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Contemplating the Divine Together

We live on the first floor of a Netanya apartment building, which means that our living room panorama window overlooking the street below is...

Camouflage Talis

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Yaakov Bindell, right, an Orthodox rabbi and chaplain with the 379th Expeditionary Air Wing, leads the service for deployed...

Colors of the Herev Battalion

The IDF Herev-Sword Battalion (السيف الكتيبة‎), formerly known as the IDF Minorities Unit, is an Arabic-speaking unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Non-Jewish minorities...

A Bunch of Hot Air

Hot air balloons over the Jezreel Valley.

Let’s See What the IDF Collected During Amnesty Month [photo]

More than a million rounds of ammunition, thousands of grenades, shells and mortars, hundreds of guns and even a motorcycle were returned.

Parshat Chayei Sarah at Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs

The Hebron Jewish Community hosted a record-breaking crowd this weekend for Parshat Chaya Sarah.

Big in Israel

Israelis of all ages watched in fascination as the Hawaiian-born Japanese-Samoan former sumo star, Konishiki Yasokichi shared his moves during a special workshop for children in Jerusalem.

Helper’s Little Santas

You know what's the back story here, right? The father (pictured pushing the baby carriage) and the mother (walking next to him) had no...

Save Money on Coffee

Not just in Israel... A coffee shop own put up a sign for coffee. "Coffee" - 9 Shekel "Coffee, please" - 8 Shekel "Good Morning, may I have...

Goodnight Ashkelon

The sun sets over the sea, as seen from the beach in Ashkelon.

Passing the Batton

Outgoing Chief of the Supreme Court Judge Miriam Naor with incoming Supreme Court president Esther Hayut.

Looking Behind the Scenes

PM Netanyahu preparing to speak on TV from his office, about the bad Iran deal.

Off to the Slaughter

The Islamic festival  falls on the 10th day of the month and commemorates Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son.

The Dragon Boats Carnival

The "Dragon Boats Carnival" in Park HaYarkon in Tel Aviv.

Black Magic of the Saudis

Here's Secretary of State John Kerry speaking with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah at his desert encampment Rawdat Khuraim on January 5, 2014. It reminded me...

Parking Crisis Averted

If they weren't already charging for the parking, they could have charged for the ride.

Members of the Bukharian Jewish Community Supporting Israel

Possibly the most colorful group of Israel-loving Jews parading on Fifth Avenue Sunday.

Chamber of the Holocaust

An Ultra Orthodox Jewish man visit the "Chamber of the Holocaust" on Mount Zion in Jerusalem's Old City on April 27, 2014, on the...

Funeral of Adele Biton

Family and friends carry the body of 4-year old Adele Biton during her funeral in the settlement of Yakir, near Ariel on February 18,...

Field of Dreams

A farmer in the (legal) Tikkun Olan Cannabis farm near Tzfat. This is one of their greenhouses. The company is licensed by Israel's Ministry of...

Turtle Goes Home with Wild Rumba

Here are a bunch of Israelis watching as Meirav, a loggerhead sea turtle weighing 40 kg (just under 90 lbs) is being released back...

Let’s Do Lunch

A homeless man feeds a cat on the streets of Nachlaot, Jerusalem. We were looking for a cheerful image this morning, but one that won't...

Everybody Picking

Our image provider, Flash90, has told us yesterday that they are aware of the need for more pictures of Jews who aren't necessarily wearing...

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