Photo Credit: Elsec / Elbit
XACT smartscope

It’s barely out of the hatch, but Australia’s military has already purchased a newly-developed “XACT” rifle scope for sharpshooters and snipers, made by Elsec, a division of Israel’s Elbit Systems.

The new, improved scope is based on Android software and the company’s pre-existing technology with the system interface similar to that of a smartphone.


The scope broadcasts a live feed of what the soldier sees through his sights to his comrades and to a small tablet held by his commander via Bluetooth or secure wi-fi.

Intended for use at night since it works by thermal imaging, the scope can also be used as a daytime scope, by clipping it on to a sniper rifle, Kalashnikov, Tavor or M-16 assault rifle.

The new scope can be used in tunnels and windowless room because it does not employ cooling or use light from the stars as did older models.

An optional version is submersible up to 15 meters, about 49 feet.


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