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December 7, 2016 / 7 Kislev, 5777
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Dutch PM – Unlike Germany, the Netherlands Will Not Separate Products from the Jewish State

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During a press conference with President Shimon Peres on Thursday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte unequivocally stated that products made over the 1967 Green Line, will continue to be labeled “Made in Israel” in the Netherlands, according to a report in JPost.com.

The Dutch position is unlike that of the Germans, who definitely plan to demarcate and label Jewish products differently.

The Germans plan to label product made over the Green Line, the Golan Heights and even parts of Jerusalem, as not made in Israel. The Germans have a lot of experience in separating and marking Jews and Jewish products differently.

It has been pointed out that while the EU is being a stickler on products from Israel, it is not demanding the same for products from other disputed areas around the world. Double standards like that meet the definition of Antisemitism.

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  1. Many thanks to the good people of the Netherlands !

  2. Cody Flecker says:

    The Germans are afraid of the Muslim population, which is different than the Germanic anti semitism of the past. We should always remember that there were more Nazis per capita in the Netherlands, than in any other captive nation in Europe during the period of 1933-45. Perhaps the Dutch feel a little guilty over their past.

  3. Jon Wolbers says:

    Many Dutch people gave their lives to save thousands of Jewish people. The Dutch were severly punished for defense of its Jewish residents.

  4. Who cares, let them die those coward, we will never forget 6 mil.

  5. Lets start spraying every Mercedes Benz dealership with swastikas.

  6. Lets start spraying every Mercedes Benz dealership with swastikas.

  7. Cody I am Dutch and sure am not ashamed of how my family conducted themselves during the war, and we dont feel guilty. how dare you!!

  8. Cody I am Dutch and sure am not ashamed of how my family conducted themselves during the war, and we dont feel guilty. how dare you!!

  9. carolinkc says:

    Do special laws concerning only Jews sound at all familiar to anyone?

  10. ednch says:

    I’m frankly surprised that the Netherlands has taken such a clear-eyed stand. I am hopeful their decision will influence other Europeans to reassess their harsh attitudes towards the Jewish state, which preoccupies them more than any other.

  11. God be with you The Netherlands.

  12. andyacademia says:

    has no problem with importing goods made in Chinese prisons and Bangladeshi
    sweatshops, or buying oil from repressive islamist regimes. But Jews building
    homes in their ancient Jewish homeland, really offends Europe’s sense of

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