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In the video, a group of masked Muslims on the southern side of the Temple Mount, lit a fire on the wall on Wednesday, and began yelling “Alahu Achbar” to anyone below.

Apparently it was in the hope of gathering attention and ambushing emergency responders when they would arrive to put off the fire.


How much longer will we allow them to desecrate Judaism’s most holiest site?


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  1. So why isn’t the supposed King of Jordan stopping these Arabs from destroying the Temple Mount? Isn’t Jordan supposed to be in agreement with Israel in allowing Arab Muslims to pray there, but not destroy it? I’m not clear on the subject, but it seems that Israel has to police this place constantly because of the Muslims who desecrate holy areas then lie about doing so.

  2. I still cannot believe that so many RICH professional educated liberal jews are soooooo dumb and weak minded to believe for one second that the muslims can live in peace with non muslims, especially with people inside Israel. They dont want peace! They never wanted peace. They are full of bitterness, hatred and ENVY!!!! Those muslim savages living inside and around Israel need to go. Simple as that!

  3. this is well known as cowardly, always intimidating us, Jews, and our Christians friends, by setting fire in our holiest site in Jerusalem, it shows how strong our government or prime minister should stand stronger than fire. We, and pro Israel and Jews must maintain our emunah (faith), and betachom (trust) in our principles, and if our idf needs to stand up, we know they are ready, to fight for what they stand, for Israel, for its people and for our principles. Many none Jews around the world are serving in the IDF and they do it, because they love us, Jews, they know that our land had been given to us, and our Torah is the word of God, speaking to mankind. We must wait for the right time to strike, just as was told by us, when Hashem gave us the signal to strike Amalek, as we will do at the end. The war against Amalek would be the last war, we will fight, and after that there won't be no war ever, but peace on earth. So, let these morrons do whatever they want to do to intimidate us, because at the end they as usual kill themselves, and if they are part of Amalek then they would never exist again.

  4. Obviously it's not an holy site to the muslim, look at the way they trash the place. They even put their ass towards the temple when praying toward meca. The Israelis should completely remove them and the
    structure from the site. King David didn't just take the site, he bought it. The only reason for them holding the site because of their hate and bitterness towards Israel…..say really……so much for the god they serve.

  5. Until, they destroy that Dome of the rock, they will, never be able to build the temple. They would, not be able to do it along side the dome. I think, they should start a fire there in the night and firefighters not respond. Good grief, I'm so evil. lol

  6. The only, army our country should fight with is Israel. Let, the rag heads kill themselves. Israel has done everything it can to try to keep peace. Obama, can say what he wants about Gaza and make it look like Israel bombed them for no reason. However, we who stand with Israel know the truth. I do not want one cent of my tax money spent to help rebuild. let them live in the rubble that Hamas has given them. Let, their muslim brothers foot the bill. Everything they touch go's to .

  7. the Islam religion don't have any respect for what the dome covers up, they just use our land as a safe heaven where they use ours resident the Palestinian as victim of terror. The different about this religion of peace as they teach or preach, is that if you convert with them, eventually they will kill you, terrorize your family, and after you had paid your religious fees to them they don't care, it is only another way to raise funds for their ISIS military groups. The dome rest on one of our holiest places on earth, if you want to learn what others places are holy to us, Jews, you can ask to your closer rabbi, from conservative, reform, or orthodox background, and learn that you don't have to change your life, meaning convert to our religion, to learn about the principles of life and our holiest places in Israel. You won't be force to convert to Judaism, we had never done it, and we won't , while Islam teach you to hate Jews, Christians, and every other religious group, charge you a ransom or fee after conversion to this so call religion of peace. You need to understand that each religion even ours have a special place in human heart, and the way Muslim can called their "a religion of peace" because among themselves, killing infidels, burn holiest places to others, murder others, rape, beheading, and abuse a government system through get financial funds from them, it is what is called a for them, so, " a religion of Peace" because this is their goal, " a new world order".

  8. Religion of Peace…The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter…..LOVELY RELIGION

  9. Christopher Tippet : Yes in the year 1683 the Ottoman Empire (300,000) marched against Europe via Venice, Italy in order to set up a Caliphate and turn all Church into Mosques. With the help of a Christian Monk and a strong Polish King GOD turned the tide at this battle on September 11, 1683. This actual historical battle is found in a movie made called Day of the Siege about this battle on Netflix. Europe came close to being run by Sharia then!

  10. Islam is a hate religon. Prejudice of our one and only God and authentic Messia "Jesus". Murder and Plunder is all they want. Violaters must be caught, judged, and put to death.

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