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New York City
February 8, 2013 – 28 Shevat 5773
5:02 p.m. NYC E.S.T.
Sabbath Ends: 6:11 p.m. NYC E.S.T.
Sabbath Ends: Rabbenu Tam 6: 34p.m. E.S.T.

Weekly Reading: Mishpatim
Weekly Haftara: Ben Sheva Shanim (Ashkenazim: II Kings 12:1-17; Sephardim: II Kings 11:17-12:17)
Daf Yomi: Shabbos 128
Mishna Yomit: Kidushin 4:1-2
Halacha Yomit: Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayyim 416:3-5
Rambam Yomi: Minyan ha’Mitzvos al seder Hilchos HaRambam (from “v’ra’isi l’Chalek till the end)
Earliest time for Tallis and Tefillin: 6:03 a.m. NYC E.S.T.
Sunrise: 6:58 a.m. NYC E.S.T
Latest Kerias Shema: 9:34 a.m. NYC E.S.T.
Plag HaMincha: 4:18 p.m. NYC E.S.T.
Sunset: 5:22 p.m. NYC E.S.T.


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Rabbi Yaakov Klass, rav of Congregation K’hal Bnei Matisyahu in Flatbush, Brooklyn, is Torah Editor of The Jewish Press. He can be contacted at
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