Photo Credit: Wagdi Ashtiyeh /Flash90
IDF troops raiding the town of Shchem (illustration image).

UPDATE: One terrorist who was holed up inside a cave and fired on the soldiers was killed by return fire. There are no Israeli casualties. A second terrorist was arrested.

Palestinian news sources are reporting that IDF Special forces have been engaged in a shooting battle Tuesday morning, in the Arab village of Ni’ma, west of Ramallah in Judea and Samaria.

According to these sources, the IDF forces arrived at night to conduct arrests, and as a few of the residents began fleeing, a chase began. Large IDF forces are still operating in the area.


Over the weekend, IDF units began a wave of arrests across Judea and Samaria, picking up terror suspects. Special security forces took part in the arrests, which came at the end of the Muslim Eid al-Adna (Feast of the Sacrifice holiday).

According to an IDF spokesperson, no arrests were conducted during the four days of the feast, which created a backup in roundup assignments.

On Monday, IDF forces raided the village of Bani Naim near Hebron and detained two teenagers, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society said Monday. Raids in the district of Hebron netted five Palestinian suspects in total, according to the same source.

According to the official Palestinian news agency WAFA, several Arabs suffered tear gas suffocation on Monday, from canisters fired at them by Israeli soldiers during an IDF raid in the town of Burqin, west of Jenin.

A large Israeli force raided the town, firing steel rubber-coated bullets and tear gas canisters at the residents, causing several suffocation cases. IDF forces also raided several shops in the area, leading to confrontations, but no injuries were reported.