Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
The broken rear window of the car where 2-year-old Avigail Tzur sustained injuries from stones thrown by Arabs, November 28.

Police picked up 4 Arab youths from the village of Sur Baher, on the southeastern outskirts of Jerusalem, on suspicion of throwing rocks at the car carrying baby Avigail Tzur. The car was traveling through the neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem when the attack took place.

A Jerusalem magistrate court will decide today whether to remand the 4 suspects, Israel radio reported.


Police also picked up 4 Israeli demonstrators who were yelling anti-Arab slogans after the attack.

Impartial justice…

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Barkat both called for severe punishment for the attackers.

At least until it’s time to release them in exchange for whatever comes up next.

Meanwhile, the victim, who sustained moderate injuries from the rocks thrown at her car, is improving. Dr. Eitan Kerem of the Hadassah Medical Center told Israel radio that he hopes the baby will recover completely and has not suffered any irreversible damage.



  1. Attacking "infidel" babies! Inexcusable! However both the Jewish prime minister and the Muslim mayor of Jerusalem did speak out against the attack. And Jewish demonstrators were arrested after the attackers were arrested. Would that have happened in Gaza??????

  2. 1) When Jewish settlers recently stoned Palestinian cars not far from this latest incident, IDF soldiers stood by and did nothing (as usual).

    2) On the same day a Jewish child was moderately injured by stone-throwing protesters — inside occupied Palestinian territory — a 14-year-old Palestinian child died because, though critically ill, she was not allowed through an Israeli checkpoint… also inside occupied Palestinian territory. No one has been arrested in that child's inexcusable (and typical) death.

    "Impartial justice," indeed.

  3. Jenika Sharon For an old lady, you're not very wise. "open air prison" You do realize the West bank borders Jordan, and Gaza borders Egypt right? You regurgitate lies and misinformation like a senile old cow. Not quite sure how this area is even considered Palestinian territory as it was Jordan before 1967. Go submit to Islam and stop using Facebook, it is a ZIonist innovation.

  4. First of all since such stories are usually consists of 10% facts and 90% accusations it would be advisable for Mr. Lesher to provide links to articles describing "bloddy crimes" he claimed to happened in details. Second the story about of "critically ill child" definitively needs clarification- For example, since the child was ill, and not injured, why it was brought to hospital only when it was dying? who did not allowed child trough the checkpoint – IDF soldiers or other palestinians who were waited in the line at that checkpoint? If the child was searched by soldiers, it has a reason. There are plenty of cases when ambulances were used to transport explosives or explosive belt was disguised as pregnant women belly or when former patient tried to came back to hospital, where she was killed to pay out to doctor, who saved her life with a "martyr action". But we even do not know whether this child ever existed. Anyway – numbers (for example CIA fact book) tell us another story – palestinians are treated well in israeli hospitals: child mortality in PA is lower and life expectation higher than in neighbour arabic counties and even in Turkey.

  5. Jenika Sharon I wonder when was the last time you visited Gaza or a prison for that matter? I never saw a "prison" who was governed by an elected terrorist entity, where the "inmattes" could shell civilian (Israeli) population on the outside for years, has a huge arsenal of rockets of all kinds, has 1200 multi-millionairs, who is the recipient of the world's highest per capita in economic and financial aid… and they complain! You need to have you own act together if you cherish justice and truth… inform yourself from trustworthy sources or at least question you own perception of facts..

  6. To be honest, it doesn't matter what happened that same day. The fact is, jewish or not, a little baby was hurt! It's awful…plain awful! And if they have been experiencing a lot of pain, why bring it on someone els? They should try to express themselves in another way then STONING!

  7. The last time I checked, it was legal to have freedom of speech. What is not legal is the malicious intent to cause bodily injury to a two year old child. I agree with the author. Netanyahu will stand up and act appalled but then turn around and release terrorists from prison. What kind of sense does that make. Israel has to get much stronger against acts like this. This is the scum that the world supports.

  8. You are rude as well as extremely ill-informed. You need to see the documentary ROADMAP TO APARTHEID. My friends are there now in Palestine. They were gassed by the Israeli military. Are you aware of the Freedom Sailors? To become aware, you must question YOUR news sources.

