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Skiing on the Hermon Mountain

Ski season has begun in Israel, after the Hermon Mountain ski site was officially opened.

Just Like Gush Katif

The scenes from last night and today in Beit El are eerily reminiscent of the scenes from Gush Katif 10 years ago, the above...

Do You Like Speculative History?

Alternative History or Alternative Reality is a sub-genre of science fiction dealing with worlds in which one or more historical events unfolded not the...

PA Protests Jared Kushner

Palestinian Authority protesters protest Jared Kushner's arrival to the region.

Finally Producing Something in the Knesset

It's an old complaint that nothing is every produced in the Knesset. Now that statement is invalid, after a cycling-based electricity production system was brought...

Walla! Master Chef Israel 2014

Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, a 33 year old Muslim Israeli-Arab woman from Baqa al-Gharbiyye, was the winner of the Israeli TV cooking contest/show Master Chef. Of...

Looking Behind the Scenes

PM Netanyahu preparing to speak on TV from his office, about the bad Iran deal.

More Boys with Toys

It doesn't matter your age, and there's no embarrassment in other boys knowing, boys like toys that fly and that make big, loud sound,...

Jonathan Pollard’s First Picture as a Free Man

You are welcome to send Jonathan all that’s in your heart, tell him about your activities and your prayers for him over the years, and it is also possible to attach a photo...

Yes Minister

The Prime Ministers meet.

Any Lessons to Be Learned Here?

Four Arab kids were looking at the remains of a burnt motorcycle belonging to Abdullah Harti, 29, a jihadist who was targeted and taken...

Fast of Tammuz 17

Some folks take the fast day seriously, complete with the sack cloth and ashes thing, which is commendable. I'm just sitting here, at my...

When They Called it an Off-Road Vehicle, This is Not What They Meant

Israelis got stuck with their vehicle while trying to cross Sorek River (Nahal Sorek) in the Judean Hills, on February 21, 2015. Stormy weather...

A Day at the Zoo

It was a beautiful day in Israel, and visitors went to Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo.

First Exhibition of Soviet Jewish Works on the Holocaust

Opening event: December 29th, 7:30 pm at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel, December 24, 2013 – A moving first-of-its-kind exhibition showcasing the...

Emperors Strolling

Here's President Barack Obama walking with President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China on the grounds of the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands...

A Failed Suicide Bomber

Failed suicide bomber Isra Gabas was sentenced to 11 years.

Good Morning, Snowy Gotham

This is the FDR Drive Friday night. The uptown going lanes have been cleared, the downtown not so much yet. The Eastern Seaboard has received...

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Rainbows after the first rainstorms in Israel.

Another Selfie with a Famous Person

MK Hazan visited the soldier who was nearly lynched in Jenin...

Checkpoints American Style

Here are U.S. soldiers and Afghan policemen conducting Operation Clean Sweep in Kandahar City in Afghanistan's Kandahar province, Oct. 3, 2012. It's the only surefire...

Birkat Cohanim

Birkat Cohanim at the Kotel on Sunday morning of Sukkot.

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