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Medics evacuate an injured police officer at the scene of a stabbing attack at Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

“In the given multiple-injury event, where there is also an extreme situation of shortage of staff or medical equipment, it wouldn’t cross my mind to give inferior care to, or not treat a terrorist perpetrator,” Prof. Halpern told Israel Hayom. “But in a situation where you make life or death decisions for the wounded — it would be right to apply ‘The poor of your city come first’ principle, meaning treat the terror victims, Jew or Arab, first, and only then the terrorist perpetrator. The Ethics Bureau should have specified in depth the obligations and guidelines derived from the principle of ‘The poor of your city come first,’ as we’ve already demanded in 2008. Instead, they completely eliminated any reference to the issue of treatment of enemy casualties under multiple-injury circumstances.”

Prof. Asa Kasher, Israel Prize laureate and a leading researcher in Israel on ethics and morality, author of “The Spirit of the IDF,” firmly opposes to change in the Articles of Ethics. He claims it is self-evident that there is a difference between medical ethics in normal circumstances and in special situations: “The most obvious example is screening patients on the battlefield (triage), which doesn’t consider only medical grounds but also has other considerations — such as how to help the commander to go back to leading the soldiers.”


Even during a terrorist attack, says Prof. Kasher, “you can’t say that the considerations should be only medical. It’s out of the question. Suppose there were two were seriously injured, one a little worse than the other, but the more seriously injured is the terrorist. Would you take care of him, and only then his victim? It is inconceivable. In a terrorist attack site we must deviate from purely medical reasons, which is how it should be. And let’s say that in the case of the two wounded, the terror victim died because the doctor did not have time to treat him — are we going to come to the family and tell them that we’re sorry, we had to treat the terrorist first? It’s absurd, prima facie. We must set more precise rules for medical care in terrorist events, rather than leaving the decision to the doctor on the ground in the field.”



  1. They call this decision ethical? The UN has 2 refugee organizations–one has resettled tens of millions of people since WWII, the other keeps the Palestinians in limbo. And people continue to blame Israel. The Ethics Committee should be removed.

  2. Do the people of Israel truly feel they are to be treated differently than the rest of the democratic world? I am a RN and here in Canada we triage pt's based on the severity of the pt's state. It doesn't matter who the pt's are or what they have been accused of. Doctors and nurses are held to a higher code than others, we can't be biased when treating injured people. Israel wants to be known as the only "democratic" country in the ME, if you want to be known as a democracy then you need to be democratic, as in the definition of the word not an Israeli take on it. Welcome to the rest of the world, this is how it's done period!

  3. Many in the world feel your IDF are the terrorist, the shoot to kill before any person can have a fair trial, they are now murdering and then placing knives beside the dead bodies, perhaps we should start by finding and shooting these men as well. You say terrorists, do know that that word can be used against you as well…

  4. You do know that even in NY if there were to be a terrorist attack that the wounded are triaged by injury not by who did what, it says you are a teacher? Of what? Hate? Tell me why the Israeli 0gov isn't caring for the Jewish people in need? Actually Nvm, I know that answer as I have had communication with m$any Jews in Israel who are neglected and most of those that are I find follow the Torah, they aren't Zionists and that's why they are in need, Israel receives billions from the USA there should not be any needy there if the gov was committed to its people

  5. The head of the Israeli medical association should be fired immediately! If that is not possible for some reason than pressure should be applied by the government or by the people of Israel to force him to resign. Picket his office, picket his home if you know where it is. Make some commotion about this.
    He should also be forced to go to a mental facilities to check his mental faculty.

  6. The Police Association or Union should also give new directive:
    Don't let a doctor approach the terrorist.
    If he is injured (why is he not dead? You must kill the terrorist! But if for some reason you want to keep him alive because he might say where his accomplice are, for ex.) then you must guard him. And if a doctor approaches and ask -"How is he?" You should say He;s fine. Go help the victims!"
    And that's it. You are in charge not the doctors.

  7. Although Jews are stupid I think that nevertheless it is hard to imagine that a doctor will follow these new rules. They are many rules in place in the US for example that nobody follows even though on paper that is the rules. For example there now rules in the US that says police can't profile but in reality police continue to do it (and rightly so).

    If I'm the victim of a terrorist attack (God forbid!) and I see that the "doctor" is helping the terrorist in any way, I will, if I'm strong enough, beat him right there. If I'm too weak, I will find out what is his name and will either sue later or he will receive the visit of me and a few tough friends and after our "little talk" this good doctor will need major surgery (assuming he is still alive).

  8. >"Suppose there were two people seriously injured, one a little worse than the other, but the more seriously injured is the terrorist."
    "the more seriously injured is the terrorist" Why is he still alive? If he's injured it's because the police shot him so why stop shooting after 1 or 2 bullets, why not kill him? If he's seriously injured, shoot again to make sure he dies. If he killed or even just tried to kill he deserve to die. Kill him and all this non-sense in this article doesn't matter.
    It is up to the police to make sure the terrorist is killed. Don't just injure him, kill him! The difference is 2 seconds. Four bullets instead of 2 bullets. Or 2 bullets in the head instead of bullets in the belly or chest. Just kill the terrorists.

  9. In the same edition you learn that a police officer who killed a terrorist after he/she was neutralized was cleared of any wrongdoing. Which send the message (the right message) that you can kill a terrorist even if he/she is neutralized. It doesn't matter a terrorist is a terrorist. He should not be kept alive because then he will be jailed and after a while will be freed in an exchange for a kidnapped soldier or a dead body of a soldier or whatever. Kill the terrorists! This is what every country does. France killed the terrorists hiding in the house. Americans are killing terrorist. Don't neutralize them, kill them.
    Unless you want to interrogate him, then do so AND THEN KILL HIM when he is of no use anymore. (even 6 months later). We are at war for God sake and in a war you kill your enemy!

  10. Is this NGO a Israeli/Jewish organization? I wouldn't be surprised. But whatever it is, Israel should stop hem. I remember that some 6 months ago Bibi started (or wanted to) crack down on all these anti-Israel NGO.

    Why is an Israeli organization(Israeli medical Association) listening to a foreign NGO? It is called Physicians for Human Rights -Israel
    which means it is an international organization and this is just the Israeli branch. They should have no say in internal Israel affairs.
    This organization is similar to the despicable Doctors without Borders (I call them Doctors without Brains). Same agenda.

  11. uhhhh, Tami I think it's not to hard to figure out who the guy is that wants to die he's the one that just ran his car into the people or the one that shot or stoned or firebombed or stabbed the innocent civilians. So that person must be the Terrorist and if he is a terrorist then he must WANT TO DIE , so he can have his virgins, therefore why take care of him so he should live? Why ????? This makes no sense.

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