  9. Well said. Lesher! The documentary, ROADMAP TO APARTHEID should be seen by every Israeli citizen. I don't think they know what their government is doing in their name. It is shamefull. My friend was just in Palestine and he was gassed by Israeli miltiary for just being there. Spontaneous attacks happen daily. Also the mowing down of Palestinians homes without notice to expand the Jewish settlements.

  10. Only one baby so far, thank God. My apologies for our hysterical reaction. We'll try to be more restrained with the next baby stoning. Although, to be fair, if they were 4 Frenchmen, we'd certainly have headline it: "4 Frenchmen Stone Jewish Baby." But, alas, the only ones who seem to stone and blow up people are usually of the Arab persuasion.

  11. Only one baby so far, thank God. My apologies for our hysterical reaction. We'll try to be more restrained with the next baby stoning. Although, to be fair, if they were 4 Frenchmen, we'd certainly have headline it: "4 Frenchmen Stone Jewish Baby." But, alas, the only ones who seem to stone and blow up people are usually of the Arab persuasion.

  12. Jenika Sharon – the entire $3 billion remains in American paychecks. If it were up to me, I'd have given it up long ago. But it's a favor Israel is doing the military industrial complex, so you won't have even more folks out of work in America. To Israel this hardly scratches the GNP.

  13. Jenika Sharon – Recently, then MK Avigdor Lieberman suggested that Israeli Arab cities like Teibe and Um el Fahem become part of the new Palestinian state, and in exchange the Israeli settlements become part of Israel proper. He was attacked viciously by the Israeli Arabs, whose worst nightmare is to become part of the Heart of darkness that is the Palestinian Authority.

    Speaking of Apartheid, how is it that no Arab has invited the Jews living in the territories to become Palestinian citizens? They could pay taxes in Ramallah and remain on their land while it switched to the Palestinian system.

    But the PA insist that the entire area remain Judenrein — clear of Jews. That's not just Apartheid — that's Nazi policy par excellence.

  14. Jenika Sharon – the West bank was captured by the Jordanian Legion in 1949, from what had been the British Mandate. Most of the land there was government owned. Then, in the 1960s, before the 67 war, King Hussein calmed Palestinian dissent by handing out the bulk of the lands that had been in his possession until land. Therefore the vast majority of the land there is nothing but "ancestral." You simply don't know the local history, which is fine. Now you do.

    Incidentally, a very large portion of the land: in Gush Etzion, in Hebron and in East Jerusalem, was owned by Jews who had been driven off their land by the Arabs, with many of them murdered in the process.

  15. Jenika Sharon The Fakestinians are the recipients of the world's highest par capita in economic and financial aid as well being on international welfare for over 60 years. That is one of the main reasons they don't want peace, indeed who would want to lose all that for a peaceful solution they do not want.

  16. "To whip up hate against the "arabs" ?? let me explain to you the logic here, if this were just random fights for freedom its usually against someone of your own age and then its understandable , but WHEN it is done to a toddler it's no more than cruelty and inhumane (Killing for ideological purposes is inhumane ) so putting an emphasis on that fact that they stoned a baby is perfectly reasonable given the reputation your stupid lovely arabs get in the world…. so i'd suggest you to shut your mouth or at least ask instead of slamming you dumb anti semite .

  17. Jenika Sharon You should be sued by the family because these weren't "just" kids … i would refer you to videos of kids educated by unraw who are taught to hate and kill jews…. would that change the way you speak ? ummmm ??? NO because you're an antisemitic women .

  18. It's not that they are "Arab". The problem is that many of them believe in an ideology that threatens the world, and this is the issue, not their race. We all know that those rocks were thrown in hate against a specific race (Jewish people), and this is a hate crime. It's no big secret that many crimes of hate are committed against infidels, women and children every day, in the name of Islam by extremists. Do you have kids honey, and do you enjoy being a feminist?!!

  19. "Arabs didn't stone a Jewish baby." Some kids (who happened to be Arabic) threw stones at a passing car who happen to be an "Israeili inhabited car." No skulls were smashed open. This story has grown to ridiculous proportions. I am thinking it may be equivalent to our "Enquirer." Don't make a mountain out of a molehill or I can easily show you a real mountain.

