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Lillian Pinkus, president of AIPAC speaks at the Policy Conference. March 21, 2016.

On Monday, Mar. 21, four Americans who are competing to be the next President of the United States spoke to the thousands gathered in Washington, D.C. at the policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

In what should be considered a shocking breach of etiquette, the morning after those speeches, the president of AIPAC gave a verbal spanking to one of the speakers.


The four speakers on Monday were the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, and the three remaining Republican candidates in the race, Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) and Gov. John Kasich (OH).

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders chose not to attend the AIPAC conference.

It’s hard to come up with a more familiar face at AIPAC than Clinton. Her speech was warmly applauded by the crowd and she threw out lots of the standard tropes: “defending our ally in the Middle East” and the “unbreakable bond between Israel and the U.S.”

The audience also responded appreciatively when Clinton repeatedly attacked Republican frontrunner Trump. Nor did they boo when she spoke positively about perhaps the most important – and detested – foreign policy issue of the past year, the Nuclear Iran Deal.

AIPAC spent an unprecedented nearly $30 million in advertising and lobbying efforts to kill the Iran Deal. That was because AIPAC leadership decided the deal was far too dangerous for Israel and for the United States for them to sit on the sidelines. There are many who believe AIPAC badly – perhaps permanently – damaged its reputation by pouring so much money and other resources into fighting the terrible deal, and losing.

And yet, Hillary Clinton praised the deal during her talk to the AIPAC policy conference on Monday. Of that Iran Deal, Clinton said,: “I really believe the United States, Israel and the world are safer as a result.”

Lillian Pinkus, AIPAC’s president, did not chide Clinton for, essentially, rubbing AIPAC’s nose in its loss on the Iran Deal. Nope, that would be bad form.

But what Pinkus did go after was criticism of President Barack Obama, who was, of course, the architect and chief cheerleader of the disastrous Nuclear Iran Deal. It was also Obama who said in words and later in deeds that he wished to put daylight between the U.S. and Israel.

According to reports, Pinkus was tearful when she gave a statement, flanked by her top officers, apologizing for one of the speakers who dared to actually call Obama on his misdeeds towards Israel.

In the context of rumored threats that the President was going to impose a “solution” on Israel in a U.N. Security Council Resolution, Donald Trump said to the AIPAC policy conference that Obama was “in his last year in office.” He then extemporaneously added “yay.” The audience responded with a roaring cheer and thunderous applause. Trump continued with: “Obama may be the worst thing to ever happen to Israel,” which was met with more, albeit subdued, applause.

Near the end of his talk, Trump said what so many pro-Israel Americans fervently believe, which is that “Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have treated Israel very, very badly.”

That so many in the audience applauded those statements by Trump – though he is not generally a favorite in the American Jewish community – should have lifted the blinders from the eyes of the firmly-cemented-in-the-Democratic-party AIPAC leadership. It didn’t.

Instead, Pinkus and her team decided to attack Trump for making his statements, thereby injecting their own political orientation to the mix.

No harsh words for Clinton who praised the Nuclear Iran Deal, AIPAC’s sworn nemesis, but a “tearful condemnation” of Trump for daring to speak from his heart about the current president, and an admonishment for those in the crowd who dared to applaud Trump’s temerity.



  1. Thankyou SO MUCH for this wonderful commentary about how Mr. Trump is being treated so unfairly. It's so rare in media to hear this viewpoint.

    His words do reflect what I believe is a majority of Americans in that Israel has been treated very poorly. We do recognize that Israel is the key to peace and stability in the middle east and I personally hope that our new President will immediately disavow and reverse the deplorable actions of Obama and his administration including Secretery of State Clinton over the last 8 years.

  2. I read her piece in JP and I have to say about the applause Hillary received is mostly by people who would trend to vote for her..That’s normal…I heard Hillary take shots at Trump, so when Trump said what he did I gave him a pass. I’m not a Trump follower but I will stand up for a person when unfairness is present. ps how can Lori dismiss Obama’s dismissal of terrorism? Now I understand better why Bibi and Obama don’t get along.

  3. Joe Biden, who also spoke at the conference, was derogatory toward Israel: both sides aren't trying, he said. As if.

    The Israelis have been trying for decades, in the face of continuous terrorist attacks and hate speech from the other side. "Not trying" — what a joke.

    For her part, Hillary was trying feebly to defend the Iran nuclear deal, a cop-out deal which 99% of the conference delegates knew to be an indefensible, catastrophic giveaway. Many top experts who presented at the conference reaffirmed the foolishness of Obama and Kerry's deal.

