suspicious Husband

Parshat Nasso and the issue of the sotah and coming face-to-face with our own responsibility and not just throw it on others.

TORAH SHORTS: Bamidbar: Fire, Water, Desert

When one taps into the forces and elements around us, to free ourselves of extraneous masters, we are able to acquire the wisdom, the insight, the light, the well-being and the strength that the Torah can impart.


Proper use of downtime is a concept familiar to all Bnei Torah. It is safe to say that nobody becomes an expert in his or her field only through what they learn in school.

Hashem’s Infinite Love

Yes, Hashem gives free will to man – He gives us the ability to make choices – but He governs the outcome.

No Camping!

The magic of Sinai began when the people camped "with unified hearts and minds" facing Sinai. A single camp of shared purpose. I suspect that this is the message behind the Sages' teaching that Shabbat is the key to redemption: We do not share a common purpose other than a belief that the world can become a place of peace, a Shabbat world

Sefer Bamidbar: How to be Tzanua, Like G-d

Considering tzanua and achieving a balanced version of it in order to walk with G-d

Shabbos Shows Trust

We wash and raise our hands to Hashem, reminding and displaying to ourselves that we have nothing without Hashem Yisbarach.

Finding My Essence

"What's in a name?" Apparently, the essence of relationships...

Finding Inner Peace

A Jew is either rising or falling; he never remains in one place. It all pivots on Torah learning. If he labors in Torah, he rises to the heights. If not, he begins to fall.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Bechukotai: What is Your Net Worth?

Hoe the Torah establishes the value of the individual--and how that ensures humility.

Compass For Life

If one's fear of sin exceeds wisdom, his wisdom will endure.

Why Do We Make Kiddush Over A Goblet of Wine?

At all our significant life events we remind ourselves to continue working with the raw materials Hashem gave us, and to make something out of them.

The Mind: A Servant Of Many Masters

Interestingly, it’s not just anger that colors our vision. Jealousy does too – as does greed, desire, and arrogance.

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