Photo Credit: Mishel Dahan / IEC / News0404
An electric company worker risking his life to restore power to Israeli communities along the Gaza border.

Yesterday, a rocket launched from Gaza hit the high-tension power lines near Kissufim that brings electricity to Khan Younis and Dir Elbalach in Gaza.

An estimated 70,000 Gazans are without electricity, because of Hamas.


Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israel Electric Company (IEC) made it clear they will not risk their workers lives to restore the electricity to Gaza. But once the shooting is over, the IEC plans to fix the power lines.

As it happens, rockets from Gaza also damaged power lines in Hof Ashkelon, and left some of the Israeli towns around the Gaza area also without electricity.

This afternoon, the IEC sent heavily protected workers to the area to restore power to the Israeli towns.

The IEC employees wore bomb vests and helmets as they quickly worked to restore power to Israel’s Gaza border communities.

They were protected by IDF troops.

An electric company worker risking his life to restore power to Israeli communities along the Gaza border.
Photo by Mishel Dahan / IEC/ News0404


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