The Arab League allegedly plans to end this week’s summit in Kuwait with two new “no”s with which to send the Palestinian Authority back to the negotiating table. Talks with Israel are scheduled to end next month.

According to a draft of the final resolution obtained by news agencies at the summit which began this morning, the League will say: NO to the League recognizing Israel as a Jewish State, and NO to all pressure to force the PA leadership to do so.


However, the Arab League does apparently know how to say “yes,” even if they do not always make good on their word. The resolution also allegedly states: YES to providing $100 million per month in aid to the PA. Arab nations are known for making extravagant pledges to the cash-strapped entity, only to later find excuses not to fulfill them.

However, if history has taught PA leaders anything, it has hopefully taught them not to rely on Arab League promises of aid. Perhaps they may also have learned not to be so quickly misguided by League advice this time as well.



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