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John Kerry visiting Cairo's Tahrir Square, March 20, 2011.

Meanwhile, thousands of Israeli soldiers are poised on the Gaza border for a ground operation to further weaken Hamas. It is unlikely to happen under the current circumstances. President Barack Obama has publicly stated he is adamantly against a ground incursion, as if he is responsible for Israel’s security.

Now he has Kerry in Cairo on Tuesday, forgetting or not admitting that everything the man did during his nine-month Peace Talks Follies turned to you-know-what.



  1. Those in our US Government are helping Hamas and Israels enemies. A majority of Americans see this and they hate what is taking place in our Government. We are for Israel and beg those in Israel not to believe the wolves in our Gov who are pretending to be your friend. Once they get you to sign a peace treaty it will be a trap, so that your enemies will have you in their hands.

  2. Oh, this certainly IS our business, as Americans. We are supposed to be allies of Israel; therefore we should be helping finance this operation and sending in weapons and our own troops to fight side by side with our Jewish brothers. If I were president, that’s what i would do!

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