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Jerusalem, Israel
14 Tishri 5779 -
? Saturday, September 22, 2018

What My Dad Did in the War

In 1987 someone rummaging in a second hand bookstore in Vienna came across a set of about 400 color slides. Upon examination, they turned...

Lag Ba’omer Is for Everyone

An Israeli father and his daughter are collecting wood in preparation for Lag Ba'omer, the 33rd day of the Omer count (that began the...

Automatic Elections

A lot more guns than usual were visible in Beit Shemesh.

Matzah Flipping

Matzah baking isn't all just hard work. Sometimes it can be fun too.

Just Like Gush Katif

The scenes from last night and today in Beit El are eerily reminiscent of the scenes from Gush Katif 10 years ago, the above...

The Newest Kahane

Netzach Binyamin, the son of Meir Ettinger, was inducted today into the Jewish People. Meir Ettinger was unable to attend his firstborn son's Bris as...

How Can You Tell?

The caption that accompanies this picture, made available by The Jewish Press' image provider Flash90, goes: Birtzeit University students loyal to Fatah celebrate their victory...

The Race for Jerusalem

Here are Formula One Scuderia Ferrari team driver Giancarlo Fisichella (L) and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, toasting the launch of "Jerusalem Formula The Peace...

The Missing Seder Table

A table was set up in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square for all the Israelis who have gone missing.

Jenin, Jenin

A monument showing the Land of Israel, in the Palestinian Authority controlled city of Jenin.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Bnei Sakhnin vs. Beitar Jerusalem last night at the Doha Stadium in Sakhnin. Sakhnin won 1-0.

Are They Biting?

This lady is fishing in the Ramat Gan National Park manmade lake. Her line is far from traditional, but when there enough fish stocked...

Meah Shearim Protest

Hareidim in Jerusalem's Meah Shearim neighborhood are protesting against the jailing of 4 Yeshiva students who didn't show up to the IDF draft center.

Zrizin Makdimin L’Mitzvot

Hareidim in Meah Shearim are wasting no time to prepare for the Sukkot holiday, even if we have to still have to first celebrate...

US and IDF (American) Soldiers Celebrate 4th of July Together

US soldiers and officers celebrate 4th of July together with North American IDF Lone Soldiers at a Tel Aviv beach party

A Soldier in the Sun

A silhouetted soldier extends his arms to the sky. Here's hoping for a sunny day wherever you are on the planet.


Photos from Mimounas around Israel on Saturday night. 

A Very Obama Passover

Ever since his first campaign for President, President Obama has been running a Passover Seder, in which he celebrates the holiday of the Israel's...

Israeli F-35 Adir Stealth Fighter Jet Photographed Flying Over Beirut

The circumstances surrounding the flight are unclear and no details were released by the IDF.

Skiing on the Hermon Mountain

Ski season has begun in Israel, after the Hermon Mountain ski site was officially opened.

CSI: Jerusalem

Forensic investigators at the entrance to a building in Talpiot where the offices of the radical left-wing NGO B’Tselem are located. A large fire broke...

Busting Sir Winston

See Secretary of State John Kerry posing for a photo with Senate and House leaders at the dedication of a bust of Winston Churchill...

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