    What Trump said, frankly, was very mild compared to the idiocy spewed by the Democrats. But, the goal of the AIPAC organization is to project a non-partisan image and stay out of politics as much as possible. They advocate for Israel, but they try to avoid affiliation with one party or the other. Hence, they had both Dems and Repubs speak. The problem is, it's hard to find a pro-Israel Democrat these days, but Rep. Menendez came and gave a fine speech, one of the few on the Democratic side who is a staunch ally.

  4. THIS is EXACTLY why (within my circle of friends) liberal Jews are referred to as, “matzah balls”. Lillian Pinkus is a soft, flaccid, and glutinous doughy matzah ball. I’m not going to donate to AIPAC, as long as this weak person is the President of that organization. The Afro Racist President has treated Israel contemptuously, while simultaneously rewarding the worlds’ largest promulgator of state sponsored terrorism. If this weak woman doesn’t have the brains or the courage to support someone who calls out Obama for his having treated Israel as a pariah nation, then to Hell with her, and with the organization she heads.

  5. Perhaps they think if they cozy up to the little Jew-hater in Chief he will leave Israel alone before he leaves office. But they are sadly mistaken.
    Btw, Bibi's speech on Brussels bore the same sentiments.

    When will people realize that the little Racist-in-Chief won't rest until he destroys Israel? Kissing his ass won't solve the problem.

  6. As a member of AIPAC I was not willing to attend this year and give credibility and support to Hillory who still supports her Iran deal. She is just using AIPAC to boost her election, if she wins she will screw Israel first chance she gets

  7. The problem you're addressing is not what you claim. Regrettably, Jews in America, like Blacks, tend to be Democrats. Democrats consider themselves the party of inclusion, which fits in very nicely with Jewish liberalism. Unfortunately, the Democrats' recipe of inclusion is to separate each person into their target demographic, maintaining their loyalties by promising them that their issues are at the forefront. Eventually many of those demographics become disillusioned, so they simply ignore politics rather than changing their paradigm. Margarine was healthier than butter for more than five decades, and it will take a long to for people to accept that this was complete fallacy was causing many more heart attacks than it prevented. It will take a while to change the political culture of American Jews, as well. Send an email to AIPAC and let them know that they should be non-partisan and censuring Pinkus for jeopardizing our relationship with the GOP.

  8. Too many political Jews have tied their future to the Dems. This does not mean that the rank and file Jews must follow them. Regardless of what Hillary says, she has a record on Israel from her tenure as Secretary of State and it is not a pro Israel record. Of course it would be political suicide for Hillary to run on record as Secretary of State, not only on Israel, but on the messes she made all over the world.

  9. Trump is spot on! Obama's Iran deal is disaster, and represents an existential threat to Israel, and a pending nightmare for both the U.S. and Israel. Aided an abetted by Hilliary Clinton, and Lillian Pinkus. Who has her dumb Democrat head planted in the sand. What planet does she live on? How did she ever get appointed to this job? Time for AIPAC to join the real world. And the fact that Trump was well received by those in attendence indicates a ray of light may have penetrated the mist…

  10. Steve Chudnow of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michgan, just tore my thoughts right out of my brain… even though I live just a few miles from Wayje State….. I didn't kmow they allowed this much free thinking in the Marxist City of Detroit.

  11. I suppose AIPAC has to do this since it has to live with and lobby Obama until he leaves office. AIPAC is, after all, a lobbying organisation. Even for Netanyahu, Hillary is "the devil he knows". Nobody in power is going to believe that Trump can or will beat Hillary (or Bernie Sanders for that matter) until and unless he does.

  12. Lillian!!! you are out of your mind. Hillary was and is one of the biggest liers and will tell everyone what they want to hear, just like OBAMA fooled all of you!!! And you guys voted for him twice???

    And now you want to support Hillary? Before you do ask for her emails where she was bashing Israel and Netanyahu not once but many times.

    America and Israel cannot afford another OBAMA term and if you do everyone will have to face the same challenges!!!

  13. Hillary is just an extension of Obama. She has lied over and over again. She proudly showed pictures of herself and Bill embracing Arafat. She is no friend of Israel. She has failed as a Secretary of State, as a Senator, her baggages of mishandled affairs are just too heavy, she has a negative ratings of over 70%, why is she allowed to run, beats me.
    Her handling of the terrorist attack is "Treason" there is no ther words to describe her despicable action. To allow an Ambassador of the USA is exactly the same as allowing our President to be killed , without even trying to save his life.

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