  20. @Jenika Sharon: "Arabs didn't stone a Jewish baby."

    Have you any idea how sad and pathetic you are, publicly denying plain facts because they inconveniently conflict with your hate-filled indoctrination? Avigail Tzur's head was smashed by a rock that were hurled at her. So sorry that your neo-Nazi ideology makes this annoying fact difficult to absorb:

    Not only did Arabs injure this particular Jewish baby in a stoning attack, but they do this sort of thing all the time. Here's another recent example, in which an Arab stoning attack left 2-year-old Adele (Adva) Biton in critical condition, and in intensive care for four months:

    But don't you pay any attention to those facts, Jenika. Just keep repeating to loudly to yourself that the Jews are evil and the Arabs are victims, and keep goose-stepping.

  21. Natan Epstein I am just quoting the Jewish Press's original statements
    No one is afraid of the "anti-Semitic" label anymore. So just drop the nonsense. If I am anti the Israeli government, it does not mean I am against the people Natan, it means I do not agree with the agenda/policies of your government. I am against all wars that my government has started but I am not anti-American.

  22. Michael Dar Where in the world are you getting your info? The Palestinians want peace – Israel does not. Their goal is to wipe out all of the Palestinian settlements and take over all of their land. There is water and oil and many riches under the few Palestinians settlements left.
    If Israel wants peace, quit mowing down Palestinian homes in order to grab more and more land for the expanding Jewish population. And while they are at it: Tear down that shameful wall.

  23. Oh stop the the Jew thing! People like you just keep on perpetuating the hate! and you wind up with idiots like these in the news! This has nothing to do with God, only wilful cowards who are too gutles to take on someone their own size.

  24. Jenika Sharon.. Whether they threw rocks at a car or not, they injured a child inside. Wether it was Jewish or not is not important, the fact remains that they sholdn't have stoned anyone's car, let alone one with a baby in it.

  25. Deb Duis You see thats where people like you my friend are stupid… GOD is in control of all. When people chose to do evil they will have to answer to who…. NO NOT YOU 4 SURE!!!! They will have to deal with GOD. As far as the Jews, well dear they are the choesing ones. Jesus was a jew GODS SON RIGHT… Its not about keeping hate perpetuating its about you better get your stuff together because the end is near its about education idiots like you!!!! The ones that did such a evil thing to a child may it be jewish christian muslim what ever its still a child of god and did not deserve this, so b4 you try and say I'm keeping hate going look in the mirror!

  26. Karen Peek Bridges .. NO actually .. if you must say it.. You are the stupid one. You an extremist fool who believes in hearsay and gibberish.
    You rant like a manic. I feel no pity for people like you, who believe everything that happens is because of divine intervention. You're brainwashed, with not a thought in your head that someone else hasn't put there.

    I never made any comment about the stoning being justiifed; it was not. Get off your soapbox of myths, and learn to read.

  27. We will all find out someday whether there is a God. Throwing rocks at people is nothing new for radical Islam, nor is pedophilia, stoning, hanging, and beating to death women and girls for being raped, extreme and oppressive discrimination against women, and murdering Jews and "Infidels", and any other religous minority. Israel is under attack, and a baby was murdered by young terrorists. This is a hate crime.

    Many belief systems are faulty, including the "big bang theory". I don't believe that there is anything wrong with someone expressing their "religious" perspective; afterall much of the Jews history is religious. I don't know why this incites such rage. We need to stop arguing and focus on the real problem. What to do about terrorism. Obviously apathy is not working, and Islam is not a religion of peace. It is an aggressive ideology that is a danger to our world.

  28. @Jenika Sharon: "…no heads were smashed open."
    "This window has purposely been knocked completely out."

    Ah yes, of course, the parents must have deliberately injured their own baby's head and then broken the window. That's the ticket. Anything to absolve your barbaric homicidal Jew-murdering friends.

    You are beneath contempt.

    I hope that what happened to Avigail Tzur and Adele Biton happens to you. And when it does, we can all post messages declaring that nothing happened to you at all — just like you're doing now to this innocent, helpless child and her family.

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