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July 24, 2014 / 26 Tammuz, 5774
Israel at War: Operation Protective Edge
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Student Union opens ‘hasbara’ room in effort to fill public diplomacy vacuum.

More Than 100 Targets Struck in Gaza on Tuesday

Some of Gaza's population believed that using human shields would prevent the IAF from carrying out its mission. They were wrong.
Hamas terrorists in Gaza have been using human shields to protect them from the IDF as they launch rocket attacks against Israel.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza have been using human shields to protect them from the IDF as they launch rocket attacks against Israel.
Photo Credit: IDF Blog

The IDF struck more than 100 targets throughout Gaza on Tuesday as part of its mission in Operation Protective Edge. At least 15 Palestinian Authority Arabs were killed in the attacks, including several terrorists.

Also among the casualties were at least two children and 25 wounded in an incident that indeed was what an Arab terrorist would call a ‘celebration of death’ rather than life.

The terrorists have made a point of using their civilians as human shields, and those who live in Gaza have for the most part been willing volunteers in the effort.

Seven people – including the two children – were killed in a house in Khan Yunis belonging to the Kawara family. The head of household is a key member of Hamas and Israeli air force pilots at first fired a small mortar at the roof to warn residents they were planning to attack, and tell them to flee before a second, full-force attack ensued.

The casualties occurred during the second attack — when occupants instead gathered as human shields on the roof itself, hoping their presence would deter Israeli fighter pilots.

The IDF is preparing for a “long and forceful” operation, with a call up of some 40,000 reservists authorized by the Cabinet on Tuesday. Overnight Monday, the IDF struck at least 50 targets, including four houses used as command bases by Hamas terrorist officials.

About the Author: Hana Levi Julian began her career in journalism out of boredom while earning a BA in Mass Communication, creating a news department at SCSU's radio station because all the disc jockey positions were filled. In addition to her former position as a Jewish Press columnist and senior correspondent and editor at Arutz-7, Ms. Julian has written for Babble.com, Chabad.org and numerous other media outlets.

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40 Comments (Click to Comment)

40 Responses to “More Than 100 Targets Struck in Gaza on Tuesday”

  1. Michael Berk says:

    Mazal Tov מצל טוב they begged Israel to retaliate

  2. Alice Darter says:

    who is surprised that Hamas is firing rockets from within civilian areas?

  3. Tom Jernigan says:

    Just another target.

  4. Gene Strong says:

    Netanyahu must destroy all terrorist property.and arrest all terrorist members in Gaza. .No more prisoner releases..no more appeasement or concessions..

  5. Alexo Smsm says:

    תראו לכל תחנות המדיה בעולם שהם יורים מבתים מלאים באנשים תמימים ואחר כך מאשימים שנהרגו חפים ילדים ונשים וכל זה באיומים

  6. Israel has called up 40,000 reserves !

  7. Sam Mensch says:

    Israel DESERVES this because she has allowed this: this would NOT have happened unless Sharon HAD stayed in Gaza and the rest of Eretz Israel HAD FULLY supported the peace-keeping Gaza settlers. Also, NO rocket attack or ANY terrorist attack should EVER be allowed to occur without SWIFT, HARSH, and IMMEDIATE retaliation. When will Israel LEARN? Israel needs to do what Israel needs to do: INVADE Gaza and DECIMATE Hamas…screw Ovomit, the anti-semites at EU and at the UN.

  8. Whenever the Greeks in danger, God is fighting on their side …

  9. David Cohen says:

    Lawrence A. Ross, obviously you acted enough to comment.

  10. That’s because they are cowards . They hide behin women and children. Tommy.

  11. Is Israel needs soldiers: There are hundreds of thousend people of us, who will fight for you in Israel.

  12. There are no civilians in Gaza
    only terrorists

  13. Praying for your strength, eagle eyes, and protection, provisions!!!

  14. they hide behind children cowards Shalom to Israel

  15. Fire rockets wherever the enemy exists. The “palestinian” people cheer when each jew is murdered. There are no innocents in the Arab world.





  20. Actually according to Islam those “innocent” are volunteers doing their duty for The Jihad. Islam claims them victims to play on our weakness. Islam has no such weakness it doesn’t matter to Islam how many of its “people” die for the Jihad.

  21. what a JOKE…..TERRORIST ….tARGETS….”Terror Targets;…lolz

  22. Neil Fanous says:

    The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated places in the world , with no open area. The article is flawed and merely Zionist propaganda . Israel is deliberately targeting family homes…

  23. Bomb them in the act. The hell with their civilians. They don’t care about ours; why should the IDF care about theirs.

  24. Ess Emm says:

    Like & share the page to show you’re support for Israel https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=323057057853735

  25. Ess Emm says:

    Like & share the page to show you’re support for Israel https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=323057057853735

  26. Ess Emm says:

    Like & share the page to show you’re support for Israel https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=323057057853735

  27. 100 make it 10000000

  28. You are absolutely correct and so they should remember they killed 3 innocent Jewish Boys short term memory must run in your family

  29. Wonder how you would feel if they were your lovely kids

  30. Uzi Kattan says:

    Then ****ing bomb the civilian area. If the civilians support rockets launching they lose their right to live.

  31. Sad but that is war. Don’t let up till they give up.

  32. Sad but that is war. Don’t let up till they give up.

  33. Sad but that is war. Don’t let up till they give up.

  34. Herbert Peck says:

    Cowards all of them

  35. Neil Fanous says:

    And I suppose you think the settlers that poured petrol down that Palestinian boys throat and set fire to him were right as well Marvin. Does delusion run in your family?

  36. Neil Fanous says:

    You might as well be reading Nazi press during WW2 . Some of the comments here are disgusting but not surprising .

  37. Arbrus says:

    I nominate the Gazan human shields for the Darwin Award.

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