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September 28, 2016 / 25 Elul, 5776
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Anti-Semitism at Palestinian Rally in Australia

Australian blogger discovers ignorance, racism of the "not anti-Semitic" pro-Palestinian movement

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Who ever said the anti-Israel hordes hate Jews?  An anti-Israel rally in Melbourne in July 2014.

Who ever said the anti-Israel hordes hate Jews? An anti-Israel rally in Melbourne in July 2014.
Photo Credit: Jews Down Under

Who ever said the “pro-Palestinian” movement is anti-Semitic? After all, Palestinian activists will be first to remind anyone who will listen that people who oppose Israel don’t necessarily hate Jews.

It’s a fair enough point. But when an Australian blogger set out for an inside view of a “pro-Palestinian” rally in downtown Melbourne, she got rather more than she bargained for.

“The ignorance of these pro-Palestinian supporters defies belief, they don’t know the most basic facts. It doesn’t take long to realise this has really has nothing to do with being pro anything, but all about being ‘anti’ – anti-Semitic, that is,” wrote Shirlee Finn, editor of the Jews Down Under online magazine.

Amongst the pro-Palestinian, non-anti-Semitic pearls of wisdom she encountered at the rally:

“Your wife must be blind mate you’ve got a head like a smashed pumpkin you filthy Jewish dog… Go have a shower everyone knows u pigs only wash once a month.”

“These putrid people r so scared that in Australia when they drop kids off at school they check under the cars for bombs. The school looks like a prison and the kids Dont have friends from the outside society. Explains why believe the lies their told. Of course mummy thinks your brilliant little ***** and little ****** poo… U r the chosen ones!! Chosen to go f** yourself you scummy chatty dogs.”

“We don’t want jews in Australia go back to Europe so another Hitler can appear and finish you scums off. I don’t blame him for burning 6 million of you scums alive. You wanna know why youre the most hated religion on this planet? because god has labelled you as the prophet killers. He favoured jews over all his creation and all he asked for in return was their submission, but instead they boycotted and killed every prophet he sent them. You even killed Jesus (peace be upon him) you mutts!!!! so God sent down a verse saying “Become apes: Despised and Disgraced!”

The entire post is worth reading, if only for all the humor of the spelling and grammatical mistakes of the highly educated, non-anti-Semitic hordes who hate Israel support the Palestinians. Please do visit Antisemtism at Rally for Gaza.

Meir Halevi Siegel

About the Author: Meir is a news writer for JewishPress.com - and he loves his job.

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