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Sotah And The True Purpose Of Torah Learning

Torah learning is valueless unless it enhances personal morality, fostering closer connection to God

Jewish Leadership 101

Why was Samson singled out as the only Shofet required to be a nazir from cradle to grave?

Minor Acquisitions In Halacha

Tosafos suggests several answers as to how a minor can own an item, m’d’Oraisa.

Aleph Beta: Naso: Letting Our Children Go

This week's video discusses the important connection between the Priestly Blessing and parenting.

Redeeming Relevance on the Weekly Torah Portion: Naso

Many of us simply don’t get the need for the Torah to list the exact same gift offering, 12 times!

Parshas Bamidbar – Prophet Marries Prostitute… Huh?

There is a great debate as to whether this story actually took place or is simply a metaphor, a prophetic vision shown to Hoshea by Hashem.

‘The Curse Of Anonymity’

Every person is presented with moments when he/she must make difficult decisions about how to proceed.

The Brotherhood

One does not necessarily share the opinions of one’s brother. One may disapprove of his actions, values, and/or beliefs. However, with brothers there is a bond of love and caring that transcends all differences.

A Tale Of Two Sea Merchants

So if we basically live the same life, why should he get eternal reward and not me?”

What About A Kohenes?

The question is: What about pidyon haben? Can one give the five sela’im required for pidyon haben to a kohen’s daughter?

The Unique Holiday Of Shavuos

In Parshas Pinchas the Torah introduces the Mussaf for Shavuos by describing it as Yom HaBikurim when we bring the new offering.

The Indispensable Wilderness

The desert, with its unearthly silence & emptiness, is the condition in which the Word can be heard

The Great Importance Of Counting

The census focused on the individual, proving each is created as irreplaceable, unique images of God

Aleph Beta: Bamidbar: Why We Count

Why does the Torah use two different words for "to count," and what does each indicate?

Redeeming Relevance on the Weekly Torah Portion: BaMidbar

From Bemidbar on and in Nevi’im, the nation is viewed primarily by its component parts, the tribes

Shabbos Mevorchim Sivan

"You do know that nothing occurs without reason. Can you think of something you might have done to bring on your malaise?"

Aleph Beta: Behar-Bechukotai: Walking With God

What does the omer & agricultural laws pe'ah & leket teach about the Biblical approach to holidays?

Between This World And The Next

A true life of meaning is achieved not by running after material success but by recognizing that everything is dependent on G-d, and that spiritual growth is truly valuable.

Parshat Behar-Bechukotai

Though studying Torah is the most important mitzvah, it is performed in private.

Home Sweet Home

There are no enemies confronting us, there are no terrorists to threaten us, and we can clearly see Hashem’s direction and guardianship of the land.

Everybody’s Doing It

We are affected by our environment. Our perspective on the world is affected by what those around us do.

Shmittah For Women

The mitzvah that parents must give their son a bris milah is a mitzvah that they must perform for someone else – namely their son.

Reflections On Yom Yerushalayim

Torah hints to a divided Jerusalem that will become a city without walls forever united

Redeeming Relevance in Parshat Behar

Faith is responding to demands that we wouldn’t think of taking on were we left to our own devices.

Just Say It!

A proper emor would also mean that we do not say something, even as a joke or a tease, that may cause someone to be weakened in the doing of a mitzvah or minhag.

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