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Aleph Beta: Tzav: A Deeper Look At The Priestly Role

6 Nisan 5775 – March 26, 2015
Why does Torah make the priests go through a long and seemingly bizarre induction ceremony?

The Importance Of Terumat HaDeshen

Often people in important positions separate from everyday people & tasks-NOT the Kohen Gadol

Redeeming Relevance in Parshat Tzav

Rambam warns that a festival meal without taking care of the needy isn't fulfilling simchat yom tov

Parshas HaChodesh: Rebirth And Renewal

1 Nisan 5775 – March 20, 2015
These four parshiyos are viewed as steps in a progression toward Pesach, the Yom Tov of teshuvah m’ahavah, of returning to Hashem out of love.

The Question Of Sacrifices

The obvious conclusion from this passage is that when the third Beis HaMikdash is built, since we, unlike the Jews who left Egypt, would not have the need for sacrifices, they would apparently not be part of the service.

Things I Do And Things I Don’t

29 Adar 5775 – March 19, 2015
If my garment is clean, then I will be careful about maintaining its beauty. If it is soiled, I will not be as careful.

Reclining While Drinking The Four Cups

The Ran asks why the Gemara concludes that since we are unsure which two of the four we must recline for, that we must recline for all four.

Redeeming Relevance: Vayikra

Though God can’t benefit from gifts to him the best way to create a relationship is by giving to Him

Appreciating Equality

Judaism was so democratic that not only did it reject familial and economic aristocracy, it rejected intellectual aristocracy as well. We have many laws to honor Torah scholars.

One Word Can Make A World Of Difference

"Adam" speaks to the universal dimension of the Temple. He is the parent of all humankind.

Shabbos Mevorchim Nissan

23 Adar 5775 – March 13, 2015
It is no coincidence that Nissan marks the start of spring, when nature comes alive in all its glory.

Parshat Vayakheil-Pikudei

Before we embark on a major project or make a fateful decision we must get a wide-range of views and perspectives.

Have Shabbos And A Shabbos Nap

So we see that both in the Mishkan, and in the creation of the world, Hashem held back. That is what we do on Shabbos. We hold back our desire to be creative and restrict our activities.

Aleph Beta: Vayakhel-Pekudei: God In Space, God In Time

22 Adar 5775 – March 12, 2015
Rabbi Fohrman considers what it mean to bring God into this world through space and through time.

Focus On The Important Stuff

Examples of the group of fundamental commandments are Sabbath, prayer and Jewish education.

What One May Not Learn On Shabbos

Even if a certain halacha appears in the same Gemara as another, the Rambam is known to place it in the section that he felt it belonged.

The Link Between Shabbat And The Mishkan

Perhaps the greatest manifestation of human creativity in the Torah is the building of the Mishkan

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Vayakehel/Pikudei

Torah is written with a human bent; As the Talmud says, "The Torah speaks in the language of men."

Shabbos: A Day With Hashem – True Rest

16 Adar 5775 – March 6, 2015
Even though it sometimes seems as if we have been abandoned, nothing could be further from the truth.

Parshat Ki Tisa

The moment Moshe Rabbeinu was deemed by the mixed multitude to be an inept leader, it was Yosef who filled the void in people’s hearts.

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